Zappers don’t work, huh? & IBS STUFF…

So much faked information out there about zappers. It totally does kill all the parasites outside the digestive track, especially if you do it every day as the eggs hatch out. The worms NOT killed are the ones deep in the intestines where the current has a hard time reaching. That’s not a failure on the zappers part, that’s a limitation of the access, eh? That’s why you need to take at least wormwood, to get those.

I’m sure the hybrids via their owned pharmaceutical cartel would never bribe or ignore the government or murder folks who get in their way, or because they hate the ‘useless eaters’ so much, right? I’m so sure they’d only be kindness and light when it comes to making profits. They’re noted for their benevolence and largess, right?

I luckily have protection of the divine sort, otherwise I’d have been murdered years ago. They can’t get to me.

Anyway, zappers work just like a light bulb works. If you don’t screw it in tightly, have all the fuses working, don’t turn on the light switch, or there’s no power to the house, and so on,  a light bulb does work either, although it works fine if used properly.

But it’s that level of stuff the cartel uses to ‘prove’ zappers don’t work. They never consider it’s something wrong with the house (user) or the user not using it properly, or doing something that’s preventing or interfering with it working properly. Or that you may have a faulty light bulb which may not work cuz it damaged or poorly made. Nope, that’s just ‘proof’ zappers in general, don’t work.

And  like screwing in a light bulb to a socket in the depths of a closet that was too far away from the rest of the wiring plus had a lot of interference with jello insulation, a zapper won’t get all of them. It’s like they ran the line in the hopes that at least a little of the electricity could get thru, but never expected it to be able to light up more than a little most of the time if at all, which is why you need to bring a flash light aka deparasite herbs. Any of the deparasiting stuff that’s orally ingested can really only clean out the closet though (does it well), so you need the zapper for the rest of the house.

The ‘proof’ (he insisted you had to SEE dead carcasses before you knew they were dead, and that you’d better have pictures to ‘prove’ it, which is ridiculous, especially if the parasite is outside the digestive tract) that one fellow was so fixated on may well be because he knew, just as well as we do that until the pharmaceutical cartel is removed from power, there WILL NEVER BE THAT KIND OF PROOF. PERIOD. If you dared try, they sent the FDA after you.

And heaven forbid the ill person should even try adding a zapper to the mix and dare getting well. The cartel is desperate to stop that, cuz then they might get well enough, they’ll need less of any ‘health’ product pharmaceutical or by now pretty well pharmaceutical-owned natural healing stuff. So, while OF COURSE they’d prefer you use the horrid murderous excessively expensive stuff, they will take the profit from any place they can.

And healthy people buy far fewer of even natural healing ‘remedies’ since they no longer need said remedies, so I think they have their employees in places like Curezone to stop people from even trying a zapper.

I’m helping someone who has several intestinal problems (IBS) and am realizing those folks with those kinds of issues would be hard-pressed to do the cloves or cayenne pepper stuff. I figured out something that could be helpful for them, I think.

So what I figured out is that maybe for those folks, they could do the wormwood and herb for the first 4 days or so, maybe add silver, a good but fairly passive anti virus, bacteria, fungus. To help the lining heal enough to start tolerating the cloves and cayenne.

Yes it would cause the parasites to scatter, but if you zapped right on the heels of this start, it wouldn’t be a problem. Just a thought on making it easier on those poor IBS or leaky gut syndrome folks. I’m sure there is a infection with those that conveniently they ‘can’t’ diagnose, so at least the silver should be used.






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