The ‘Pleadians’ and the Dragons…

The tall skinny blue people who have plenty who’ve died here , so I do know much more about them. They came to earth solely for the purpose of destroying the hybrids, The feud between those two species is so long-lasting, even they don’t really remember what started it—the most I can find was that somehow or another, the hybrids actually managed to scam the blues, who are themselves quite the scammers (think Arab horse traders).

They’ll honor a contract, yes, but make sure you go over it with a fine toothed comb at least 3 times, and then try and figure out what might be missing. They’re smarter than the hybrids and that’s why it made them so mad that the hybrids got one over on them. They tend to reincarnate in the middle east, as Arabs—which is why there will always be conflict there, no matter what anyone does to try and help. It won’t be resolved until that spirit level feud is dealt with.

Their home world is very much like the arid desert of the Middle East, and their code of no mercy for the weak (and women are often considered weak) came from that. A strong merciless male survived there, but kinder more gentle men didn’t so that weeded out any of the softer kinder people in general. Their culture is who the hybrids adapted Islam for, since of course they wanted to lord over their now forgetful enemies.

But the blues turned it around for their now human people and made it into a sword to use against the hybrids instead—that’s the main driving force of why the Ottoman turks just about took over Europe. The merciless brutality suits the ex-species members to a tee. It’s very much in line with their old world’s way of doing things, even for the women of the species. Under a strong male, their kids survived, under a softer one, not so much.

So, that species survival mechanism keeps those women staying when other spirit origins would have killed the men in their sleep. Needless to say, they’re still a pretty young species too, and have miles to go before they grow up enough to be a civilized part of the galactic community. Not quite as far as the Dragons, but still pretty far.

And they being the enemies of our enemy (hybrids) do NOT make them our friends. They’d enslave us in a heart beat, and sell us for slaves off world or use us to feed their pets or whatever. The hybrids are only a bit meaner than this bunch—but lucky for us the hybrids are not nearly as smart. I think right now, the blues are pretending to be here helping us as the Pleiadians.

They so aren’t. I think they’re trying to gather as many as possible as slaves and maybe even make us create things for them, like weapons cuz we are far more creative, a fact ignored (mostly) by the hybrids. They are not kindly slave masters as I’m sure you can see. It’d be worse than being killed, I think.


Of course the dragons, although they’ve played little part in the drama here on earth. They are glorious, beautiful and utterly terrifying as only a true apex predator can be (think tiger/lion). And they are pure reptile through and through. Think sentient flying T-rexes that could spew fire and move mountains with their ability to work with energy.

And about as developed as a reptile ever gets naturally, is my impression. The overarching sentiences have tried a lot of different kind of species, in their quest to make a suitable species who could make enlightenment. The dragons are some of the oldest attempts though, and after them, it was a mutual consensus that mammals had more chance of success. The reptile brain isn’t as refined in it’s energy working abilities, a needed part for making full enlightenment, but it’s incredibly powerful; think heavy earth moving equipment compared to Lamborghini. What actually happened was a species so powerful nobody dared mess with them, so they grew emotionally to the level of high school bullies and stayed there.

The El-*th were the only species even close to powerful enough to try to make them ‘grow up’. And even then it took 4 or 5 El-*th to 1 dragon. Luckily the dragons aren’t able to really work in groups like the El-*th, otherwise, the war would have been over a lot sooner. Unfortunately, the El-*th didn’t take the best approach, and it ended up nearly demolished both sides.

Finally, after it was basically only the youngest who didn’t fight were left, the two set of youngsters managed to make a truce that neither species could go to the other species world. If they did, they could be killed with no revenge being taken by the other species (that was the main reason it escalated out of control before). After that, both sides retired to lick their wounds and recover.

My dragon, Pythos, was actually the one to broker the truce for the dragons, so the El-*th allowed him to come to earth (with warning of course) to get jobs from the greys and when we got stuck here, the El-*th were willing to let he with my pod of dragons stay to try and get us dragon riders back. Other than that, dragons don’t come here, and we actually should be glad.

They would have been a total menace.