The overarching sentience decides…

020416—Hum, I’m being told the the loquat hacker guy is still blaming me for his misfortunes.

And really what woman would put up with all that manipulative crap all the time. Although it appears he did have a trophy wife for a short bit that pretty well fleeced him on the way out. And his grandma died in ’06. His mom, in not so good health is alive. Celeste says mom won’t be involved in future consequences because she is pretty fragile, nor his cat. She’ll not bother her computer either.

Anyway he seems to think the over arching sentience is some sort of pet monkey on a leash I control. Wow. As if. Sometimes she tells me what’s she’s going to do, if she wants me to warn some one, but she does what she wants. I can sway her sometimes, like in asking her to avoid another Sodom and Gomorrah, because it could completely backfire.

And she sometimes asks my opinion about which method I think might be more effective, calling on my education since no other species has ever gotten so much psychology stuff figured out, not even them, and I’ll explore it with her, from a psychological perspective, and then she goes off and decides. But that’s it.

It is my pleasure to serve at her behest. I’m not a captive or slave to her, but a willing partner, as much as a human can be a partner to one of the most powerful beings in the universe. I’d sure hate to get on the wrong side of that. ūüė¶