If I weren’t living this, I’d hardly believe it…

All nite, my legs were burning, like they were swelling again. I was very tired but kept trying to think—what could it be?? It felt like the mummification spell again. But that was all cleared, wasn’t it? I tried to think of what my legs were swelling for, but ended up falling asleep before I got it figured out.

I woke a couple times and my legs were still burning and feeling like they were getting worse. Finally when I woke around 9:00, I was awake enough to dive back in, asking my legs why they were retaining water like this—this time they actually seemed to respond with a sense of warning.

About what?? Something still about the mummification spell?? I had gotten an all cleared previous, but I got the distinct feeling there was still some part of it there. My mouth was drier and my leg muscles had started cramping again. So, I started looking around, and realized there was in fact a ‘controller’ part up in my brain. It could still activate my body to run various aspects of the spell, and had kicked back on last nite.

I thanked my legs, and set about despellifying that hold over piece. This spell really terrified my legs, and it scared me quite a bit too. They killed that guy to make this spell against me, and he was very unpleasant to see—thank CSI for a bit of desensitizing! I hadn’t cleared my brain area, so missed it the first time around. This spell was actually attached to a piece of drying (mummifying) fruit, behind something, to keep it in place. So, I threw it into the spirit chipper and started getting rid of it. This spell had a regeneration spell on it which the OAS dealt with, and then I started running the frequency as the OAS pushed out the time frame. Out 5 years, 10, 15, 20, it ended up there was over 50 years of that spell. They really wanted me to have a slow painful death.

So, after clearing it, I dozed back off for a few and then got up, and wander to my shower. I was back to being really weak again, like ‘can’t hardly lift my foot to get into the shower’ weak.. I got reassurance that there was no other spell at work. Nothing else had popped up. It was all from that mummification spell, the short time it had run. It made me realize if they hadn’t been overloading me with all those other spells, interfering with each other, and just sent most any one of these spells against me, just how debilitating it would have been, if just a part of a half broken spell could weaken me so badly now. I’d have been in a  wheel chair months ago. Thank goodness for stupid witches. Whew.

Needless to say, this clearing of spells has taken up most of my thinking time. The El-*th are still running some ops working to get the white hats more solidly in place–I still hear elections or market crash as to when they step in, and the OAS is still waiting to see how getting rid of the witches and Bael has helped humanity to start making better choices. I can see all of our myths about witches were really about the El-*th witches–sure, there were some human ones, but the powerful ones were all El-*th.


Can you believe it, yes, another spell!

Well, got up this morning and things were fine, but my knees still seemed weak.So I tapped to strengthen them to focus my body’s attention on them, and that was as I was climbing into the shower, but the time I reached the back wall, they were so weak, I hardly could stand. I’m like—what in the world??

Apparently, buried under all those other spells that was set to come active was a spell that was designed to flip my tapping and make it do the opposite so I was tapping my knees weaker instead—and EFT works very well, and my knees are proof; I got to the point of almost calling sweetie to help. It was a tricky one to get rid of, too. It’s like it was covered with this oil like stuff, that protected the spell underneath from being affected by the frequency and even the OAS couldn’t get hold of it.

Finally I figured out to do the oil’s frequency, hold it solid, and the OAS was able to pull it back exposing the spell, which I then neutralized with it’s frequency. That one still has me shaking from weakness.

I have to get things tapped back, obviously, but that spell has me leery, even though muscle testing says all clear. I do so hope this is the last of it. As strong as the spell was this a.m., I think that may indicate there’s no other spell impeding it. *keeping fingers crossed*

I’m so glad those witches are dead. Otherwise they’d just be putting the spells right back on! And I keep checking—making sure none of them got missed. Thus far, I’m getting a strong no to any of them still being alive.

Another serious spell—if only I was making this up!

Another stupid main type spell–I was following this faint thirst feeling and found this chain spell on my thumb. Huh, what’s this?? I kinda pulled on it and it pulled me thru to this old west saloon type place and I was sitting across from this dead guy, mummifying.  Yeah, a mummifying spell–and the chain was attached to another guy, hanging in the rafters, who looked more mummified. I called the OAS to see.

He just looked very angry, and disconnected me from the chain. He roared, then grabbed as much of the whole place up that he could and threw it in the chipper he had created for removing and clearing talisman. Armload after armload, he ripped the place down. The saloon proved a front for a warren bigger than the black spruce warren. We guessed this was the coven’s original place before Atlantis ripped the continents apart. He used energy to support the weight of the tunnels underneath and back in the mountains and proceeded to rip everything out of the caves too, tossing it in the chipper as well. There might have been stuff buried, but he decided that for now, they’d be buried enough that people would be unlikely to find them.

After he cleared every thing to the chipper, he let the tunnels collapse on themselves, which they all pretty much did. He had a couple he collapsed himself, but the area was cleared of the buildings and shafts. so other than the disturbed dirt, you’d never known what a evil ugly place had been there before. These women needed a life!

So now I know that spell was there, I can feel the tendons (mostly) that were being affected. Without EFT to rejuvenate them, I’d be having leg cramps and a sore tight muscle on my hip (like not able to walk 10 feet sore) for the rest of my life and I’m sure I’ll find other areas affected by it as well. It was impairing my ability to regain strength too.  I hope this is the last set of spells–man, I’m getting soo tired of this!

Still more spells and poisoning…

It’s certainly more peaceful with the daily headache of curezone stupidity gone. I’m getting that the OAS sent a few lighting bolts webmaster’s way as indication of his disapproval –a couple to the fence he hit previously and several to the house, above the window in the bathroom. Waited until the web guy wasn’t holding on to the sink faucets—I don’t know for sure of course, but if what I’m seeings true, there’s definitely some costly repairs. Oh well—he’s lucky he didn’t blast his car–while he was driving.

So I think things are pretty much on track, but I’m out of the loop trying to still clear all these spells. I jut found a bunch of atrophy spells which uses bane–I don’t know if it’s an earth herb, but it’s nasty. It was accumulating in my legs and feet—part of why my legs have had problems with swelling. My body doesn’t know where else to store it, part of the reason for the thirst, so I’d drink the water with it in it, even though it tasted awful, part of what was so irritating in the itchiness areas and so on–I think this was their primo spell they thought I’d never discover that would put me in a wheel chair for the rest of my life, ending too soon, because my chest muscles would get too weak to breath, and every one would just say I died of something like MS. They’re also called wasting spells as well as  they’d put in an overarching one to keep me from ever regaining my strength. Along with a lot of latent nuisance spells for thirst, and bladder urgency, dizziness, no stamina, etc.

I just started doing a zone by zone clearing of any spell; the OAS expands the time out in 5 years intervals and I run frequencies for any spell I find (sometimes there were 20 or more latent ones)  and then he takes it out 5 more years and I do the clearing again, until he takes it out and no more spells. It was 30 years deep for some of them. If I didn’t have EFT, muscle testing, dogged determination and the OAS helping me, I’d have suffered for the rest of my greatly shortened life as they intended.

So I have to say, this was sooooo not fun, but I have the tools to clear the spells and other crappy stuff they threw at me, the time and support (although sweetie’s a bit cranky) and the body awareness to recognize there’s a problem that is spell, not health created. Any other human, in my shoes would have suffered the rest of their lives, because they wouldn’t know how to stop them. I just found that bunch of atrophy spells, so that  needs to detox the bane, which I’ve tapped for a tolerance to to remove it without starting the itching all over again, so it’s going to take a couple days. I should still see improvement though. *fingers crossed* And if there’s still something impairing stuff, I’ll keep looking. If there’s something there, be it spell, curse. actual damage to physical function by a spell, I’ll find it. I’m soo not going to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary.

Luckily, the boss, the OAS, understands and is giving me the time and help I need. 🙂

Free of curezone, and waiting a bit…

So, it nice, being free of curezone. So peaceful–hope they’re happy too, free to scam and thieve again without fear of a whistle blower calling them on it. It is surprising to me though, that the webmaster decided to go with the scammers, not even seeing his little ‘test’ looked exactly like one of the vignettes so of course I’d mention it, and  that thru the 7 months I was there at least 10 ‘regular’ posters now no longer post but a few times. They clearly are gone. The worst ones first, the ones ripping off little old ladies with their hyperinfections  money trolling scams and most vigorous denial of zappers and cramming ‘iodine therapy’ down everyone’s throat.

And everyone else who’s caused someone to die, keeping the truth about parasites and the zapper’s effectiveness against them suppressed. A LOT of the ‘regular- folks, 10 at least are gone—some sorta surprised me—but if they can be implicated in accessory to murder, off they went—to jail. Doesn’t the webmaster see that?? The arresting folk have pretended to log on as them occasionally so the other employees couldn’t pretend I’d driven the criminals off.

And that one gal  whoyouarenormally was one of the arresting folk, but she led the charge to get me ban. Still some issues with el-*th women, apparently. Huh—don’t know what her problem is other than some affiliation to that coven maybe. I’m suspecting she’s being examined for criminal activity now. The king was surprised I was banned.

Things are getting back to normal after that Bael thing, and teams are out clearing anti-human groups again. The  OAS is holding off on blasting things to see how getting rid of that horrible monster and freeing those humans spirits from his evil influence goes. It obviously was having an impact! So, thing’s are on stand-by for now.

4/23/16–Banned from CureZone.

Well, I wonder what pushed the web master over the edge this time—guess I wasn’t shadow of a doubting enough. Well enough. I was only there because the OAS wanted me there. If the webmasters no longer wants the OAS’s help, so be it. I’m hardily sick of those lying cheating stealing pharmacutical cartel employee slime that are infesting the place with corruption and making people suffer.

I guess liars going to lie, scammers going to scam, thieves are gonna thieve. He’s made his bed with the ‘devil’. Wonder how it’s gonna go for him and Curezone. I hope any real poster has the wisdom to see thru the farces, since I’ve tried very hard to point out the goals and intentions of the many vignettes.  I have to trust that enough was done. 🙂

Bael’s clean-up, and more on mine…

Ok, back to the cleanup. Ennos was happy to come over and help. Dragon life is pretty boring so any task is welcomed. I went along for some of it, but mostly the king and Ennos went searching.

They dung up 10 or 11 pieces from the fight area. The sentient pieces seemed to burrow down, if they weren’t gathered up immediately and put in a containment field. There was one big chunk, Bail’s left horn and eye. It was buried quite deep when Ennos found it. We may have missed it, without his help, and that would have been a bad piece to miss.

Then they went hunting over all the other El-*th worlds and found one piece on every world with two on the new El_*th homeworld. Several were out on mountains and in caves. One was actually under this lady’s house. They ended up having to lift the house retrieving the piece and resetting the house. It unfortunately had Ennos digging around the base and messed up her flower beds–she didn’t say anything of course–the king AND a dragon, but I could see she was upset. I suggested maybe a medal to signify her above and beyond help and help with restoring the flowerbeds?

They do love their medals–which she accepted but refused the flowerbed offer. She was very much a part of the local ‘hen’s clatch’, and A medal like that was a huge ego boost there. Total bragging rights. She seemed quite content by the time we left.

They found he’d put pieces on uninhabited worlds far out in the galaxy. Ennos went after them, and finally all the pieces were retrieved that Ennos could sense. The pieces were given to our OAS, who kept crushing them until they were dust. After he got them powder, he then sucked any life force out of the stuff and dispelled it permanently.

We tried to figure out where in heck this monster came from. As it seemed the evil was older than the last transition, before the new universe and Bael was made, it had to have been some resident force just sorta hanging around, latching on to Bael when it got the chance, Then Ennos , still scanning for pieces–noticed out and away from us, towards the right side of the universe (facing America) was a huge dormant mass of what felt to be the same darkness that filled Bael.

The OASs were appalled. Where in the heck did this huge spread out evil blob come from? They never even noticed it. It could swallow earth whole if it woke up. They guessed it was somehow created when they had pushed thru to create this universe.

They devised a plan to blow it out from the side of the universe into the nothingness in between universes–carefully so as not to wake it.

They carefully built a new wall this side of the sleeping monster making it space tight, and then ripped away the outside wall. It was pretty much a rapid decompression, and the blob was sucked away. It started moving, but seemed to be struggling, not even noticing us. The OAS sort of pushed it together, not touching it, and had what looked like an energy rail gun, which had a platform with netting. They herded the glob on to it and fired it away from this area where there are other universes. It was gone—fast. And the OAS hoped it would just keep going out and out into the nothingness where the lack of any life sustaining stuff would cause it to die.

They hope. But it was going very fast. So *fingers crossed* They did catch it unprepared. They’re pushing the universe wall back out again. I think it was far enough away, it won’t be noticed for a while.

So the clean-up is done. Bael’s completely gone and that blob is too. The witches coven is destroyed and I’m finally getting rid of all the gobs of spells/curses they sent my way every single day since I showed up 6 months ago. The OAS said he’d never seen that many spells against one person. He said I looked like a spell pin cushion! He’s seen 5 at most before.

So luckily running the frequencies of the spells neutralizes and cancels them, all at the same time. But there were gobs of regenerating spells that, even if you cleared them, they came back. I ended up needing the OAS’s help with those. He’d neutralize them, and the spells being held in place, I’d run the frequencies for. And there were gobs of latent ones.

The OAS ended up condensing time all over the areas around me, which caused them to become unlatent, then I’d run that frequency until all the piled up spells were destroyed. Man, some of them were piled up for years–if I hadn’t figured out how, I’d have had spells/curses whacking on me for 25 years for some of them.

And then, there were spells attached to the ceiling which would randomly fall off on me, I’d be clear of the water sucking spells, when all of a sudden, another one attached itself to my tongue. I had a feeling of spiders falling on me. Checked, sure enough the ceiling over where I sit and sleep and relax was covered with them. The OAS, with archangel Michael’s help covered the ceiling with a shrink wrap type energy, so the spells are trapped above it.

So finally, my unquenchable thirst’s gone, my bladder’s working right, the swelling in my feet is subsiding, the horrible itching is stopping, and my strength/energy is returning albeit slowly and my nerves are starting to regrow properly (found a talisman that was a little bush thing they’d clamped the left side leg and arm shape which was preventing the growing sap from getting in). They had an automatic frequency puller which kept pulling out those necessary frequencies. I covered the end of my ‘loom’ of frequencies with energy caps. That stopped it and I didn’t have to regrow them, they’d just been pulled out onto a wool thread card. And there was a latent pile of the cards, to keep pulling.

I just pulled the stolen frequencies back in my weave with protection. But recovering the loss of vitality (this is what frequencies the ‘new’ zapper’s designed to kill) is quite slow and tiring. If you don’t know EFT, I pity anyone who gets them killed. It was horrible. I felt like I had 5 pound bricks in my shoes, I was as weak as a new kitten, and I could hardly stay awake. I can’t imagine having to live the rest of my life that way.

So I’m so looking forward to getting back to ‘normal’, although, I’m sure most folks would say—uh, that’s hardly ‘normal’. I’m learning that actual physical strength was lost while I couldn’t use my muscles well. 😦 So have to work on getting them strong again. Luckily sweeties been so kind–putting up with my crankiness and ‘craziness’  (although he’s seen my improvement as I’ve been treating them as spells, not physical illness or whatever). I think he’s less skeptical now.

Not as hard as it could have been…

On we go.

So everybody set out doing the set up. This was last Sunday nite, the 10th of April ’16. There were some demon types hanging around who disappeared, presumably to warn Bael The four high lords got started on that energy net to lift the cavern with the king ready to start the lifting once the net was built, and after the lines were delineated, the OASs all started stomping the ground all around  the square. The weight was breaking a lot of holes in the tunnel filled area and they kept it up the whole time the king and high lords were lifting the section of ground up.The ground was quite broken up by the time the lifting was finished.

They got it up and swung over so it didn’t fall back into the hole. The OAS got ready to start whanging on Bael,when the king noticed that there were zombie-like walkers, not even armed, heading towards the OAS. He and the high lords were loathe to kill unarmed folk (obviously the plan was to just send the people forward and basically just overwhelm with numbers—it didn’t matter to Bael–he didn’t care how many died. Eventually so many bodies would pile up, it would bury the the armed El-*th.

Instead, the king just held them back so a large area around them and the OAS remained. They started teleporting the front line back to their beds and lives. I wonder if any one woke up the next morning, wondering how their feet got cut up and dirty, maybe frost-bite as well?

In the meantime, a very angry Bael started emerging from the now excavated cavern. He was not happy that this wasn’t going according to his carefully laid plans (his was the ‘bible’ version). He realized he was far more vulnerable on the surface. It was mostly nite now as the days are so short up north, and it appeared to be above the arctic circle. Down in the cavern, it was nice and warm. Demons hate cold. It makes them very sluggish. And he had to fight in the cold now.

Our OAS immediately started swinging a huge wreaking ball at Bael’s head again and again. It was hitting so hard it was making quite the deafening crack. He was the only being present that was a bit bigger than the monster. The other OAS started in with as big a wreaking ball as they could handle and over all, hunks of Bael were hitting the ground. All of a sudden, I saw a blue lazer beam slicing quite effectively into Bael’s leg.

A couple of the younger (born after Atlantis) El-*th had managed to find one of those industrial lazers. They had to be careful not to hit the OAS though, so after a few weakening slices, they started going after the demons digging their way out of the collapsed tunnels. Every now and again though, they’d get another good slice in on Bael. Apparently they were buddies enough with some country with jets because they called in air strikes with missiles that drilled into the monsters side and then exploded. Quite effective. I hoped the pilots had plenty of warning to not get too close. Bael would surely rake them out of the sky. Since only one did get swiped into the mountainside, I was relieved–obviously they’d been warned, and well hot shot pilots are gonna hot shot.

Bael was shooting energy beam and bolts, trying to hit the OASs or the king and four high lords, but they were shielding themselves, but not wasting energy sending any back. The OAS got Bael broken enough he couldn’t stand and they switched to giant sledge hammers, one blow after another.

Pretty soon, they had him in pieces, at which point, they started focusing on the areas that were holding the life force, breaking that as small as they could. Those pieces were the dangerous part that if left unattended and not destroyed could actually allow Bael to regrow himself, since demon world entities aren’t limited to keeping their sentience all in the head areas like mammals, so slicing off his head wouldn’t be helpful. Just making the sentient pieces as small as possible. He never stood a chance without his dark cavern or with his demons, trapped.

I discovered that dragons apparently have a strong ability to sense evil. They aren’t evil though–the El-*th/dragon war really was ego based, no evil involved–I can see Bael’s interfering hand even then. So, with my dragon rider spirit, I had some measure of it, so I was able to guide them to a lot of the still active parts of bael lying around. I told the king that it might be better if we could get a real dragon here; their senses were far more powerful than my muted abilities. And we did not want to miss even a tiny piece of this monster!

Well enough for today. Mostly clean up left—but Bael is gone. So the pervasive sense of darkness and despair should start breaking up—it was him holding it in place as his proof he was so powerful. We all had to bow to the darkness.

And that coven of El-*th witches are gone too (they of course served him and I think it very lucky we got rid of them before this confrontation with Bael went down, I’m sure he intended they’d be attacking us at the same time.

Getting ready…

So we got our heads huddled, the OAS, (actually the El-*th and the grey’s OAS too), me, the king, the four high lords, and started trying to figure this out. First what/who was this beast?? I could see from his skin being all flat black looking and very rough, he was a demon universe entity who was incredibly old; they, like dragons get bigger with age.

I’ve been thinking about how in heck you kill the entities from that universe for a while now. They’re silica based, not carbon, so essentially, they’re stone. So first off, energy bolts or bullets or swords had little effect. It chipped them or melted little spots on their surface—no big deal and a waste of time and precious energy.

So I explained that to the group. I told them, in my thinking, it was like figuring out how you’d destroy a stone statue or building—something like a wreaking ball, sledge hammers, air dropped explosive bombs, big rocks dropped on them, jack hammers, anything that would crack or shatter them. And maybe one of those industrial lazers that could cut stone. And just keep pounding.

This monster was, we figured out trying to be an OAS without becoming one. Just by controlling forces of el-*th, humans and demon world entities. Most of which didn’t even realize they were serving him. His name was Bael.

Must be a common name over there, because that was the name of that demon spirit I had helping me. He knew I was destined to deal with the El-*th, who wouldn’t really deal with those types of entities because they were very aggressive about people on their land and attacked the traveling caravans of El-*th regularly. So he said he’d helped watch out for me so that I could ask the El-*th to stop the hybrids from shooting highly damaging powerful nuclear weapons thru the portal and destroying the access to this world and making a large section of the demon side unusable. It was near where his people lived and he believed that destruction would annihilate them. I did ask, of course, and the El-*th were able to stop that. The hybrids were trying to get rid of witnesses.

Anyway, this Bael was actually behind the hybrids too, although I’m not sure they ever realized it. He literally was Satan. The most evil force in existence. I’ve been wrong—there was a satan being pushing all these dark evil agendas. The hybrids were his pawns. Wow—I never even saw a glimpse of him and of course the coven was devoted to his service (luckily it was already disbanded). The breath of his power and influence was staggering. The OAS has 7 billion but this character had close to 6 billion with all the different species. This battle was going to be basically Armageddon—he’d been preparing for a very long time.

But we wanted to make sure it didn’t go like he wanted. I could tell he had all of his demon world help in the tunnel and warrens behind him. His plan was to lure us into the tunnels where he and his minions had lots of traps set up. I just knew we couldn’t face him in there. Somebody, think it was one of the high lords, suggested we get energy netting down below and around his location, underneath him, and pull his whole cavern out of the ground (yeah, they can do things like that). The OAS saw that would just open up those tunnels and all those angry demons would come boiling out. He decided before we lifted that cavern, maybe he should go stomp around on top of the tunnels really hard, collapsing them. Demons wouldn’t be killed, just trapped for a while. We didn’t see any humans or el-*th down there, so it seemed a good start to keeping the demons from being a problem.

The plan then was drawing that monster out into the open and start bombarding him.

And what did we find—OMG…

So, on we go.

The women the OAS pulled out and hung in a security cell in the town square, with their memories and list of crimes from the last 1000 years posted on each, were put there for the king to decide their fate. There were about 25 there by the end of the nite.

The king was expecting this after the OAS told him what he’d found. So he, plus the four high lords, went down the row, reviewing the memories and observed crimes of the women, deciding their fate. Of that 25, the group in judgment couldn’t find one single woman who wasn’t so thoroughly corrupted that a life reset would help, even Zen’s mother. They rarely ever resort to reading memories, so she’d slipped thru that first time.

They were all sentenced to death, permanent death. Which, their bodies were killed and their heads destroyed and the spirit was sucked out into a soul container. The king asked the OAS to take them out somewhere beyond the galaxy and destroy the spirits so there’d be no way they’d ever make it back to earth. The king really wanted far more punishment for them, but he realized it’d just give them the chance to escape and be more problem. See, somebody learned something from all those TV shows where the good guys go soft and don’t get rid of their enemies, with lasting bad results. *Lol*

So, whew I thought, finally I could get back to normal and get rid of all these attacks spell/curses. But nope, they started up the thirst/dehumidifying spells started as soon as I lay down. I couldn’t believe it—the women doing the attacking knew the consequences for this behavior and so the OAS found 5 women this time and hung them up for judgment; crimes and memories posted with them—again all very corrupt.

Well, that ought to do it! I thought. But the next nite another group attacked me, with the same results. And finally after about 4 nites of this, the OAS was getting quite annoyed so when he noticed one of the women had an energy trail which he traced it to it’s source. It led downwards deeper and north. Hum, both of us were thinking they had another talisman buried down there somewhere, maybe. After a bit, we popped out on this rough stone balcony thing.

And down in the vast cavern below there was this huge black beast thing, complete with black horns red eyes and a gaping hole where the mouth should be. It was extremely powerful and as soon as it saw us, it roared up to attack us. We, being of good sense popped ourselves right back out of there. We turned and looked at each other. What the hell was that???

We went back to the surface and sought out the king. We told him what we’d found. I suggested we keep very quiet about this and be very careful about who was around in any planning sessions because clearly this was a huge threat that needed dealing with. And after the witch thing, we might not know who was working for that monster.

So more tomorrow. Sheesh, that was one really terrifying being.