CureZone info— thread on Spirituality Forum

All my info here is relating to my thread ‘Spiritual Healing’ Over on Cure I’m banned now however.

Glad I already have everything transferred over. For fullest understanding of this information, I’ve tried to order it in the history in the best sequence.

There’s so much info, sorry, but it is a whole complete take on what’s real, and the truth behind the ‘elites’ lies.

It’s pretty comprehensive. And it is our *real* history as a species. Pretty much right out of the collective unconscious, where the memories of humanity are stored. Where the ‘elites’ could not go and ‘fix’ it to their version.

It’s pure and untouched, and completely consistent, not just a clumped together bunch of stories, like the ‘elites’ version, plus it explains everything—nothing is an anomaly!

My email is oracle55@GMX. com, if you’d like to ask a question.


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