3. The last mod, and needed info…

And one last modification of significance. Our alien creators put those newly reincarnated folks back to work as soon as they could, training them as they went. Unfortunately the newly human folk, deprived of their heritage and history were left with this huge well of unanswered questions, and they were constantly trying to figure things out. They were uncontrollably curious about everything and often got into the jobs they shouldn’t, messing with and often destroying everything as their curiosity got the better of them.

Not deliberately malicious, just unbearably curious. It ended up setting the jobs back even further or trashing them entirely and causing even more loss of face. The leadership, although quite angry, did at least realize they’d probably set up the little folk to be this way when they shut down their access to remembering past lives, but they needed their workers to work, and that had been the only thing they could think of to stop the overwhelming grief.

So they came up with yet another ‘fix’; this time they decided to stop them from being able to access their abilities to work with raw energy aka ‘psychic’ abilities. Every alien species has them—it’s as natural as breathing, and a strong measure of value, but it was those abilities that were causing the most problems because much of what this species was good at was done with raw energy on a molecular level, i.e. create a deadly virus to kill an entire species, for example.

While shutting down these abilities meant the humans could only do ‘grunt’ type labor, the aliens figured there was plenty of that, and they could still get by OK without the humans being able to use them. So, since this was only supposed to be temporary, they shut off the inter-body communication lines so the humans could no longer communicate with and thereby use their ‘psychic’ type skills to muck around in the projects that were the alien’s bread and butter.

So those are the most significant points, but the next part is very critical too. While the aliens were wrestling over what they could do about this, they called the hybrids and their people (their purebred mother folk) here to basically babysit us, since they had no idea how to manage us, plus I think, in energy working abilities, we humans were actually stronger at than our creators. They thought maybe violence was unfortunately going to be needed to get us under control and so brought the hybrids here in case , cuz they knew the hybrids had no problem being violent.

While our creators do hate violence a lot, they aren’t above getting someone else to do it for them—as long as they weren’t directly involved. I know about that part from my own experience in past spirit lives. and this species would have us dragons and riders get things for them that the various locals weren’t willing to part with voluntarily. They’d send in the hybrids first to try to trick the locals out of whatever, but if that failed, they sent us in and well, even our just showing up usually did the trick.

The locals would trip over their own feet in their haste to get us what was wanted. I mean a 7 foot+ velociraptor-type being with a 600 foot dragon behind them—–what idiot in their right mind would say ‘no’?? But the potential for violence seemed greater to humanity’s creators using us and the dragons, and so usually tried the hybrids first. I personally found the hybrids methods of trickery and deceit disgusting, even then.

Anyway, by the time the hybrids got here, our creators had already shut off those comm lines. So the hybrids never saw us able to use our psychic abilities, and the aliens didn’t tell them, since the most powerful aliens, the El-*th, who’s planet this was, wouldn’t have approved, as they wouldn’t have approved of most of those other modifications either (think prime directive), so the aliens were keeping all that information on the low-down. Hence the hybrids felt they’d finally found the ideal slave race, cuz we were even weaker than them.

I can tell Roddenberry was also in touch with my source, since his aliens are almost identical to the ones I’ve learned about. He called the most powerful race the Vulcans (their real name was the El-*th of which we can’t say the * sound—-it’s sort of like dry rustling leaves, but of which the last 300,000 years the hybrids have been making a mockery of), although he didn’t dare show that they worked with raw energy at the level of being able to levitate, fly and shoot lighting bolts from their hands like the wizards of old (which was them actually) but I think he liked Nimoy’s Vulcan ‘death’ grip—a very mysterious plot device that was easily indicative of an ability to use raw energy, without being obvious.

The hybrids and their people were the ferangi with their only desire money and power. He even had the tall blue skinny people (who tend to reincarnate as Arabs) who are age old enemies of the hybrids and their people (of which Roddenberry was one, based on his jewish ethnicity) which is why I think he portrays them as short little tech geeks—a total insult to them. He even had the dracs as the Cardassians.

I suspect he didn’t really understand the nonviolent and xenophobic nature of our creators though, because I think he portrayed them as the ‘determined to enslave humanity’ borg, who have that hive mind, which our creator race have as well. But considering that the hybrids did finally figure out this species were the creators of their father race’s demise, they wanted to make us feel afraid of them and make us hate them which no doubt was the version Roddenberry went with, based on his own background.

Meanwhile back in Atlantis, the hybrids were up to their usual conniving, cheating, thieving ways while they ‘managed’ us. The El-*th were incredibly wealthy and the hybrids were stealing as much of it as they could. But they were also running some kind of scam, I’m not sure what, that was requiring a lot of energy. Atlantis was built by the El-*th with their own energy but they maintained it by using crystals to generate the maintaining energy somehow. So that the El-*th wouldn’t notice the loss of energy, they made the humans work the crystals continuously, instead of letting them rest, and rotating thru them, so no one crystal was ever constantly being used.

Like I said, these idiots aren’t very smart, and may not have realized there was an important reason they let the crystals rest. That much use was over-stressing the crystals severely which were starting to show many signs of wear. The little grey crystal keepers kept trying to warn the El-*th, but the hybrids kept distracting and secluding them, so they couldn’t and the hybrids could keep stealing power.

Everything, especially the links were powered by those crystals, and one day the crystals, one by one in rapid sequence, cracked irreparably and failed. Suddenly the links weren’t attached to the core of the earth any more—plus there were on-world links that made intercontinental travel possible in an instant—which were also attached by those crystals. Now imagine at least 5 winch cables snapping under load, but being the size of a subway tube. They shredded Atlantis, but worse yet, the link to the other side of the lake tore out and snapped back on itself—right thru the retaining wall where the straight of Gibraltar is today.

The force of that kick back (with the link attached to the core of the earth at the other end), basically ripped the single continent apart, creating the Atlantic ocean almost overnight. And the deep valley filled almost immediately—a wall of water 60+ feet high roared down the valley and swallowed what was left of Atlantis and everything there whole.

Anyone down in the valley died, El-*th, human, hybrid, Jue-sah, and any of the folk on their way to somewhere else. The hybrids didn’t like the heavy air at the bottom of the valley (they said anyway), and had their residences higher up the valley wall and consequently most of them survived. But it’s the worst catastrophe this world has ever seen. The magnitude of destruction was staggering. The rending of the crust that created the Atlantic very nearly tore the earth in half.

The survivors higher on the wall, or away from the city for the day, were almost too stunned to try and recover. Plus violent aftershocks kept wrecking havoc on any of their efforts to re-establish any kind of encampment. The greys worked out of Asia mostly, and while they certianly felt it, they didn’t lose too many folks, and immediately sent help via their few ships.

They sent the essentials but also sent as many spirit containers as possible, hoping to catch the people’s spirit before they got sucked into human bodies, and with the glut of spirits and many humans killed, they did save quite a few. But with the energy links now gone and the only means of getting around being across the huge distances, getting them back somewhere they could be returned to their original type bodies would take far too long, even with the containers. The greys did their best to clone bodies but they didn’t have most of the species DNA on file. So they ended up adapting human bodies for the different species, adding some more human variety.

So of course the hybrids blamed the crystals’ failure on us humans. And insinuated themselves right in with the grays to help with the recovery. Somewhere in all of this, they talked the El-*th into withdrawing from humanity up to Mount Olympus, I’m guessing under the guise of protecting humans from the El-*th’s wrath at the destruction of Atlantis.

Hence the El-th became the anti-social gods of Olympus and Thor and his crowd in the far north. So now, since most of the humans who knew about aliens were dead and the El-*th safely out of the way, the hybrids were free to start enforcing their new version of ‘reality’ on the humans left. It did allow the hybrids to get a hold of humanity more tightly and run their never ending scams on us without the El-*ths interference.

Actually, after thinking about this more, I’m coming to realize the hybrids did the crystal breaking on purpose. That’s why there’s no information on what they were using the energy for. My source sometimes leaves me to draw my own conclusions from the evidence. While I’m pretty sure they never expected it to be so devastating, they were just so quick to jump in to help (and not nearly as devastated as the rest)—kinda like on the crime shows, where the murderer would get himself involved in the investigation. They truly are scum of the lowest order.


2. More modifications…

Most species are far smaller than us because of the human body’s ability to abduct any spirit, aliens as well, which has made us a very large species. The true population control is getting that abduction amping turned off. Which is the real reason NASA hasn’t got us off this planet. The rest of the alien community don’t want us anywhere near them, until we get what they consider to be a very nasty habit of stealing their spirits, shut off. So they’ve encouraged the hybrids to limit that program.

Anyway after the aliens successfully got some of their folk back in to a body that could get put back to work, they found the little now humans were soo sad because they weren’t able to access the ‘bliss’ state which passes for sleep for that species.

It was total incapacitating grief/depression and it caused the newly reincarnated folks to just sit around and cry, and still not work. The leaders were getting very frustrated–if they had hair, they’d be pulling it out—but finally figured out to shut down our ability to remember past lives, since if the folks couldn’t remember the bliss state, they wouldn’t miss it, even though they’d have to keep retraining them–a cost they thought worth it.

So we lost our easy access to that very important part of ourselves. And the aliens finally gained the work force they wanted. Although the newly reincarnated folk could feel something was missing–something important–they didn’t know what, so much like us to this day, they just pushed it aside and went back to work.

The next issue they ran into was the aliens reincarnating into the human bodies too. They had different ideas and thoughts and started influencing their own little folk to be more independent and less obedient aka not wanting to work, just because a leader told them too. This whole process had almost a Cat in the Hat quality to it–fixing one thing kept messing up something else.

Since this species is really xenophobic, just the presence of others aliens around them, was enough to make them anxious. They hated that the other now human aliens were ‘polluting’ their little folk with these ideas. Since much of the information was shared telepathically, which is a much richer, far more immersive method of communication than just the spoken word, the leaders thought a way to stop that influence was to shut down our access to those natural telepathic abilities. And then kick the other alien types out of the compound. Problem solved.

But now they couldn’t easily tell who was one of theirs and who wasn’t. With telepathy, it had been easy–their little folk were very limited–other aliens much louder, bigger, so they devised a behavior test. They turned them loose in the compound and told them to have fun, but not to eat that fruit over there.

One of theirs would never eat the fruit. Any other species always did, so if anyone ate one of those fruit, out of the compound they went, where they couldn’t influence the little folk. The aliens thought those other aliens would just wander around until they died, because if any of them were put out like that, they would. I’m not sure how they missed the fact that their amping of our will to live would cause those expelled aliens to find ways to survive, but that’s a kind of typical example of how short sighted these aliens can be.