A unsafe or ineffective zapper being sold on curezone??

Huh—the hack A team is back on Curezone. I get on and within 2 or 3 minutes the attack start. So what am I saying now that would provoke this hack response??

My most recent focus has been explaining how Parazapper’s zappers aren’t really Clark style zappers which kill with the positive offset square battery wave, not frequencies, which makes his more a modified Rife machine, not a zapper Therefore, even with all the frequencies he covers with multiple and resonant frequencies, he still is probably missing many of the frequencies that a Clark zapper kills.

Hum… It makes a difference. Dr. Clark said doing the individual pathogens/parasites frequency by frequency would take 26 hours for a normal sick person. Extrapolating that out makes maybe 550 or so. Even if parazapper’s combo of frequencies hits 200 of them, that’s missing quite a few. Could it be that the cartel wants us to use his versus the far more thorough Clark style zapper??

But of course would continue their harassment of him to keep it looking like his zappers were as worrisome to them as the Clark zapper. I never thought of that, but this sudden hack attacking again says I’ve hit a truth they really don’t want revealed, like the human sexuality post. Hum–hard choice–reveal to me they’re trying to stop me posting my observations about parazapper’s units with hack attempts or leave me go, possibly blowing their whole parazapper gig. The cartel’s masters, the ‘elites’ are well known for their ‘If you can’t beat them, join them, and destroy them from the inside’ strategy. Parazapper’s pretty deep inside, eh?

I haven’t been posting much otherwise. Mostly just trying to set the record straight with the notable difference between the two. I’m sure his does an adequate job, but it must be missing one of the frequencies for one of their money makers, would be my guess, if in fact this startling information is true which I’m getting a strong yes for from my source.

Huh… Parazapper has always seemed a stand up kind of guy. I know he never cared for me much, but he seemed seems honest and caring-—I hope they are doing this without his knowledge, consent or assistance.


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