More progress on the banning and more energy attacks…

020216 —I guess I’ll start dating these. That 65 days ago or what ever ago is pretty awkward.

Well, banned in all Debate Forums now, creeping, creeping… I’m still getting that this thread is still one of the more popular (I know even with the fudged numbers, my blog was) on curezone, and it’s been part of the reason for my not being banned previously, that I’ve gotten support I don’t know about because folks want me here. If so, thank you all. ūüôā And it’s why he’s doing it slowly.

And more on the energy attacks stuff. There was a underlying latent attack energy Zen sent as well. It was triggered by the word ‘wizard’ and that El-*th gal posting as david1o1 the next day or so was trying to get me to type it.

That’s what that whole bizarre thing about zooming around with energy coming out ‘his’ hands and feet was about. And finally I did type wizard late afternoon I think, and by bedtime that nite, all the symptoms were flared back up. I was starting to recognize them this time as attacks, not detoxing.

I’d noticed things going downhill throughout the afternoon but was thinking, no, it can’t be! I got rid of that energy already, and my shield should be blocking anything else.. But by nite, it was clear somehow it had started attacking me again.

So I did some muscle testing to figure out how. And stopped it. The next day I was telling my sweetie about it and how the word ‘wizard’ triggered it and it started attacking again, starting my throat hurting and everything to itching and bothering my lungs. I was like, what in heck??

By early evening this time I accepted what it was (in spite of my belief I’d gotten rid of it), and started figuring out why—it was the same latent energy again! I’d only stopped it, so when I said wizard again, it started back up. I hadn’t actually removed it. Blah. So this time I removed it, and it isn’t starting up anymore. So I had a nite of improving again and most of the next day.

Then, a little sore throat started again, and I immediately started asking if it was another attack (it was). How in heck was it getting thru my shield? After some more questions I figured out it was me touching the keyboard, they (actually Zen too) were piggybacking it on the internet connection but the actual ‘delivery’ method was running it up thru my fingers, from the key board.

Well, so then, was it the El-*th dragon haters again somehow (no). Was it someone from curezone? (yes) I started thinking who else could it be?? Was it from a human? (yes) Hum. The only humans aware enough to do this are probably the indigoes, and then that indigo guy who verbally attacked me (who’s attack I posted, and who’s rather embarrassed about it) popped into my head. I got that he was kinda more just testing if it would work, not to really try to hurt me. Reading about the El-*th attacks gave him the idea to try.

It wasn’t hard to block once I realized it was there, but my throat didn’t really improve, so I started asking, Am I still being attacked? (yes) It hit me–this had give a bunch of folks the idea to try. And at that moment, the one who remained was one of the tall skinny blue people. They hate my expose’ and ‘bad’ aka truthful description of them. They were running it like water thru the unsealed edges of my shield. Good grief–I was getting very frustrated by how many ways MY shield was failing me!

At that point, I’m kinda frustratedly said, Celeste, didn’t you say you’d strengthen my shield?? I’d really like it if you would amp it up some, with all these other potential attackers around.

She responded—I thought you’d never ask—here let me. I wouldn’t mention this, thinking you all deserve this, but Celeste said, no–it’s anti-sentient to promote suffering, so I’ll mention that 1) you’re not going to best an overarching sentience, so don’t give yourself a hernia trying, and 2) she’d bouncing your attack energy back on you x 5.

But anyway, Duh on my part. She’d offered but she never does anything unless you ask, because she doesn’t want to intrude on your free will and life lessons (especially if learning to ask is one of those lessons). If you ask, she can see if it will interfere and help if she can, but not if you don’t ask.

Well, I guess this was another great learning opportunity. Blah. But no energy has gotten thru since. I coughed once this morning with a healing tickle, my voice isn’t trashed, and the itching stuff is pretty well gone. Better than it has been since before the start of the real detoxing.

So, sorry, detractors. I’m sure you were delighted to know I was suffering, but the show’s over. Well, at least that show. *lol*

She telling me she zapped the curezone guy’s fence this am as he was brushing his teeth (out of a clear, blue sky). And to say, “Ok. Your ‘god’s’ turn”. And this is what an oracle does. Celeste can’t talk to him, but she can tell me what to say. I’d love to know what his dreams are like–she can communicate that way, albeit far less clearly.


A bunch of regular El-*th with PTSD…

Well, my lungs are getting to where I’m rarely coughing–just that healing tickle you get at the end of a cold, but it can definitely make you cough!

And Zen was the regular El-*th who attacked me, and he was attacking me as David1o1 so he could piggyback his abusive energy on the internet connection since I am under that dome. That’s why he was going on and on, to make me stay connected so he could keep sending that energy. *ack*

He’s getting some El-*th punishment for a while now, basically everything he did to me but in a containment field where he can’t even scratch his nose, much less the areas he made me itch and burn.

And it muffles his meta skill to regenerate, so he’s stuck with it until he is allowed out. And near the end, they’re going to throw in that lung stuff. It’s like it was a corrosive energy that was actually eating away at everything.

Then, the regular elf gal who took his place also was going on and on, attacking me—apparently there were a bunch of El-*th who survived the dragon/El-*th war and the attendant PTSD, all kinda of grumbling under their breath and egging Zen on.

And she was one of them. I’m getting she was trying the energy thing too, but as soon as I figured out what Zen was up to, I fixed my energy shield to protect me from El-*th too. Plus Celeste is putting in some extra juice, just in case.

So she wasn’t able to get to me. It got me to thinking. It’s clear that the regular El-*th can be quite dysfunctional too, despite being at least 225 million years old. Heck the dragon/El-*h war was 110 million years ago. I haven’t seen this level of petty and mean behavior in the high El-*th though. Whew.

But I’m realizing that Zen had no idea he was so disliked because the rest of the regular El-*th never told him. Just like earth bureaucracies, they just promote the ones they don’t like to get them out of their hair because it’s practically impossible to fire a civil servant.

He made it all the way to Speaker for the regular El-*th and never knew it was because no body liked him. And that’s the problem with that kind of dishonesty–you end up working for them, and it bites you in the butt, hard.

So I went to King Elan, and pointed out this PTSD thing was more widespread than just Zen. I was becoming aware that there were a whole bunch, and I was a bit stressed after this run in with Zen about another of them going off the rails.

I suggested for their piece of mind and mine, it might be advantageous to sent this group back to the home world and do a bit of EFT for them. King Elan is working on learning it so he can be more helpful to his people, and saw this was definitely a possible temporary solution to the issue.

So the anti-dragon PTSD possible folks were asked to prepare to leave for a bit (and couple high El-*th chose to go as well) The king said there was no shame in going. The trauma was quite impactful despite the length of time passed.

That he would be coming back home soon to help clear it, if possible, and that he would be here in the meantime working how to approach it.

So they left this morning. I had tsked the high El-*th for calling them the lesser El-*th when I first encountered them, but I’m really understanding why now. They are Roddenberry’s Romulans—no where near as evolved as the Vulcans (high El-*th). I encouraged them to call them regular el-*th instead. That it might have been damaging their self esteem and such. Huh. I might have been wrong.

Celeste apologized also. She knew my dragon rider behavior (although muffled a bit by being human) could bother those El-*th who’d survived that trauma. But it was a risk she had to take.

She needed someone who wouldn’t back down and melt if somebody didn’t like them, or who cared one whit about what others thought of them. That takes predator origins. And dragons are the apex predators. I was her best candidate, but risky at the same time.

The El-*th who hates me attacked me with energy…

1/28/16 I just realized last night,¬† that what I thought was a unusually long detoxing was in fact, that one El-*th who hated me, sending damaging energy to hurt me for the last 5 weeks. The sudden appearance of the lung stuff, which I thought weird since it showed so late in the detox, wasn’t at all detox, it was this asshat abusing me for his being demoted.

My dragon attitude triggered his PTSD from the dragon/El-*th war and he was very unpleasant to me. But apparently it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. The rest of the regular elves had been getting more and more unhappy with him in charge. And this was an ideal chance to get rid of him. They knew he’d blame me, since they’d never said anything to him–think scary potentially really mean boss.

So now he did blame his being fired for spokesperson for the regular elves on me. Which they hoped, so he wouldn’t be mad at them. The El-*th should be way past this kind of passive-aggressive stuff, but apparently it is still a learning edge for them. They were appalled that he actually had attacked me with energy like that though since I’m a human, weaker and more vulnerable than them, but I still felt some relief on their part that it wasn’t one of them.

I can protect myself from this kind of attack quite well actually, but my protective shield was set up for blocking the hybrids and their minions trying this stuff, not an El-*th.

And he was blocking my stroke recovery and other things I’m working on. And the lung stuff would have caused permanent damage, had it gone on much longer. EFT probably could have fixed it, but more hassle.

The king apologized profusely and asked master Hambreth to send some healing energy as a further apology. I can’t feel it, but the other El-*th’s abusive energy took a couple of days for the lung stuff to really get going so imagine it’ll take a bit before I feel this too.

I wanted more proof that this isn’t all my imagination—Well, thanks! *ack*

I am feeling like things are getting better already, but it’ll take a bit, especially my lungs.