The Fairies, really don’t annoy them…

The fairies, didn’t like that the El-*th seemed to favor some of us over them, but since the El-*th were watching, it couldn’t be obvious. So it was more passive-aggressive stuff like trip and spill our food on us or ‘accidentally’ get holes in our laundry—you know how that goes. Many of them felt like ‘dad’ was favoring the retarded son over them, and felt they deserved to be the favored species, not us.

The ‘fairies’ were one of them, although not the worst. But that saying about don’t piss off the fairies is so true. They aren’t very nice to begin since their origins are as a stinging insect, kinda like a wasp. They got the greys to genetically modify them to look more humanoid to emulate the El-*th, but spiritually they were still much more a wasp. So, they often acted more like a stinging insect than anything else.

The El-*th put up with their attitude because they really can do that whole ‘sprinkle fairy dust’ thing and the El-*th loved how beautiful it made even ordinary things. But that we created beautiful things was much more impressive to the El-*th and they kinda pushed the fairies aside to make room for some of us.

So the fairies couldn’t out right hurt us, but they often schemed of ways to get us into trouble. Sometimes it succeeded, but the El-*th often saw thru it. And the fairies got banished for a while, which made them hate us even more.

Finally they stopped with the schemes but took advantage of every slight to act out against us, and the El-*th wouldn’t intervene unless they went overboard, thinking we were going to need to learn negotiating skills and this provided those chances. The fairies are still prone to that, so really, don’t piss off the fairies! 🙂

There aren’t many actual fairies here any more though (well, maybe now there are, because of all the El-*th returning) but they tend to stay in the northern European area, where the El-*th mostly were.

They are also pretty easy to spot in human bodies. They love beauty as much as the El-*th, and you’ll find them often at street and psychic fairs with well decorated and tasteful displays. They often like to dress like Stevie Nicks in the swirly flowered type billowing skirts and flowing flowery shirts. And like the insect world, the ex-fairies do tend to be female.

One thing every single one that I’ve talked to thus far has said is that they feel like they weight too much–and usually are these wispy gals who look too close to anorexia as it is. But they were just small flying insects before, and human-sized insects don’t fly well, eh?