Next week’s topic…

Looks like I’m getting the weekend off. ūüôā But I’ve been having some serious and really weird ‘taking a severe left turn out into left field’ conversations with Celeste these last 4 or 5 days–like totally head tripping me (ok, I went thru the 60s/70s, groovy, man)—-about human sexuality.

It really rattled me. Considering ‘god’ (from my experience with religions of any sort) has no interest about sex, and considers it pure unadulterated evil devil owned urges and total ‘sin’ barely made legal by marriage. The ultimate human urge which they’ve used to shame, guilt trip and control us with, with even greater success than religion, I’ve realized.

While I absolutely knew that version of sex was false in my head, it clearly was something still believed by my gut/ unconscious mind. Soooooo, talking to ‘god’ about sex. Yeah. I feared that I had finally slipped the rails and headed out to delusion land (considering what the cult did to ‘teach’ me about that).

Other than that though every thing else seemed the same, and as the conversations progressed, like always, the point of it all was revealed as something humanity really needed to know.

So, I’m going putting aside my reluctance (talking about sex has been not the easiest thing for me) and obey her desire to inform and free humanity from the chains of lies and horrid deceptions the hybrids locked us up in, which they used to destroy one of her greatest gifts to us.

Oh but it’s not going to be at the actual physically descriptive level –no bodice ripping—(good way to get banned), only a clinical evaluation type thing–sorry.