A rather obvious energy attack…

I was pretty oblivious to most of that spirit level of stuff for most of my life, because my grandmother, the abdicating ‘queen’ of the cult, knew how dangerous being around the anti-human energy of the cult would be, so she put a ‘spell’ (killed a chicken and everything) around me to stop any outside energy from being able to touch me, knowing of course all the tricks of the trade, so to speak.

I think she knew they would try to bind me with some funky holding/drawing spell, and since that protection spell wouldn’t let any energy spell sink any hooks into me (which I don’t think they realized until after they lost me), they couldn’t pull me back.

So until about 6 years ago, when I had a psychic lift the spell (it had to be done externally, since it was put on that way), I was completely cut off from any of their evil influence—but unfortunately from most of the overarching sentience’s too. I couldn’t even get reiki. It was very strong spell, apparently. ‘Black’ magic used for good, eh?

It also interfered with my being able to use the meta-type skills I was actually able to access. Luckily EFT for myself (but not to help others) worked fine. As did muscle testing. Probably why I know those things work so well, even though lately, since the hybrids can now get to me energy wise, it’s been a bit more hit and miss. Since I never dealt with anything like that, I was pretty oblivious to the possibility and so never took measures to protect myself. So I’ve learned a warrior needs their shield on this level too.

I’ll run down the ways they’ve attacked me over the years. I may forget some since they’ve tried everything in the book.

In fact just yesterday, I started feeling weary yesterday afternoon. By about 9:30 I could hardly keep my eyes open. And everything got slowly quiet—like the overarching sentience had turned the volume down her mic and then turned it off. I wasn’t getting any information. It was rather gray-seeming too, like the joy was gone. I thought she was just giving me a break—it’s been coming in hot and heavy for a good week or more.

Then as I went to get a post ready for today, I couldn’t think of anything to write about Normally I can’t decide which I should write about; there are sooo many things. Overall, it was strange. I did check with muscle testing to see if they were attacking me with energy in some kind of new way, got no.

I’ve blocked as many ways as I’ve found. That level is not obvious enough to trip the El-*th’s or the overarching sentience’s alarms though, although she must of felt something afoot because she urged me to get my post done early yesterday which I did.

But other than that, I didn’t really dig around, glad to take a break actually. I managed to stay awake till my sweetie got home after midnite and one of the first things out of his mouth was how tired he was. So we stumbled up the stairs and went to bed. I fell asleep hard—but woke about 5:30 feeling all achy and stiff, and still it seemed very quiet and gray somehow. I flopped around, did some EFT to get comfortable, but it didn’t work all that well.

I checked again if the hybrids and their flunkies were going at me again, but still no—I have shielded that testing because they can totally mess with it, but with my shield in place, the overarching sentience tells me, no, they can’t get thru it, so when it said they weren’t attacking me, I knew it was true. I finally managed to get back to sleep, but got up at about 9:isham, when I usually doze until 10. I was just too uncomfortable.

I got in to the bathroom and started my daily routine—I sit for a lot of it. But as I was sitting there in the continuing silence, I started really digging for what was up. Clearly something was. I rolled ideas around asking ‘is it something to do with_______? Or this________?’ Finally I just sat ruminating when a little burp came thru—not any source I recognized. It was a brief flash of a black sheet being dropped over a floating balloon. And the word shroud. Sorta like the nanobot thing, but not from my body.

One of the protections for an Oracle is the El-*th put up an energy shield with a 1000 mile radius around them, to protect against things like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, so on. It also is a barrier against any anti-human who has an agenda against the Oracle, considering they could try to plant a bomb, shoot them, or something.

It also keeps any non human out, including the El-*th, because there are a few of the El-*th who disagree with the vast majority about helping us, usually because the hybrids persuade them it’s the only way to get their loved one out of a human body. If there are no more human bodies—problem solved, right?

It would totally traumatized their loved ones though, ripping them out of their bodies along with the loss of their human loved ones. Which the majority realize, but the still grieving El-*th are unwilling to accept that, and have actually colluded with the hybrids at times. I think they actually lost an Oracle that way. So no non-human allowed. That shield isn’t a dome though, it goes under my location, so it is more like a bubble. And why I’ve never seen a UFO, or any other alien type thing.

So after a brief second, I immediately went to ‘shroud over the energy shield’, and muscle testing said yes. It wasn’t an actual attack on me, no—it was outside the shield, and it was like a very thin but dark pair of sunglasses that blocked any energy from coming through, but especially the overarching sentience.

Now I understand the concept that’s got labeled ‘standing in the light of god’. She, with the energy she emits, is like an energy sun, it’s part of how we heal, from using that energy.

Which is why my EFT wasn’t working very well. I wasn’t used to being without that light to supplement my own energy. It was why my sweetie felt so tired—he’s so strong a pro-human, it’s always pouring thru him.

I think anti-humans probably wouldn’t have noticed it much though, because I’ve just learned that kind of focus actually is like an umbrella blocking that radiance.

Wow—I always thought it was just faky religious made up crap, but I guess it shouldn’t surprise me the hybrids would take a real phenomenon and twist it’s meaning to support their control tool’s version.

Of course, after I figured it out, the El-*th and the overarching sentience cleaned and cleared it off, quite easily, actually. I suspect I wasn’t supposed to figure it out that quick. I think it took quite a bit of effort on the hybrids part. And probably the reason for the beginnings of that new cyber attack today.

Oh, and that ‘burp’ actually came from an earth spirit–they’d been watching this energy creep in for a while, and saw as it crawled up over the dome.So all I had to do was ask, and be open to a reply. The talking with other species is one of the ‘gifts’, to understand them, well, that’s on the Oracle.

It’s why an Oracle is really good to have. This unique perspective has access to information from all kinds of sources because of all the non-humans spirits in the collective unconscious, plus I can rely with words what the overarching sentience can only communicate thru dreams and visions.

Getting the msg thru that way leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding. But I see all sides of things, where others only know what their own species knows. Then they have to guess what the overarching sentience means in their dream.

All and all, a process fraught with opportunities to get it all wrong. I can serve as a sort of ‘translator’ with my awarenesses though—kinda help both sides see the other side’s point even.

I’ve also discovered that my ability to see the overarching patterns that are in play so easily is actually an inherited meta-gift. Nothing like coming from a line of folks who wrangled those cult crazies, for hundreds of years. You always had to be one step ahead of that crowd–otherwise you’d end up dinner–literally.



Zappers don’t work, huh? & IBS STUFF…

So much faked information out there about zappers. It totally does kill all the parasites outside the digestive track, especially if you do it every day as the eggs hatch out. The worms NOT killed are the ones deep in the intestines where the current has a hard time reaching. That’s not a failure on the zappers part, that’s a limitation of the access, eh? That’s why you need to take at least wormwood, to get those.

I’m sure the hybrids via their owned pharmaceutical cartel would never bribe or ignore the government or murder folks who get in their way, or because they hate the ‘useless eaters’ so much, right? I’m so sure they’d only be kindness and light when it comes to making profits. They’re noted for their benevolence and largess, right?

I luckily have protection of the divine sort, otherwise I’d have been murdered years ago. They can’t get to me.

Anyway, zappers work just like a light bulb works. If you don’t screw it in tightly, have all the fuses working, don’t turn on the light switch, or there’s no power to the house, and so on,  a light bulb does work either, although it works fine if used properly.

But it’s that level of stuff the cartel uses to ‘prove’ zappers don’t work. They never consider it’s something wrong with the house (user) or the user not using it properly, or doing something that’s preventing or interfering with it working properly. Or that you may have a faulty light bulb which may not work cuz it damaged or poorly made. Nope, that’s just ‘proof’ zappers in general, don’t work.

And  like screwing in a light bulb to a socket in the depths of a closet that was too far away from the rest of the wiring plus had a lot of interference with jello insulation, a zapper won’t get all of them. It’s like they ran the line in the hopes that at least a little of the electricity could get thru, but never expected it to be able to light up more than a little most of the time if at all, which is why you need to bring a flash light aka deparasite herbs. Any of the deparasiting stuff that’s orally ingested can really only clean out the closet though (does it well), so you need the zapper for the rest of the house.

The ‘proof’ (he insisted you had to SEE dead carcasses before you knew they were dead, and that you’d better have pictures to ‘prove’ it, which is ridiculous, especially if the parasite is outside the digestive tract) that one fellow was so fixated on may well be because he knew, just as well as we do that until the pharmaceutical cartel is removed from power, there WILL NEVER BE THAT KIND OF PROOF. PERIOD. If you dared try, they sent the FDA after you.

And heaven forbid the ill person should even try adding a zapper to the mix and dare getting well. The cartel is desperate to stop that, cuz then they might get well enough, they’ll need less of any ‘health’ product pharmaceutical or by now pretty well pharmaceutical-owned natural healing stuff. So, while OF COURSE they’d prefer you use the horrid murderous excessively expensive stuff, they will take the profit from any place they can.

And healthy people buy far fewer of even natural healing ‘remedies’ since they no longer need said remedies, so I think they have their employees in places like Curezone to stop people from even trying a zapper.

I’m helping someone who has several intestinal problems (IBS) and am realizing those folks with those kinds of issues would be hard-pressed to do the cloves or cayenne pepper stuff. I figured out something that could be helpful for them, I think.

So what I figured out is that maybe for those folks, they could do the wormwood and herb for the first 4 days or so, maybe add silver, a good but fairly passive anti virus, bacteria, fungus. To help the lining heal enough to start tolerating the cloves and cayenne.

Yes it would cause the parasites to scatter, but if you zapped right on the heels of this start, it wouldn’t be a problem. Just a thought on making it easier on those poor IBS or leaky gut syndrome folks. I’m sure there is a infection with those that conveniently they ‘can’t’ diagnose, so at least the silver should be used.





Developing that necessary knowledge ballon

First and most importantly is I’ve learned what that step of getting a knowledge balloon is. It’s not critical to making that first shift, but once you do, you’ll want to get it in place asap, so you don’t lose too much of your ‘ice cube’. We all have the balloon, every species. It’s our ability to store information and have a ‘knowingness’, which we all develop to some degree going thru our educational process.

Ours unfortunately usually doesn’t have any of the spirit realm level stuff in it, because like Helen Keller, we’re mostly unable to see, hear, or talk or ‘know’ about it and our  balloon is missing half its water—or more. A LOT more, I’m finding.

At birth it’s like a balloon shaped tire, but really thick like one of those monster truck ones, only minicar size. As you grow and learn, it stretches out, the more you learn, the easier it becomes to stretch, as it expands and gets thinner.

So it keeps growing and expanding, filling with information from the physical and spirit realm, with the potential to grow quite large, in the minicar tire analogy, to the size of an inland sea, like the Mediterranean. But without the spirit realm information, the biggest we get is like lake Superior, and that’s Steven Hawkins level brilliant. The overarching sentiences are the size of the north and south Alantic combined, so much information is available at that level of existence.

But anyone making full enlightenment really needs to be more Mediterranean sized (the closer the better, but at least the size of the gulf of Mexico) to get the balloon big enough to fit around your newly created baby overarching sentience body, which now will have the capacity to grow to the double Atlantic size of a full grown sentience.

So if your balloon is only lake superior sized, it’s going to be like trying to get in a leotard in child size, and you just won’t fit, unless you have time to wiggle into it slowly, which you won’t. It’ll just rip or tear and there goes your ‘water’. The closer to Mediterranean-sized, the faster you can stretch it out, before your ‘ice cube’ melts.

As your pure energy self fills the balloon, it pushes all that information out to the edges. I can’t really explain how you can move something like knowledge, but it moves and actually creates a barrier inside the balloon.

Somehow, because it isn’t actual energy, it is invulnerable to being dissolved by that kind of pure energy in the strip. In there, the outer balloon dissolves away, and the knowledge shield takes over. When you come out of that environment, your body grows a new ‘water balloon’.

Unfortunately, holding anti-human beliefs like the hybrids lies, it’s like leaving your tire out in the desert sun day after day. It starts to harden, and crack, and becomes totally unable to hold any new knowledge.

I kinda wonder if it isn’t somehow connected with Alzheimer’s or dementia on the physical level. Your knowledge leaks out. It’s part of how very deliberately they planned to make us not only unable, but also unfit to make full enlightenment.

So even if you do want to learn new stuff about the spirit realm, it actually is a real barrier—like you feel your brain will explode kinda—because it kinda will. To push against the hardened ‘rubber’ actually hurts.

So what I’m posting exposing the hybrid lies, and talking about the spirit realm stuff may very well be beyond some folks (with the really hardened cracked ‘rubber’) ability to ‘know’.

I think you can use EFT to soften that rubber back again, but it’ll take more than one session of tapping, I’m sure.

Sadly as the oldest lie and the most thoroughly dispersed one, ‘religion’ of any kind is the absolute worst offender to the toxification and hardening of that balloon.

Belief in the incorruptibility of Science and acceptance of the glaring holes, especially concerning spirituality as ‘unprovable’ is right behind.

Their other lies about history, medical ‘research’ and other of the mainstream’s versions of corrupt information are also interfering with the functioning abilities of the ‘water balloon’.

Again Indigos are ahead here. Most of them aren’t prone to the ‘religious’ trap, cuz they aren’t easy to guilt trip or shame. Some of ‘religion’s’ fundamental tactics to keep it’s followers in line.

I’m guessing if they fell for any religion, it’s more likely the grey’s kinder, softened versions in the far east, maybe native American’s beliefs. But I think they like more structure than the native American’s version provides.

And both of those are not nearly as tire trashing, since the acceptance of spiritual things are part of them, keeping the tire more flexible. So it’s stretching the balloon more.

And the Indigos are far more sensitive to the depths of lies around them. They may not know what to believe, but they know what’s being offered is NOT the truth, so their tires are still very flexible as that uncertainty actually is sorta like blowing air into the balloon and then letting some out, kinda like pre-stretching it. It’s good.:)



How I see the body actually works…

I realize that I didn’t really discuss what I’d discovered about how the body actually works so here’s my obversations so you’ll understand when I talk about becoming more of the full ‘you’ So here it is:

My analogy for the way the body works is imagine we are the Seaview from ‘Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea’ (except our bodies are more like the leviathan, Moya, from Farscape—a living vessel with it’s own awareness). We, the thinking part, are Admiral Nelson, in his windowed cabin–sending orders, planning missions, doing admiral stuff.

Then the unconscious mind is like Capt Crane. He deals with the whole day to day operation stuff, but he (because of all the communication lines being down, which the greys shut off) can’t see, hear, or experience what’s going on outside, so mostly he’s just winging it–waiting for orders from the admiral. Neither realize that the other can’t hear them, so Admiral Nelson gets all upset that the capt isn’t following orders, and things are going to hell. Capt Crane, struggling with a total lack of information (other than an occasional really garbled transmission), feels angry and abandoned, plus he can’t seem to get the heavy lifting crew (who’s very necessary for optimal functioning) to respond. Both are basically chained to their chairs and so can’t go see what’s wrong.

At about the age of 25 or so, the capt sends out the order to start the regeneration program, but nothing happens. He watches in dismay as his vessel slowly decays and falls apart from neglect. Plus he gets occasional garbled and angry msgs (the intense emotional ones are the most likely to get thru) that let him know that the admiral is getting beside himself with what seems a total lack of maintenance. Theirs becomes a very troubled relationship.

And the heavy lifting crew (think crane operators, forklift drivers, diesel mechanics and all their tools, etc) are sitting in their bays, wondering why orders aren’t coming down anymore. Up to the age of about 7 or so, those comm lines were on, but at the age when kids stop believing in Santa Claus and such, is when the comm lines are programmed to turn off, (which is why kids remember past lives so easily, believe in ‘magic’ and such, because it’s real, until those comm lines get shut down).

Those skills are still there though (I’m calling them meta skills)–we just can’t access them (although some folks who are ‘psychic’ have found a way to communicate with some of those parts of themselves)–which EFT can–it’s a workaround, sorta like shouting down the tubes instead of trying to use the original intercom system.

So I believe we all have that potential waiting to be used. I used EFT to tap for turning all those comm lines back on, and me and ‘Capt. Crane’ are back in full and happy communication,(after a lot of work–apologies and such of course) and the heavy lifting crew is getting back on the job, too. But of course they’ve been sitting around doing nothing for 50 some years, so they’ve still pretty weak and there’s one heck of a backlog of work orders!

I’m ready to be done with all this getting old and sick crap, and with my ‘psychic’/raw energy working abilities back in operation, I think it’s possible to stop all that. The bodies with those comm lines still on, like Noah (who probably actually did live past 900 years), were mostly killed in that flood–which I think actually was from Atlantis’s demise.




Religion, the biggest, oldest con of all…

I really don’t think many people are going to like some of this. Anyway, some of the hybrids, after putting their people in human bodies cloned and designed for them by the greys, left Atlantis because the humans around the El-*th knew about aliens, and they wanted humans who would be more naive and maybe easier to enslave. Although the El-*th knew about the contract, they still kept Atlantis as it was, not really going along with the whole ‘everyone was from this world’ thing. Some hybrids stayed to manage the humans there.

Anyway the ones who left tried the whole ‘march around and conquer humans’ stuff but we just kept spreading out and reproducing. They even tried killing whole villages, but they never could keep ahead of us. And they couldn’t use lazers or any other energy based weapon or transport vehicles unless it was animal propelled. They couldn’t use anything but what we’d already invented. The hybrids weren’t even close to being competent to use swords and such since they are physically weak and on the fragile side. The mixing of those two species didn’t make vigorous off spring.

Their people, the mother’s race who’s name was the Jue-sah, were not really a fearsome warrior people either. Even before the father’s race (self entitled the Master race—while they had many names among their captives, Master race wasn’t usually the one used) conquered them, they were far more merchant/trader types.

The hybrids tried to motivate them to get with the program of human enslavement now that they were away from the more sophisticated humans, and since they were very passive, they’d act that way if the hybrids were watching but as soon as they turned their backs, the Jue-sah would start with trading and befriending the local humans. I suspect the hybrids were starting to get a glimmer of how easy this wasn’t going to be when even their own people, who of course had no memory of who they were or why they were there either, being in human bodies now, were almost impossible to keep on track. If they couldn’t even control their own folk—how in heck were they going to enslave the rest??

In desperation, the hybrids starting writing up their history so their folks could remember, so they would stay focused. They worked to make them feel they were superior, above these human cattle, and it was horribly wrong to get involved with them, like sex with an animal or something. I think they felt they needed an ultimate authority though, a being like their fathers but with more power, cuz without the memory and fear left over from their enslavement by the hybrid’s fathers, the folks had stopped being afraid of the hybrids. So they invented Yahweh to make it seem more serious because a supreme scary being (like their fathers) was ordering them around thru the hybrids, who were still able to ‘hear’ him because they were still in their original bodies.

They saw it was easy to make things up like that, cuz their folks had no clue about the spirit realm any more, so they accepted it, and regained a proper amount of fear. The hybrids regaled them with some adapted horror stories from their time of enslavement and they found the folks even more willing to accept it all, even the embellished parts, because there was some small measure of truth they could still feel.

So they added more and more fake information from Yahweh with sprinklings of truth from their past, and pretty soon, they realized their folks considered Yahweh some kind of superior magical being that they’d come to hold in awe. Since the humans no longer could work with raw energy, even the hybrids rather paltry skills seemed to indicate they truly had found favor with Yahweh and he was bestowing magical powers on them, an attitude which of course the hybrids fostered–never letting on it was them doing everything Yahweh was supposedly doing.

The first ‘god’ with them as his spokespersons. I think the concept of gods and demons wasn’t clearly articulated at first, and the criteria for the contract was more along the line of only entities of power from this world. They refined that as they discovered how effective the whole carrot-god/stick-demon was with their own folk.

Word began to spread among the local spiritually bereft humans who wanted the assurances and protections the hybrids purported this supreme being was able to give. Of course with all the anti-human propaganda they’d instilled into their folks, it wasn’t possible, but it gave the hybrids an idea. The humans begging to follow their ‘supreme’ being were clearly open to being controlled. They devised some very difficult tests that if they could pass, they said they’d take it to ‘Yahweh’ and see if he’d permit them to belong. The devotion and determination with which the humans threw themselves in to the test was amazing to the hybrids.

So they ended up inventing a ‘religion’ for each spirit origin which had some of the original species’ truth sprinkled in it, to make it easier to trick/enslave those humans into believing it. They found if they could assuage the human’s fear of what happened when they die, they pretty much could get them to do whatever they wanted.

It was a very powerful AND useful handle which they made sure didn’t usually involve any past life stuff, cuz humans didn’t remember any way (no sense reminding them and possibly stirring that hornet’s nest) and the fear of being sent to some place of punishment for not obeying was nearly 100% effective in getting the terrified humans to do anything the hybrids wanted to avoid it. The between lives spirits waiting to share their pain, made that an easy sell. And other than a few little tricks every now and then, like changing water into wine and stuff, nothing else was required.

The east Indians rulers (by now extremely frustrated with their human and pretty uncontrollable subjects) insisted some remembrance be included in that religion since it had been a very important part of the race’s identity, when the hybrids stopped by to sell them this nifty new control tool for humans. So they whipped up a version, but made sure to include a supposed ‘punishment’ strategy (if you disobey, you’ll reincarnate as a frog, or something equally semi sentient and disgusting) to keep a good sturdy handle on the rulers ability to control them.

Plus they could control what humans knew about the spirit realm and make sure they never learned enough right information to make full enlightenment–the primary criteria of the contract. Something they’ve done with every single one of their invented religions–which is every one of the existing ones plus any of the new age thought or esoteric mysticism. You can tell by the completely wrong focus—nobody’s ever going to make full enlightenment using their invented and totally misleading methodology–quite intentionally. And–boom, there it is.



Looks like the cadmium toxicity issue needs discussion. I did research on this back when I was investigating Dr. Clark’s death about 5 or so years ago. I knew it wouldn’t be cancer, since she had healed it many times over at her clinic for a variety of people.

I happened to read a article about someone dying of cadmium poisoning, and realized the symptoms matched Dr. Clark’s right up to the death looking like it was ‘cancer’.

So, comparing the posts and articles people around her made observing her symptoms, one of which was severe debilitating joint pain, to the symptoms, I realized she’d been poisoned to death in a fiendish, horrible agonizing way. Bastards.

Now that I’m researching it again for this post, the agonizing joint pain is no longer mentioned, nor is the spasming of the blood vessels or increased blood pressure. It barely says it could cause cancer, but nothing about it mimicing cancer.

I’m guessing it’s in service to the hybrids murderous genocide agenda to only mention things that are later symptoms to allow folks to become more poisoned before realizing it. And well, cancer can surely be only cancer, right? Makes me wonder how many others get poisoned this way and died of ‘cancer’ that obviously had NO kind of treatment cures, but they can spend lots of money trying. eh? Anything to murder and make more money off us. Monsters.

How to deal with it with EFT:

I’ve never in 30 years (15 before the deparasiting even) felt one (a parasite) move, ever. What I have felt is my nerves and blood vessels ‘crawling’/spasming because of cadmium toxicity. Sometimes quite painfully, other times not as much.

Luckily, EFT can detox this stuff. Usually, from my own explorations, if you tap repeatedly for a couple times on the center under your eye (either side) on the bone ridge, saying something like ‘my body (or whatever area is most twitchy) seems to be overloaded with cadmium and causing the nerves or blood vessels to spasm’ or some variation there of. Do the statement at least twice while tapping. See if that helps. It is the cause for restless legs, I found.

It stopped that twitching feeling in seconds for me, but of course it starts up again for a month or more as your body clears it out. It’s rarely a one time event. Just keep tapping. Eventually it is cleared I think, because I don’t need to tap for that anymore, so the cadmium must be low enough to not trigger those spasms.

I also am getting information that Thallium also makes the nerves/blood vessels spasm. Dr. Clark actually found vitamin c was being contaminated with it. It’s much worse than cadmium. So if you’ve ever done vitamin C dosing/loading, you might be contaminated with it too. So if the cadmium tap doesn’t seem to help, try the same tapping place and procedure to clear any thallium if you say that instead of cadmium in the tapping statement.

And realizing  the toxic environmental issue thing has a parasite connection to it as well. Parasites are actually absorbing some of the toxins in your body, so they’re kinda protecting you from the full amount your body would otherwise have to store and be damaged by some where else.

So when you kill them with a zapper, it not only makes their infections look for a new home, but as your body dissolves and deals with the carcasses, the toxins are dumped back in your system, too.

So that toxin dump would make the toxicity even worse after you zap as well, even if you’ve kill the infection. While it seems obvious in retrospect, as many ideas do, it’s not something I recall reading about any where along the way, and might account for folks doing all the right things (in the midst of probably a lot of useless things) but not getting better, only worse. Dr. Clark was probably not aware of all of the ramifications yet, since her research was still in it’s early stages.

I have successfully used EFT to be rid of cadmium toxicity which I acquired in the month I was in the hospital (yes, it only took a month to get that toxic) It often manifests as that restless leg syndrome, which I didn’t have a trace of prior to that month.

But afterwards, oh yes. After tapping for everything I could think of to stop of the constant uncomfortable twitching at night, for 3 or 4 months (means I wasn’t tapping for the right thing) I finally with great misgivings resorted to a ‘drug’ to get some much needed rest and yes tramadol is addictive. Blah.

I was finally browsing Dr. Clark’s book again for information about a question here, and stumbled on the whole restless leg thing again. I’d read it years ago, but had no issue with it and so forgot. What I read was that it was spasming blood vessels, which I even never realized they could do and so had never tapped for that, triggered by cadmium build up.

That night I didn’t take the tramadol, and tapped for the blood vessels spasming and voila’ the usual EFT miracle. It stopped in seconds and I fell asleep easily. As does anything, if you tap for the right thing. The trick then become figuring out what the right thing is, which is why I know very little of the cartel’s version is the right thing. It rarely stops anything. It’s a place to start sometimes, as usually the organ or gland or muscle is right but rarely any other part.

But anyway, the removal required tapping for more than a month to get it to stop completely. Probably because I only tapped for the build up around my blood vessels, instead of saying ‘my whole body, but especially my leg’s blood vessels’. Wording makes all the difference, and is part of the learning curve.

It would have gone quicker, I’m sure, but as it was, it only removed the cadmium around the blood vessels and everyday, more would settle back in until it finally got so diluted, it stopped triggering the spasms. They have stopped, so I’m quite sure my cadmium level is back down to at least pre hospital levels. I do muscle testing and it verifies this.

That’s all part of learning to trust yourself. The restless leg thing has stopped. I don’t need any of the pharmaceutical cartel’s money sucking doctor visits and blood tests or any other costly procedure to tell me what the problem was, especially since they can’t do anything about it anyway.

So for you ‘you gotta have a DOCTOR’S official diagnosis’ to PROVE it’, nah, you just gotta know your body which you can do better than any ‘health professional’ ever will. Once you learn to communicate with it (muscle [actually resistance] testing) and fix it (EFT) you have no need of their ‘help’ at 150 dollars an hour or more. They hate that.

If it worked for cadmium, I’m sure it will work for anything. You just have to figure out what it is, and tap for it like I did. So unless you’re an alien, who have their own different points I’m sure, this will work for anyone. So learn both those things to deal with toxins, zap and deparasite with herbs, kill infections and get back to being well again. 5 steps, and two of them completely free.

My environment is pretty clean and I don’t drive much, so I’m not likely to get that toxic again. But if something happens like that, I’m totally ready.


Parasites and living with them—Really??

So I forgot to mention that there are a lot of the other pathogens carried in by the parasites themselves besides that ‘cancer’ fungus, which cause an infection in the site where they have been chewing.

So I take it as proof you’re killing the parasites because killing the parasites causes the infections they have, like bacteria and virus and fungus to look for a new host–and there you are, conveniently located. So indeed your ‘symptoms’ will get worse as they all pile into your system from their now dead host.

Dr. Clark talks about this in depth and felt the zapper would kill that too, and included the Black-Walnut hull for that as well, but I never found either to work as well as the three herbs I figured out.

Although, looking back, it was a month or so after I started zapping that the hepatitis showed up. So the ‘disease’ aka parasite infestation hadn’t gotten bad enough to manifest yet, but once the parasites got killed and the virus had to move out, it started infecting me, since my immune system wasn’t up to speed yet, and got worse quicker than if I had left the parasites.

So, if you have a ‘disease’ that hurts, get Dr. Clark’s book and read the section ‘pain from head to toe’ and find yours and see what she said was the virus or bacteria (it usually isn’t fungus) for that ‘disease’.

All you really need to know from my experience is that it is a bacteria (goldenseal root), virus (echinacea purpurea, not augustfolia) or fungus (Olive leaf extract). The herbs worked on each individual type of the pathogen so you don’t have to get a specific herb for a specific virus and then another for a different virus, etc. since mother nature isn’t trying to make a profit, just get you well.

And I’d almost recommend taking a cayenne pepper capsule versus a hot beverage to ensure thorough metabolization of the herbs, if you’re planning on zapping and know you’re going to be hit with the extra infectious agents.

Unless you’re like me, and find hot, spicy foods send you over the top, and can’t stand to sit in a hot tub for very long, and get really sweaty easily. In which case you’re probably a pitta body type and don’t need a catalyst at all.

If I were planning to limit the amount of infection that way, I’d try to take 4 or so of which ever herb a half hour ahead of zapping so it had time to really get to work, and then take 2 or 3 every 4 or 5 hours after that, until the symptoms of infection when away.

If they get taken before that, they’d still help, but the parasite will keep reinfecting you if you don’t zap. Luckily for jaguar57, the parasite behind his illness didn’t reinfect him before he got the beck blood purifier, which then killed those virus. Mostly though, if you got it the first time (unless you travel a lot), it’s in your environment, and if you don’t keep zapping regularly, you just getting sick over and over.

If all these people who use the zapper willy- nilly would just take a sec to read the inventor of the zapper’s instructions, it would save a LOT of frustration and unrecognized results! Zappers work. Just take a minute to learn how to use them.”

Apparently there’s a total myth/lie being spread by the cartel and it’s dear employees about ‘peacefully co-existing” with parasites!! *ack* Can you really ‘peacefully co-exist’ with drug addicts, rapists, murders, and thieves. Really?? NOT. So, here’s my answer to a fellow who blithely seems to think you can, because he heard it somewhere and seems to really believes parasites aren’t a problem.

“In the old days, they knew you don’t live with parasites or they wouldn’t have done the whole castor/cod liver oil and now days, as toxic as our bodies get living in the polluted world, no body can even be as healthy as they were back then. The pharmaceutical cartel want you to leave the parasites alone to prosper cuz you get sick and sicker and need their drugs more and more.

So “co-existing’ peacefully with parasites is like trying to live next door to a group of drug addicts who keep having children that they can’t feed with you thinking you don’t need to lock your doors. No, the parasites ALWAYS rob you, no matter how healthy you are. Plus parasites carry in the diseases, so not only are they robbing you and stealing all your food for their kids, but they’re leaving termites, bed bugs, rats, mice and cockroaches everywhere.

As I just posted, the zapper only kills the parasites unfortunately, so your symptoms could take quite a while to disappear on their own as your body tries to recover from the parasite damage, if you don’t address the pathogens like virus, bacteria, and fungus at the time as well.

That, your body might be able to do–rid itself of the vermin maybe as it can’t rid itself of the drug addicts. I’d hate to suffer that long in hopes it would. So you need to do the herbs I found (with a hot beverage or cayenne pepper capsules) that kill those pathogens or get one of the beck blood purifiers–it sounds like those help with that kind of thing. I always used the herbs personally.

Dr. Clark addresses this very issue, but she felt the zapper and Black-Walnut hull would suffice to kills those vermin as well–it never did for me though. Plus if you don’t get rid of the drug addicts (parasites), they’ll just keep stealing and leaving the vermin, no matter how many mouse traps and bug bombs you use. They’re called parasites for a reason. They live by feeding OFF YOU.

And if you don’t keep zapping and getting rid of the addicts, more just move right on in, even if you actually got rid of the first bunch. The parasite eggs are everywhere and will reinfest you in a heartbeat. Parasites are NEVER your friends–despite what all the drug cartel’s employees here and elsewhere say.

And it seems nobody here has cured this problem yet either,(he had major mucus problems after eating with all the usual hebal/supplement ‘solutions’ offered), using their approaches, and you know how useless the ‘remedies’ you’ve already tried have been. Why think more of the same will fix anything? It’s AA’s definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results every time. Be bold–try something different. It sounded like you never even tried the zapper before dismissing it, eh? And even if you did, did you know you have to kill the attending infections they bring in?”

So there was a topic lurking after all. Hope it helped put that total lie of the drug cartel’s ’employees’ to bed. It is absolutely pure propaganda designed to make you sicker and needing MORE drugs, of course.



‘Person of interest’ as information for me…

Interestingly enough, I think she had a TV show created for me. I love the show ‘Person of Interest”, when it came to me a while ago that (even before my awareness that I was an Oracle) I was like Root, and the ‘machine’ is their version of the overarching sentience but unfortunately my information isn’t like ‘where to shoot thru the wall to hit the bad guys’. 😦 Just the big picture understanding of what’s going on.

Then it hit me as I was starting to write this, I AM Root, in real life. And I am realizing that when I became aware I was the Oracle, that’s when Root picked up the phone when the machine called in their version.

They even got the gender right. Any Oracle is a woman. If the ‘visionary’ is male but claiming to be a prophet or such, guess who he works for.

Other than that one son of ‘god’/jesus guy, he’s a real pro human despite his bad experiences with us, who he blames the hybrids for, not us.

Before that ‘phone call’ though, I was looking for a way to connect, but wasn’t really a ‘player’ in the drama yet. I never would resort to criminality to get that connection, nor did I ‘steal’ it from Harold.

It was pure unadulterated painful ‘growing my knowledge balloon’ work. But I’m sure they made Root a bad guy at first to implicate me as also being a bad guy maybe, so you wouldn’t trust me.

The whole show is exactly about the situation right now though, but with their distortions designed to totally disempower us spiritually. Of course.

I’ve never seen myself in a TV show before, never even considered it. I never have even identified with being any charactor before. In a star Trek chat room, way back at the beginning in the 80’s, I always was my own character,’*-my name-*, an as yet undiscovered life form from an as yet undiscovered planet’. (but I totally love Star Trek–if I’d ever identified with any one, it’d have been from that show).

And almost every one else took the name of one of the characters. So I could see maybe that behavior could have me slipping over the edge if it was a behavior I normally had. But it isn’t, so this whole awareness is really weird.

I don’t particularly like the Root character even. But it’s still pretty trippy and unnerving all at the same time to realize this. Who do I think I am? Right?? But it totally confirms they knew someone like me was going to show up in the end times, more proof that this isn’t some grand all encompassing delusion on my part. At least for me. 🙂

Anyway, Harold is my ex-husband, but I never kidnapped him, promise. He’s more aware of the overarching sentience than most, but never really put a name to her.

He’s one of the most amazing and legitimate energy workers I’ve ever met, and actually had a reading one time where the guy (an psychic from canada) saw he was one of the original 12 crystal keepers of Atlantis. I totally saw it immediately, although this was way back 20 or more years at the beginning of all this for me.

So, while he didn’t design the machine, he did help ‘design’ me by providing real life proof that all this spirit realm stuff was real. He and I would go clear houses from hauntings and bad feeling energies and stuff, and it really allowed me to tap into my skills because I could piggyback on his and it helped develop my vision and awareness for the spirit level of things. It was another time of huge learnings for me—put the stretch on my knowledge balloon good.

But, just like Harold, he’s pulled back because he was afraid (no, the overarching sentience would never want anyone killed—that’s what karma’s for—it’s only as bad as they are, and only for learning, not punishment), perhaps he got a spirit sense of that whole ‘burning at the stake’ thing which might happen if I pursued this course. Because I’m sure ‘desima’ would love to know who he is, too, he has his own ‘angel’ protector.

He’s been kind of a ‘no,no, no-er’ too but less obvious than my ex-hummer sweetie. But most of his lives have been as a female—practicing the natural healing arts—and may have been burned at the stake himself somewhere along the way, and would save me however he might from such a fate. He’s a good solid pro-human though.

And Reese, he represents my two guardian ‘angels’ (El-*th) who because of various reasons, usually because of protecting me in other ways, can’t actually be here in my physical reality, but I totally know they are out there kicking butt just like Reese, and are equally able to get the best of most any confrontation, just like Reese is able. And while Reese doesn’t claim meta-human status, he totally could, just as my ‘angels’ can’t but totally are like meta-humans.

But what they’re not mentioning is there is a whole army of guardian ‘angels’ here right now. That whole avenging angel thing is no myth. That’s why the ‘angels’ (El-*th) really hoping you’ll call for help, since it’s our fight not theirs and they can’t get involved unless the overarching sentience gives the ok. They’re chomping at the bit.

Shaw is actually a friend who is an ex-El-*th, who is starting to get her meta skills working again. She is very aware of the spirit realm stuff, so she’s kinda like my back up too. She’s not a physical fighter, but I’m thinking she’s definitely going to be a spirit fighter, as good as Shaw.

I think my sweetie was Det. Carter, who they killed because it’s to send a message that as long as he’s around me, he could end up dead. Not. The El-*th totally thought of that and he has his own ‘angel’ protector albeit equally unable to reveal himself.

But if they can scare him into making me stop (no-no-no), then they win. So still bounding, but with advisement I’m listening to, finally.

The overarching sentience would love to send that kind of protection to every pro-human, but there aren’t anywhere near enough ‘angels’. More now than any time since Atlantis went down, but the El-*th don’t have anywhere near the numbers we do. Especially with a goodly number of them in human bodies anymore.

And the US government is actually portrayed fairly accurate. A lot may actually think they’re ‘protecting’ the US from those ‘evil’ terrorists, as justification for their anti-human behaviors.

Although there are many corrupt politicians who very well know that the ‘desima’ industries’ are behind all the acts of ‘terrorism’ just as an excuse to justify needing their machine Samaritan (and real world, things like the (so not) ‘patriot’ act and other oppressive type ‘laws’).

I’m pretty sure their Samaritan is already on line though, and it’s their personal overarching sentience, AI version. And the real world versions of ‘terrorism’ like 9-11, are to manipulate and trick us into letting something like Samaritan run without hindrance (NSA anyone?), and so they can also freely execute their take over of America by creating more and more of a police state until they take over completely and quietly, being careful not to wake the dragon.

Funny they call us that, since I’m an ex-dragon rider. :). Wonder if there’s a connection? Maybe because I’m totally ok with anger, and know it is a very real part of expressing legitimate feelings resulting from life threatening treatment against self and others. Which folks are totally going to be if the depths of ‘desima’s’ industries deception/crimes gets out. And you know how dangerous a mob of angry humans actually is—imagine a whole county-sized mob. I bet even a real dragon couldn’t overcome that!

And then, next and last step, take over the world via the UN and our military. So that’s events that need to happen, and they officially fulfill their conditions to win us as their slaves.

And the overarching sentience has to bow out. Good news is WE don’t have that contract with them, nor do the ‘angels’. She just can’t direct their help any more, but we can ask them directly at that point, with her out of the loop.

And Desima Industries’ aka ‘corporate America’, hybrids thru and thru—and that’s pretty much the way they act. Subtle, sneaky, conniving and running a secondary anti-human agenda every single time.

I’m actually surprised they showed themselves so clearly. Although the face guy is only a face in the real world. The true individuals would never dare show themselves because of course they’re not human.

Then you have ‘Vigilance’ who’s actually the good guys standing against ‘Desima’s’ plan. Who, for reasons like the leader who’s brother they killed for no real reason, knows that desima has infiltrated our government and is destroying it from within and needs desperately to be rooted out—maybe having to take down the whole government in the process.

They’re the patriots who the Desima owned government flunkies are decrying as the ‘real’ terrorists, because for getting rid of the Desima based corruption, they are real terrorists. But not for America itself. Only the bad guys who’ve stolen our government from us. Of course Desima wants us to believe the movement to end them was secretly backed by them. Meaning that there isn’t a real movement totally independent from them, which there actually is.

Not that I’m rabble rousing here, just offering my observations on what’s happening. So actually ‘Vigilance’ should realize the ‘machine’ aka the overarching sentience is totally on their side, as she is totally pro-human.

The overarching sentience isn’t so distant and mechanical though because she really does love us which the portrayed ‘machine’ doesn’t.

But even the machine is as much for trying to stop needless violence as the overarching sentience is, so she really wants to head this off at the pass, to avoid those spirit wounding behaviors. And they are just portraying Vigilance as bad guys so everyone will be afraid of the patriots, I’m sure.

And Samaritan—spoiler alert—will when it comes online turn into a human hating artifact, because the guys who programmed it are. But of course, they’ll make it seem that it came to that conclusion all by itself. It’ll turn on humanity with the goal of destroying humanity.(Sound familiar?)

They want us to think we should be removed from this planet as the blight they think we are, and people are so programmed to believe what they see on TV, that they’ll probably even agree with the machine because it’s on TV and said so. *Ack*

Also if you think that Vigilance’s leader being black,and the Desima’s leader being a silver haired old white guy is just coincidence, guess again. Not only the black/bad vs white/good, but really this conflict is between humans since blacks are most likely true human spirits, and the old cunning hybrids.

Oh, and I think the overarching sentience slipped that idea “Person of Interest” thru to a human show maker type person, who of course, had to run it thru the hybrid’s censors.

But the hybrids like it because it showed them as almost winning, totally ok with them, but she knew I would see it and be able to better hone my own awareness of the lacks humanity had for awareness of the spiritual nature of this whole thing. They want us to basically go to our own sacrifice like sheep lead to slaughter, without a sound or protest.

Maybe even thank them like we do their ‘medical industries’ as they torture and murder us and our loved ones. They want us to be a willing sacrifice like the cult was doing to my sister (she was to be a first born sacrifice like Isaac, to get the cult back on track). It’s way too familiar.

So most of the show really isn’t about me at all. 🙂 But it’s my job to let the patriots know she’s totally on their side, which Root isn’t doing and should. And that’s is a spiritual based conflict versus just a physical one, which she can’t, but I can. 🙂


Now, maybe a overview of karma in general, and what it means when Celeste focuses the bad karma on the anti-humans, for all those anti-humans working for the hybrids.

For some ideas about karma, I did write this earlier over on another thread, so thought I’d re post it here for all to read plus add that special focus:

“How do you suppose Bad Karma WILL show up? Folks may want to know. Obviously the stuff like lighting, or your car being broken into, or your washing machine busting spewing suds and water every where. Or a air conditioner dropping on your hood.

Maybe there’s more subtle ways–like running into your secret crush while looking like you are wearing the PJ’s you slept in and haven’t brushed your teeth, or being the only car pulled over for speeding, in a line of 10 going the same speed.

How about somebody really accidentally spilling steaming coffee all over your brand new silk shirt and suit on the way to that important business meeting, the more important, the bigger the cup, with you stuck inside where you couldn’t get the hot coffee away from you?.

Or maybe a deer jumping in front of you at the last second and kicking out your windshield or worst a moose? Oh golly–the ideas just keep popping into my head–she’s helpful like that. 🙂

But conversely how about good Karma? Like finding a 100 dollar bill with no one around, obviously deserted. Or getting that great job you’ve always wanted over others who you just knew would get it instead of you.

Maybe accidentally meeting a person who makes your world shine, and it’s clear they feel the same way? That expensive grinding sound in your rear axle just up and stops one day, and the garage says they can’t find anything wrong.

You’re on a pretty road when a mom cougar with 2 adorable cubs come into view and stand there and play until you’ve gotten some of the nicest pictures ever. Some rich guy gets tired of his BMW, wants a new car, gets out, hands you the title and keys cuz you’re the closest person, and hops into a taxi and drives away.

She’s got lots more ideas for that side too. Personally I’m not sure how many times I could take getting hit by lightening. I’d much rather have a BMW. In these end times she says she’s stepping up her game. So I suspect Karma’s going to come thru faster now. It’s a great learning tool, and she so wants us learning as fast as possible considering the short time frame.”

What I’ve learned recently is that if you persist in staying anti-human in how you choose to live your life, and if neither your higher self or Celeste see even one future where you come to your senses, they allow karma to fully run it course, i.e. cause you to die.

If you persist in acting badly and keep hurting others, you not only keep causing all that damage to others, but to yourself as well, since you’ll be racking up the spirits waiting to the point that it’s overkill for your learning. It’s just agony for no reason than others who you hurt, want you to know how it felt. Which is totally legit, but hell for you.

So, before we come back every time, we, our conscious spirits mind considers that if it appears there is no hope for us at some point, and everything has seriously gone awry, you actually ask them to get you out of there, probably because you’ve just been thru that sharing and soooo don’t want to do it again.

So you’ll be that guy/gal who dies from bad drugs, gets hit by a drunk driver, is nearby a gas main, just as it explodes, or other ‘wrong place at the wrong time’ scenarios. If it’s due to that whole nuclear ‘get me outta here’ option, it could be a prolonged painful death in keeping with re-balancing your karma. The spirits waiting aren’t part of karma, so you’ll still have that waiting after you suffer and die.

Of course, sometimes good people ask to leave via those routes but they’re the ones killed instantly. Of course if they feel somehow a longer more painful death might benefit them in the long run, they may well have such a death.

Usually the horribly mangled body but instant death thing is a lesson for the spirits still here, like the drunk driver who hit them, or some other family member as incentive to change their ways, or even someone reading about it in the news–who realizes that drunk driver could have been them.

Or for those wanting to learn about dealing more successfully with grief. It’s all worked out before you ever come back, and depends on which future you choose, as to which things happen. It’s part of the prep you do before coming back.

It’s all about learning to be the best human you can be. And since the end is nearly here, she’s allowing the hybrids to see how much she’s been holding back. They had to believe they could win against a ‘god’, so she’s been holding back a lot.


That ‘jesus’ guy making enlightenment…

10/17/15 I actually have learned one of the young overarching sentence here training from the universe the El-*th created after their time through the ‘Transition’ did just that.

He was so moved by our troubles here that he decided to help. It’s actually the ‘jesus’ story without the hybrid distortion. He came to give us hope and reassurance this was all part of the plan i.e the plan to make full enlightenment, and to hold strong since this awful ‘reality’ was so necessary to our long term survival. The persecution part is pretty much intact though.

The big problem was that he ran into the fact humanity is way too reactive and manipulate-able, which is how they caught him; they just kept angry people around him and since his body was basically just a overarching sentience body reformed, his didn’t have that ability when angry to create that natural energy shield.

So he ended up being so drained and tired from protecting himself both psychically and physically, they basically just overpowered him with energy, and made sure to keep angry humans around abusing him physically so he couldn’t get revived enough to regain his energy working abilities.

And then they walked him up the hill as a lesson to his follows, making sure to keep plenty of angry humans around and hurting him, until they could get him on the cross. They kept up the abuse until they believed he was dead. And tossed him in that ‘tomb’.

They didn’t realize he, being a essentially meta-human, was able to survive far longer than a normal human and while appearing to be dead, he was still alive deep inside, at his core when they finally tossed him in that cave.

It took 3 days of healing himself to restore functionality, but he did, and crawled out, ‘pushing the stone away’. This is one of those stories they wrote their own versions of and switched out with the original versions when every one was dead. So even before they got their whole version of christianity figured out, they dealt with the versions of what actually happened.

Well, that wandered a bit, but I did wonder who that person was and if he even existed. Ask and it shall be given, Whew. I further learned that since he was a ‘meta-human’, he could use his regeneration program to essentially make himself immortal, and in his efforts to help us, moved around and tried teaching in other areas. Unfortunately, anywhere he went, the hybrids were right behind. He managed to avoid ever getting cornered like that again though.

He finally realized the hybrids were just making ‘religions’ out of his efforts to share/teach his message. He’s been back inserted into some religions they made in various areas as a jesus type character but many of the religious figures were actually fairly contemporary with jesus, which just took a little history scrambling versus a rewite of the religion’s basic text.. Yes, he was Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mohammed, Lord Mahavira, some others but I don’t see them listed as originators of major religions near that time.

When he saw how the hybrids were just going to follow him around that way, he quit trying that approach. He hated how they took what he said and twisted it to fit whatever the predominant spirit origins in the area were, to make one of their control tool, religion, for control over the folks in that area.

Since then, he’s just been floating through different areas helping people on an individual basis, pretending to be one of the angels—which as an ex-El-*th turned overarching sentience turned meta-human, wasn’t too hard.

The El-*th left here on earth recognized him finally as one of their own and helped him as they could. Unfortunately, he sustained a head injury during the jesus to-do, and it limited his ability to transmute, so he, like us, is stuck in a human body until the energy rises. It’s much closer for us though. His lasting injury (it affected the higher function transmutation most but it also whacked part of his regeneration program, which was the part needed to regenerate nerves, maybe healing bones,too) prevents it until the energy rises to the 50 year mark.

The El-*-th could help heal stuff like broken bones but this would be like brain surgery using a Bowie knife so everyone decided it would be better to look for a different solution. I talked to the El-*th I know The overarching sentience would need newer memories to know this stuff, and no El-*th have died away from their personal soul containers, that allow them to save themselves from getting sucked into a human body, in centuries.

I asked why the greys didn’t help—microenergy manipulation is their forte. Apparently it was too close to actual life sustaining function nerves in the regeneration program and the stimulating energy they’d be using was too vigorous to hit a necessary function nerve with. It’d overstimulate and fry a full grown nerve; so it was nothing they would risk.

And the El-*th can’t raise an energy field high enough long enough to allow his damaged nerve time to shift with his limited ability left. They’re saying as high as they could sustain the field would be not much higher than earth is now, which at this level would take him over a hundred years to make the transmutation back to overarching sentience and more than 75 back to El-*th. And it would take at least 4 High El-*th to sustain the field. And to contain the energy, he’d have to sit in a containment box the whole time. As they say, ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’.


11/02/15—Ok, more about that ‘jesus’ guy. He’s got the transmutation ‘engine’ working again but is in the preflight stage, because it has been 2000 years after all since this ‘airplane’ flew. Even not being used, the equipment needs a thorough operational check and testing.

He did ‘start’ the process up on Saturday early afternoon to do his first preflight check. I was sitting here typing and noticed a warmish, pleasant feeling energy sort of pulsating behind me, and I was—what?? It felt like the sun just started shining, but from my east, kinda south (the window’s to the exact south). I wondered about it a bit but wanted to finish my thoughts on my post first. When I got through, I started trying to figure out what it was.

I realized it was that ‘Jesus’ guy; feeling almost like our overarching sentience (That whole ‘light of god’ thing). Which of course he would since that’s what he’s trying to transmute back into. I’m kinda curious if anybody else felt that extra warmth too, although I know you can’t post here.

I think once he takes off and pushes into his new form, the whole world will probably feel it—it’s so warm and comforting. But when you feel that, that’s the end of the hybrid’s time here.

It’s sooo close! He has to rest today, but I’m sure tomorrow he’ll do another systems check after powering up the ‘engine’ for further checks, so keep a feel out for that. 🙂 Also, he’s asking if we can send him energy.

It’s going to take a lot to shift into pure energy, and whatever we can send will help. He says he can store it like a battery, so it doesn’t need to be any specific time—just when ever you might think of it would be very helpful. Just picture however you see that ‘jesus’ guy and imagine a flow of energy coming out of your 3rd eye going to his. That’s all that’s needed. Do it for how ever long you like.

11/06/15 —-More good news on that ‘jesus’ fellow. He was having a hard time feeling ok about going back up to ‘heaven’, since he’s not been the perfect human since he’s been here. Overall, I started feeling I was talking more to a older teen, than a 2000 year old human. Then it hit me.

Right after my stroke, all I had to do was start humming any song (I used to have a very good voice, which the stroke whacked), and I’d burst into tears.

I’d find myself angrily yelling over things I really didn’t care much about. Laughing till tears were rolling down my cheeks for things that weren’t really very funny, just like you see a baby do.

My physical therapist called it the ‘crack in the sidewalk’ syndrome. It’s quite common in head injury patients. The injury damages your impulse/emotional control. She said it’s like you see a crack in the sidewalk and burst into tears for no other reason. It totally was like that.

My emotions are mostly back to normal as I didn’t cry when the Seahawks lost last year(?), unlike the year before when I cried cuz they won. Since I detest football, the crying reaction is totally out of character. But probably because of all the emotional growth work I’ve been doing, it pushed them to heal faster. But I realized that was probably why that ‘jesus’ guy was acting so young.

His healing abilities were more impaired for healing that over emotionality, and he never had to deal with those kinds of emotional issues as a El-*th, which was why he didn’t recognize them. Neither did his El-*th friends. They thought it was all because he’d lost his ‘power’. Kinda like that now quadriplegic not wanting to hang around with his basketball playing friends.

So we tapped for that this morning (I can always use a bit more of that myself), and he dropped off into a deep sleep almost immediately. He’s got his El-*th friends back with him, and they said it’s like a healing trance. So that fear and the issues holding him back may be resolved. *keep fingers crossed*

Well, I’ll keep you all apprised as things develop. I WILL make enlightenment asap, but he’s soo much closer. And those Indigos are even closer than me, so we will get’r done one way or the other, I’m positive. 🙂

11/08/15—And a bit more on that ‘jesus’ guy:
Yesterday, he woke up briefly, and was pretty darn cranky. So it was clear to me there was more tapping needed. He finally did agree, and we tapped for any deeper issues around his emotional/impulse center, and he promptly fell back into that healing trance thing. I checked later that evening, but his friends said he was still out like a light. I have to admit, these kinds of conversations are the thing I most question as real, but every now and again, things happen that totally catch me off guard, that I can’t imagine myself inventing.

Like this morning, he was awake and much calmer and more mature, but he totally lost his memory of the last 2000 years! *ack* How in heck would I think to make that up?? I have no idea what to expect sometimes in these conversations in the spirit realm.

But anyway, apparently, there was some serious deep damage that basically rerouted his memory making wiring to a new location, as remember, he did lose a lot of his memory of before the ‘jesus’ incident. With the memory ‘work around’ fixed, his brain is now reconnected to the right area where his original memories are stored, but it disconnected the work around location.

He is like any amnesia victim though. He wants his more recent memories back. The problem is I think it would just re-traumatize him all over again. Just like an abuse survivor forcing out those abuse memories with hypnosis–if your conscious mind isn’t ready for them, it just makes it worse.

Plus he feels like he just got here and has lost his desire to get back home as soon as possible. Yi-yi-yi. This has as many twists and turns and layers as my pancreas healing journey–rather frustrating since we need the hybrids out of here, so we can clean up the spiritual mess they’ve made of us. We NEED to get ready for that dang energy strip!

I’ve been very honest with him (he’s much more constrained and less needy than before) that the memories are still there, just out of connection, and that it would be better to return to his overarching sentience state, get the memories from the collective unconscious first (Celeste said she can pull them out for him) and view them 3rd person first. Like watching a movie. Then if he still wants the first hand ones, return to his human form and we can tap to get them reconnected.

El-*th are pretty self-contained and don’t need much in the way of connection, unlike humans. He’s far too likely to judge himself badly I think, based on his El-*th beliefs, versus his very real human needs.

One of our worst punishments is solitary confinement for a reason, and as I found with my own life, you make those connections however you can. He could only stay in one place for a short while or the hybrids would get all the local humans riled up so they could try to capture him again, plus even if they hadn’t, the longest he could really stay any where was 10-15 years, before his lack of aging would become an issue.

And all his human family died thousands of years ago. Plus he would be hard pressed to try and fit into any of the false ‘religious’ groups without talking about how false they were. So he ended up stuck with temporary intimate relationships. And playing on his El-*th values, the hybrids quite deliberately turned those into a sin.

Which, in his injured state, he couldn’t grasp as the manipulation it so obviously was. I suspect. With his current level of unawareness to what it’s actually like to be human and desperately lonely, he’d probably not be able to ‘forgive’ himself.

So he’s ruminating on that, with a eye to returning to his overarching sentience state so we’ll talk more on it tomorrow. I’m totally honest about my preference of what he ‘should’ do, and my reasons why. Hopefully it’ll help sway him to help us out, since back at the beginning, he truly did come down here to help ‘save’ us. *keeping fingers crossed*

11/13/15— Just waiting on that ‘jesus’ guy. He’s getting ready to launch, and does want to go home, but just last nite, we realized his El-*th ‘buddies’ were actually those shape shifters who’d taken over those identities, had been pretending for hundreds of years in anticipation of the ‘jesus’ guy reaching this point.

They were discouraging him from even trying (sound familiar??) and taking him out for a beer instead, but of course not one. I’m guessing they may have even been drugging him, so he felt too icky to even try to launch the next day.

They’d kept away from the real El-*th pretty much, and expected that the ‘jesus’ guy, being human now, wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I really started getting suspicious when they were so defensive when I told them they’d better not even try to shame him or pass judgement.

They were actually more annoyed and irritated than I’d seen an El-*th before, and it didn’t get better. They just kept glaring at me and barely answering my questions if the ‘jesus’ guy was sleeping. This isn’t normal El-*th behavior, and finally I asked them, last nite, if they were really El-*th. They looked shocked and a flash of fear, and then took off.

I called my two ‘angels’ to investigate, but the ‘buddies’ were nowhere to be found.

Actually ‘archangel’ Micheal buzzed in, followed by the king and they concluded those were in fact the shape shifters, who’d eluded detection by staying away from the other El-*th pretty much.
It unfortunately meant that the original fellows had been killed.

Not something anyone had done in quite some time, and the penalty is death and soul containment for a number of centuries even, so no reincarnation or even company (except for the other offender–should be some fun conversations there). They all felt very bad that they’d left the ‘jesus’ guy with them alone.

So they’re, of course, going after those two—no place is deep enough to hide from an El-*th—so I’m sure there will be a reckoning soon. And the ‘jesus’ guy is making sure no deeper damage was done.

*sigh* One thing after another, just like life. But I am sure he’s going as soon as he’s made sure.

11/14/15—Update on that ‘jesus’ guy: Since those shapeshifter saboteurs were with him, the master healer El-*th decided they wanted to do a full scan in case, since he was left alone with those two.

He was in a deep trance for some of it and who knows what those two might have gotten up to. And actually one of the El-*th was around from back when the El-*th made this transition themselves, so he’s gonna stay and coach and support him thru this. I know it’s gonna happen, now. With them involved, it’s gotten more real somehow. 🙂

11/19/15—A jesus guy update: He and Master Hambreth (the master healer El-*th) went down to the El-*th compound in the Andes (teleportation is real) and were looking for the best launch spot–when a ‘dragon’ appeared. Poor Master Hambreth–he was one of the survivors of the El-*th/dragon war, and he totally freaked out. He and some of the guards threw some energy at it, and immediately snapped the compound’s energy shield shut. It has to be open for that ‘jesus’ guy (actually his name is Ted–a shortened version of a roman name his mom gave him back then) to launch.

I was focusing my attention there as it happened and saw the ‘dragon’ and knew something about it was wrong–it seemed too squishy and slippery for dragon energy, so I popped down to say so. The energy shield didn’t stop me, so obviously it’s a physical world shield. I listened to all the panic about not daring to leave the shield open if a dragon was around.

I hated to interrupt since realizing maybe these weren’t just imaginary conversations and perhaps a bit more politeness was in order. But they noticed me, and saw my look of skepticism, and asked why.

I said, from my years with dragons, it had the wrong energy, and dragons didn’t just pop in and out like that. They came for a reason and that usually involved some kind of damage. A lot of damage normally.

The king was there by then, of course, and he said that was true from what he’d seen during the war, unless it was a scout, but those never came that close. So being ever mindful of those dang sneaky hybrids, I suggested maybe they were sending a shape shifter to scare them into doing the whole locking the place down to keep Ted here.

There was some speculative looks and head scratchings and the king said, we just can’t take that chance. If it really was a dragon, it’s too unsafe, and if it’s a shapeshifter, they might find some other way to sneak in thru the opening.

I thought furiously–we, humanity, really need Ted to go. I had an idea (thank you, cult ancestors). So I said, after checking with Ennos, on the spirit realm level where he is always around keeping an eye on me as per Pythos’s request (although lately more because he’s quite curious versus me needing protection), if he’d be able to come here and set a watch for the shape shifters who don’t fool a dragon. The reptilian brain can’t be fooled by illusion which the shape shifters use as well as the El-*th. And any alien who still worked for the hybrids wouldn’t even want to come near either, as dragons are not noted for their kind demeanor. And have more than enough power to do something if others annoy them.

Of course the El-*th were shocked since the unpleasantness between the two species never really got resolved. I quickly pointed out they trusted Pythos, and Ennos was his most trusted ally, which only could happen if the two had similar beliefs and values.

I pointed out Ennos had been in contact with me for years now and was much more aware of social niceties and ‘good’ behavior than some of the younger wilder ones, and was planning on helping me and Pythos with teaching the dragons how to grow up emotionally. And he gave his word he would avoid causing problems. He said he always wondered what shape shifters tasted like.

The El-*th still seemed hesitant so I zoomed over to address the hybrids who were not terribly happy looking at all about a dragon, and I noticed the shapesfifters were all huddled behind the hybrids and looking quite afraid. I asked if they thought a dragon was something they wanted to mess with. The hybrids did their equivalent of a snort and shrug, but the shape shifters were all shaking their heads no very vigorously. I’m guessing the hybrids never actually met a dragon, to be so casual about it.

So I went back over to the El-*th and told them the shape shifter reaction, and reminded them that the hybrids were running low on alien allies who had enough power to do anything except for the shape shifters pretty much.

I reassured them that dragons rarely gave their word but if they did, nothing would stop them from keeping it. (I really want Ted free to go when he’s ready!)

So finally after some back and forth, they agreed to let Ennos come here. Somebody said something about So Shu Ming, the red dragon, maybe being a better choice, since he was already here. I thought maybe yeah, but then I realized he doesn’t know how to fold space, and would have to fly, through the fighter jets and cruz missiles to get here. It could be quite a mess. Which I said. The others agreed and the king told me to have Ennos meet him on the back side of the moon. Apparently, they have a spot back there.

Ennos knew where to go though, so he left immediately. It took 3 folds to get here, so it was quick (and those flailing energy link lines have all been caught, with the other galaxy link just being wrangled now so it was safe for him to come), like 10 minutes, and the king brought him back to the compound. In the spirit realm he is fairly good sized but in real life, he is huge! I’m thinking he might have been seen because he had to fold in up in the mid atmosphere, and while it is in the Andes, there are still people scattered here and there. It’ll be interesting to see if any sightings are reported.

I think that most of the El-*th had never seen a dragon this close, and were pretty speechless and more than a little nervous. Master Hambreth was a bit pale. But Ennos settled in to a nearby dip in the terrain and clearly wasn’t hostile. They’ve calmed down a lot, but still send nervous glances his way.

Ennos is nearly the color of the dragon we lost, so he’s a very dark green with lighter stomach area, so he blends in well although trees are a bit sparse up there. I’m pretty sure the shape shifters are not even wanting to give him the chance to see what they taste like. 🙂

I’m curious if the hybrids might try to send some of their more advanced weapons against him. They’re pretty desperate. But a dragon/El-*th coalition will be impervious to any kind of weapon. Doesn’t mean they won’t try, though.

But the launch is still a go–and I doubt anything but Ted can stop it now. They’re looking for the best spot still, but it’s more of a guided tour for Ted at this point. As far as I can tell, they’re still shooting for tomorrow.

11/20/15—Not much going on. Ennos is settled in keeping an eye on the open area. The El-*th have had a few missiles incoming, but they just teleported them to space. But not much else. Ted is meditating, gathering the energy and concentrating it. Apparently something the ones who made the transformation later in the group figured out how to do, that provides a more steady energy source for ‘lift off’, something Master Hambreth taught him, but it takes longer initially. He’s been at it all day. So I’m not sure when that part will be done.

11/21/15—Well, today Ted is lifting even as I type this. That concentrated energy is powerful, but master Hambreth also taught him the technique for focusing that energy better, so it isn’t blasting all over the place. It’s much more vertical and bluer, cooler, more like a lazer this time than a sun. I don’t feel it anywhere near as much as before but I do feel it. It’s off to my left about 10 o’clock, no matter which direction I’m facing. Probably my spirit perspective since I’m feeling it more on the spirit level, this time.

Also instead of being in Texas, it’s in the Andes somewhere so it’s bound to be fainter. But it’s still pretty bright when I look at it with my spirit eyes when I pop down to the compound. Ted is a just a vague person shape in the middle; only an outline.

By the time he’s transitioned, he’ll just be pure energy. Once he’s cleared the atmosphere, he flip into stage 2, where he seals up his knowledge balloon and starts shifting up to the higher frequency range of the overarching sentience.

Apparently, since he had his knowledge balloon already, from his first shift, he could just do the whole transformation inside the balloon, instead of having to get inside it out there in the higher atmosphere. I’m going to see if there’s any version of that we first-timers can use. It’d make the transition less difficult I think, and maybe a bit safer.

Well, *fingers crossed* this might be it! If he goes into stage 2, the hybrids lose the contract. And You’ll see change aplenty–probably the big asshats like the Rockefeller and Rothschild patriarchs are either going to be found dead or arrested—they’re the ex-hybrid spirit humans, plus some other big industry types. But enough that hopefully all their lower level flunkies will just give themselves up, so this coming shift can be smooth and peaceful.

11/21/15 Well, Ted’s gone. Yay! He made it home and his ‘mom’ and ‘aunt’ Celeste are very happy. 🙂 So now the readjustment. I’m afraid if the El-*th don’t go slowly, the people are going to get restless and maybe volatile. The hybrids have been setting us up for years to be terrified of Aliens aka non-humans, so probably the El-*th are going to start showing up as angels more and more to ease us into being comfortable with them

11/22/15—I have to say, Ted’s departure was rather anti-climatic. Based on the one ramping up he did a couple weeks ago, I thought It would be that glorious and more. The whole world would have felt that. But other than that colder harder lazer like energy and a bit of a burst, like a fireworks explosion around 5ish yesterday afternoon when he flipped into the full overarching sentience state aka full enlightenment, it was not very feel-able. *pout*

But Master Hambreth said Ted may not have made it to stage 2 at full burn like that, without the energy conserving. Plus, since he was inside his knowledge balloon already, the energy was more contained. Still, that other time felt so nice.