Start here, please. The hybrids…

The group that was in control, the ‘elites’ were actually a mix of humans and aliens. But the aliens are actually a mix of two different alien species, so they have a lot of the underlying confusion and insecurities of any being with a mixed heritage. Their fathers basically conquered their mother’s world and did the whole rape and pillage thing. Abnormally so, these two species actually proved cross fertile, although the off spring were sterile, much like mules.

The greedy murderous destructive behaviors you find from the ‘elites’ who’ll I’ll refer to as hybrids is them sorting that confusion by identifying themselves more with their father’s race, than their mothers, who didn’t survive their birth, so add some guilt to that list as well. So they emulate their father’s way of doing things even though one of the species that race conquered hated them so much they actually created a virus secretly. The conquered race coordinated it’s release on all the worlds where their father’s race lived and in less than a week, every single purebred was dead.

The conquered race was that desperate to be free of these tyrants. So now all that’s left of the ‘master race’ (self-titled obviously) are these hybrids, who got sick but didn’t die. There are a couple other sets, from other worlds and species, I think, but I don’t really have any information on them.

Their father race although very technically advanced, in some areas, quite a bit more than us) wasn’t very powerful in energy working terms though, and their mother race only a bit more so, so on the galactic scale of importance, they are pretty low on that scale, another thorn in their psyche—a version of the ‘short man’ complex really. They were sentient enough to be able to keep their bodies regenerated, virtually immortal though, and thus it has been the very same hybrids abusing us humans since the beginning—which is why they can indeed have century-spanning plans that most humans don’t believe possible.

And what the hybrids have managed to make us forget so we could more easily be sucked into the self-serving and other destructive anti-human ways that value money and power over valuing ourselves and others, is that just after you die—-no, it’s not Satan, with his pitchfork, St Peter with your harp, or Thor with your beer and hammer—will be all the spirits of those folks who you’ve deliberately hurt waiting to wrap around your now naked spirit and share all the pain you caused them with you, and they won’t stop until they know you know exactly how what you did to them felt. God forbid you murdered or tortured folks cuz that will be quite a bad time, eh? That’s why ‘hell’ was such an easy sell. You’ll wish it was hell—it might not hurt as much or last as long—and it will go on as long as there are spirits with pain to share. Which (my early lives here were as a mercenary, so I had a couple trips through that myself!) can seem like an eternity.