Well, it’s resolved…

I sent a msg to the web master asking if I was banned and could he please unban me if so. He’s been part of the reason I’m still there. So I knew he would probably fix loquat1 hacking ‘ban’. I got back in shortly after that, so I send another, thanking him and also apologizing if I’d bothered him when it was only some kind of glitch.

I got the strong impression I should wait to post anything til today though. I suspect the web master knew it was that loquat guy, and needed him to log back on, so he could ban him. If he’d seen any post from me, it might have warned him. I have no idea how any of that stuff works, but that’s what I’m being told.


A CureZone hack attempt…

Hum.. had that one sage candidate (obviously he is no longer eligible) try to hack me. He was very upfront about being a ‘programmer’ aka hacker, obviously. And the thread was started by one of the employees, which is why he transferred our conversations over to that thread instead of continuing them on my thread ‘What’s in it for me?” in the prophesy forum. It must make it easier to hack somehow.

He carried on, longer and friendlier than I would have expected. Now I know why. He was trying to figure out my puter password. I was getting the feeling I needed to change my password, but unfortunately didn’t heed it. ūüė¶ He must have got it yesterday, or the day before because one of the first things he did was take out one of my antivirus programs which would have detected the ‘windows update’ he installed, to do the main hack, which he tried today.

I’ve been hacked enough to know if someone’s trying to hack me, and when something weird happened out of the blue, I assumed it was a hack attempt and shut every thing down. I did a reinstall of that anti-virus, and yup, it saw the ‘security hole’ immediately. So, changed my password, did a thorough sweep/repair, rebooted several times and hopefully put all his carefully laid plans to bed.

Oh well, just more proof that even now, they’re still trying to stop me. So maybe that could be a reason that I’m not here posting. But I’ll get another puter by the weekend, although my sweetie might be a bit upset (just got hacked by facebook 4 months ago which destroyed my last puter) so keep looking for me. ūüôā