Zappers on curezoneworse than I thought…

“The frequencies that should have been running during that sensation are 787, 727, 660, 484, 465, 440, 35, 20, and 6.8, and the 100hz steps surrounding them.

The sensations in the muscles were at first as if every single muscle throughout my frame was tensing or bunching- and then as the frequencies got lower and lower, it was more and more like I was laying on a rock hard surface instead of a comfy bed, pillows and blanket. Imagine foam padding slowly encasing you in.”

This a user describing what she felt when she zapped—I believe it was the first time. I also believe this is one of the frequency based zapping units sold via curezone. I went into the collective unconscious this morning looking for the truth on this matter and it drew me to the time one of the zapper makers was raided by the FDA.

They threatened him and his significant people not with jail—just that they’d be disappeared. He yielded and agreed to their plan. I’m pretty sure I would have at that point as well. He also had to keep selling his units, and successfully lay people’s fears to rest. I’m guessing my probing and questions and corrections surely didn’t help.

So the plan was to take over production of his frequency based zapper and make ‘improvements’ which included adding chips that ran HUMAN frequencies on them covertly, so not only are the parasites being zapped, but also the humans. That’s what that user felt—she was being selectively electrocuted!

Like the spooky2, they designed it to be sort of random so a direct correlation couldn’t be drawn. They’ve been tracking every one of those units purchased since then and used a survey done to determine the zapping habits of the users, so they could correlate deaths and loss of energy type things to the usage of the zappers.

They are seeing if Dr. Clark was right. Could they cause someone a slow lingering death without hope of healing? Part of why he had to insist–‘no, zapped things did recover’–to allay any fears that zapping with frequencies would ever be weaponized against us humans since the effect didn’t ‘last’.

Dr.Clark’s findings and fear:

“What was actually happening to the bacteria or parasites? If I could kill something as large as an Ascaris worm or intestinal fluke, then perhaps I could kill something even larger, like an earthworm or flea, something I could see with my own eyes instead of having to imagine its demise inside my body. Ten minutes at a frequency chosen near the top of their broadcast range seemed to anesthetize them. But they didn’t die. Later I checked the body bandwidth (the range of frequencies they emit) of each. The earthworms had lost a lot of their bandwidth, both at the top and bottom. The fleas seemed hardier; they had only lost a little. However they did not recover, even weeks later, from this loss. Could it harm humans to douse them with RF frequencies in their own bandwidth? Quite probably, if the voltage were high enough…

…It was a worrisome truth. Perhaps the department of defense would use this knowledge and develop super high voltage devices to kill people (“enemies”) somewhere in the world. But I couldn’t let sick people suffer. Besides, it would probably require a voltage much like lightning to kill people from a distance.
Possibly a way could be found to shield yourself from frequencies harmful to humans by wearing a choke (inductor) coil which suppresses these frequencies. Remember, there was no recovery, just a slow death for my experimental animals. It must not happen to humans!”
Cure for all Diseases” page 11.

What kind of voltage would it take if it was right there in your hands or plastered around your body for ‘full coverage’?? And that’s the true and high level danger of using a frequency based zapper.

You should NEVER feel something like that user did from a zapper, ever—a clark style zapper uses the wave–still I suppose they could co-opt one of those too and covertly put in that chip for human frequencies, but now it’s still in the controlled experimental stage.

But once they discover the most deadly combo of frequency and voltage, they’ll start getting them into as many zappers as they can. So unless these criminals are stopped, it could get ugly—like spooky2ugly—free or ridiculously cheap zappers for everyone! And a sudden about face about Dr. Clark and her work. Oh they’d love that using her to kill all these folks. They love irony, just like by killing her with cadmium, they made it look like cancer, which cadmium poisoning at the end mimics. So if you have one of frequency based zapper, probably wanna stop using it, eh? Hopefully it’s not too late.

Oh yeah, the ‘elites’ would back that kind of expense/experiment if it got rid of humans. They hate us. And in the words of Kissinger calling us ‘useless eaters’, it sounds like they already think of us as parasites, eh?


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