Mixed El-*th/human children and excellent health…

I’ve had some more thoughts on ‘good health’ and why some people seem to have it in spades.

I’m learning those folks actually have an actual El-*th ancestor somewhere in the family tree. After getting to know the regular El-*th better, I’m learning it’s far more common that they reconnect with their now human ex-spouse in various lives along the way, and have children than I realized.

While the high El-*th refrain from it, settling for nearby spiritual proximity, the regular El-*th are more prone to living with theirs, pretending to be human for a life occasionally to be with their beloved.

When the high El-*th do it and have kids, you get people like Hercules, very obviously more powerful than a typical human, meta skills all over the place, from their El-*th parent, who’s comm lines aren’t shut off, so a varitey of meta skills are usable.

But when a regular El-*th has kids with a human, it’s less obvious, the biggest indicator is that it has partly turned on regeneration program, aka the ability self heal and live a very long healthy life. I think that skill is hampered even in the original child though (so no immortals, probably), since it is fairly complex and not all of the needed meta components are active in the child.

Too, they’re telling me that in order to protect the child from ‘elite’ persecution, they teach the child to hide their abilities, and not draw attention to themselves. But the regeneration program runs pretty much autonomously, so invariably they’re quite healthy. Which in turn gets passed to their kids in a diluted form since it’s more human DNA now versus El-*th.

But that health thing seems to persist pretty well. Of course the regular El-*th still are having those relationships so more kids are being born, usually to the same bloodline since many reincarnate into the same family line, although not always.

Obviously there isn’t one in my family tree.:(


Atlantis and the pyrmids…

Atlantis was very real, and located on what is now the bottom of the Mediterranean sea. It was a deep valley originally that the El-*th dug deeper for a place to secure the energy links of the energy pathways. Because the various aliens used those to get around far more quickly than space vessels,  Atlantis soon grew to be quite the bustling metropolis, as it became a support to all those passing thru. The folks waiting for a group to accumulate large enough to warrant the El-*th protection to the next galaxy were very needful of temporary housing and food. Sometimes supplies, like the old west and those going out to homestead.

Most of it was built with raw energy, not solid materials, which is mostly why they can’t find Atlantis, because once the energy stopped supporting them, they vanished. It was all pretty much built that way. I got to see it, as a dragon rider since the greys were based here. It was dazzling. They had a lot of buildings like Russia’s spires, but they were made of translucent energy in shades of various colors, like blown glass.

The pyramids were built by the El-*th as secure bases to hold down and power the connective energy lines they used for transporting themselves and their stuff on world. It was easier than using their own energy. They were much like what held the energy links for the off world transportation lines but when they broke loose in Atlantis, those were completely destroyed.

After Atlantis, those transport functions in the pyramids became non functional and the locals took them over for their various sacred ceremonies, believing them to be places of great power. I think they did have extra power aka energy and probably still do, since no one ever shut them off, if the backlash from Atlantis’s destruction didn’t destroy the powering mechanism.

So my brief take on the pyramids.


The El-*th and pyramids…

And then there are our guardian ‘angels’, The El-*th. Really, they’re the most advanced species around and totally on our side. I kinda think maybe they are thinking of us as possible cousins, their overarching sentience is of course like sister to ours.

They’re quite an old species, although I’m sure the dragons are older. They were around for the last trip this world had through the energy strip, so at least 220 million or so years. But they had to have time to get ready for the trip thru the strip to begin with, so it had to be a number of years before that even—at least 400,000 years or so.

The High El-*th are very regal and elegant with integrity out the ears. In human bodies, they’re usually pretty obvious. I think that Tom Selleck is one great example. Even at his goofiest, he always had a elegant and regal demeanor. Clint Eastwood was one too, I think. He also has that bone deep respectability that even held in his kinda bad guy roles. Julia Roberts seem like high El-*th also, since she always has a certain undeniable dignity about her.

The High El-*th usually are practical, and doting but firm parents. Other than some diva behavior at times, they usually are pretty firmly grounded, and don’t usually fall into drug problems or other self destructive stuff much.

I suspect John Travola is ex-El-*th as well, he has that ability to carry himself with dignity while playing most any part, but that ‘Scientology’ is hurting his spirit—I see the pain in his eyes. It seems deeper than his life going sideways would account for. They also tend to be tall, probably a spirit preference left from their El-*th days. The high El-*th are, as a sub group, tall and willowy.

Tom Cruise is a ex-regular El-*th, I think. He has that solidness (couch-jumping aside) that feels very grounded and his dignity level is always good, but his being so short, an ex-high El-*th wouldn’t have chosen that. They do have their vanities. The regular El-*th are more salt of the earth and basic in their approach to life. They’re used to being in the high El-*th’s shadow, and are far more willing take on the more mundane type jobs and get their hands dirty so to speak.

They too are excellent doting parents. Kathrine Hepburn is a the female version, I think. She always was very solid and strong, but she really didn’t push for that glam look like a ex-high El-*th woman might. Audrey Hepburn though, seems like an ex-high El-*th; very beautiful, graceful, elegent and obviously wanting to maximize her beauty. And I think height isn’t as important to the women, but the two body types fit very well with how each type of El-*th tends to look as a human.

Both types are likely to be very responsible and are good leaders within their own groups, with High El-*th of course more likely to end up in the spotlight. And they usually are pro-sentience life, so are kind to all creatures, but not to the point of tree hugging usually. They want to do the right and honest thing. I think one would rarely find them with the criminal element (other than trying to ‘save’ them). Of course there are always exceptions, but I’d guess not many.

They are, as both humans and El-*th, entirely admirable. In Atlantis, we adored them, and worked for them at any given chance. They in turn, always treated us kindly and with fairness and respect.

Anyway, the El-*th do have a very minimal government, which mostly exists for dispute resolution and if some sort of conflict arises that needs a martial solution. It’s a king and queen, with four high lords who divided the various worlds equally among themselves (although they’re the high lords of the various directions, it wasn’t actually divided that way).

Then each world would have a council and a chosen person, kinda like a speaker of the house, but no separate groups like house and senate, unless there was a need to have both sides examined and debated. It was very libertarian and could take years. They do love to orate. Hold on to your chair legs if one gets going. *lol* If fact, I see Ron Paul (as an El-*th) was the one who usually was ‘elected’ for that position in earth’s council. So he comes by his libertarian views honestly!

No taxes or interference with the local folks business then only if things got violent or there was a disagreement about something like boundaries or ownership or whatever that the locals in their version of the council couldn’t figure out. They’d take it to the El-*th council, and if they couldn’t figure it out, they’d take it to the high lord.

Our high lord (High Lord Uthuron of the North is his name and title) was on world when Atlantis went down but was out of the Atlantis area at the time, so he survived but was stuck here too. After a bit the stuck El-*th got irritable with each other and he took some of the folk north and ended up in our mythology as Thor.

Our world was quite popular with them, as it was what many of the younger felt was home, although they did move the official home world to one of the other worlds they’ve domesticated, since one trip through that strip was enough for them. So there were quite a few El-*th here and lost their El-*th lives in Atlantis.

The Queen was actually here too, but not the king. Luckily (or unluckily considering your perspective) after the tragedy, as often happens, the humans went on a reproductive rampage, and most all of the El-*th spirits were saved albeit now human. As I noted the greys did a lot to try and save those spirits too, but there were way many more than they had spirit holders for, and so they got sucked into human bodies instead.

Anyway in the dispute resolution process, if it was something that had significant ramification and was complicated or unclear enough, the high lord didn’t think he should make the decision on it, he’d take it to the king.

The king would examine all the facts, including reading the minds of those involved. And after deliberation, make a final ruling. It was nonnegotiable. What the king decided was it. Anyone daring to disregard it would have to face punishments up to and including death.

Things rarely got that far though, and the king was rarely called upon for those problems. All and all it was very low key and un-involved in it’s citizens lives.

The El-*th didn’t realize we’d been shut off from our meta-abilities and felt bad for us that we were so seemingly powerless, but they loved our capacity to create beauty, and often favored us over many of their other more energy capable attendant species because of that. The other species weren’t too happy about that, but didn’t dare say anything.