The energy attack’s convinced me at the gut level…

020616—So , a quiet day, finally. I cleared out most all of the attack energy last night. Found more that got activated when it was scratched. Found shielded attack energy that wasn’t removable until you took the shield energy off first, and another that was also shielded to keep the itching going even if the energy was removed, so you had to take off the shielding first, stop the itching and then remove it, otherwise it just kept itching.

Plus he blocked the circulation to my left foot, making it swell up and be quite uncomfortable in the brace I still have to wear. And a couple more things specifically focused on my issues.

Obviously, he spent a lot of time figuring his attack out. I suppose I should be flattered he thought me important enough to go after. Blah. But it’s definitely convinced me, at a gut level (not just knowing in my head) this spirit realm stuff is very real.

EFT only stops what you tap for. without the ‘right’ reason it won’t ‘work’. It had stopped working for my tapping it as detox. Which is when I started thinking if this wasn’t detoxing, what then? After I figured out it was an energy attack and tapped for that, the ‘symptoms’ immediately lessened and the lung stuff started settling down quickly, too, for the first time. Although it started again because of the latent attack energy and so on.

And only tapping it as attack energy helps at all. So it has to be an energy attack, and the only some one who would (or could, even) do something like that and hated me like that was that Zen person aka the El-*th really are real, not just my imagination.

Real enough to pull off this level of attack. Even my sweetie has to admit it seems to be so. He hates to admit anything of this might actually be real because it means he’s got some serious rethinking about his beliefs to do.


Good grief, more attack energy problems…

020516–So by morning, I’ve continued to have flare ups of the itching. Luckily not the lung stuff. It’s stayed gone, and other than a tickle occasionally (none today) it’s good.

The itching though–it just kept coming back and not seeming to heal. I know Celeste is protecting me, so this had to be some residual stuff somehow. I dug around, trying to figure it out. This stuff was quite annoying.

So here’s what I figured out. Zen, and the blues had put a sticky kind of energy that clings to stuff, like my towel or washcloth, underwear and pants and every time I used or wore them, it put the energy back on me, even though they had been washed, and I’d cleared the energy on me.

Or if I scratched myself, even in the shower, it would get on my hand and spread it that way, so most anything I touched. And it stayed until I tapped to remove it. Washing with soap and water did nothing. Otherwise it’ll stay on the skin, or whatever like a nasty bacteria, ready to strike again.

Then there was a layer that was set to start the itching at random intervals, which didn’t get removed unless specifically addressed because it was a slightly different version. Then I found he even put it in the water tank, so using the water spread it back on, although that way was pretty diluted. If that’d have been the only source, I might not have noticed it for awhile.

Then he put in energy that didn’t attack me but prevented the area from healing and also some energy that was coated with an energy to prevent it from being removed unless you removed that other energy first. I couldn’t believe the layer upon layer. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten one or two.

I, in disbelief, started wondering how in heck he knew how to do all that. When a little clip popped into my mind’s eye. It showed him doing this to the other elves for a very long time, getting quite proficient, and using it on both the high and regular elves, but only the regular elves realized it. It was one of the reasons they avoided upsetting him, because he did work with energy with a stronger ability than most of them could.

He had been very careful to be super subtle with the high elves, but he really enjoyed watching them squirm as the energy took effect. I also asked, and yes, he had used it on defenseless humans before too. Almost as much of a crime as attacking the high El-*th, depending on what was done. All and all this asshat was bad, bad, bad.

I told master Hambreth what I’d discovered (as he was here helping me heal the damage from the attack) he was quite shocked, and we went over to the king immediately. Then I found out why Zen had been sooo careful with doing it to the high El-*th. It was a death penalty/life reset for attacking them with energy—didn’t matter that it wasn’t meant to kill, just that it was done. The king did not look happy—pretty shocked himself at Zen’s audacity.

I sorta got pulled along to where Zen was being held, and the king pulled him out of the punishment cocoon. He didn’t ask any question, just read his mind (criminal prosecution allows that, but only for evidence of the crime) and had several others also do that, to verify the memories of Zen’s misbehavior.

After getting the nod from the other examiners who also found those memories, he sentenced both Zen and his mother (He’d sent a msg to have her memories read, and they found she taught him this and had been doing the same thing even longer) to death with a month of Torment first. I’m thinking that means it’s more than a a month of uncomfortable itching.

I looked around and saw the spirits of the regular El-*th looking on. They’ve had Zen’s anti-oracle/dragon rider rhetoric dumped on them this whole time, so they were looking a bit angry.

It hit me that they might blame me (again), as the whistle blower. So I did some questions–asking did they see this as a results of Zen’s bad behavior, or was it somehow my fault for realizing and reporting it, pointing out the self healing/self protection I was doing, when this information just popped out.

Put like that, they appeared to decide ‘hum, maybe since she was only protecting herself and found out about it, not deliberately looking for something that she can use to get revenge with (a motive often a problem with them, I’m hearing)….’. I wanted them to know I wasn’t out to ‘get’ him, but that the information was just too shocking not to share.

The king had been thinking at the same time. He said this kind of behavior was unacceptable, and obviously there might be a bigger problem involved. He needed to address it. He then made a decreed (so rarely done) all El-*th will be scanned/screened for doing this kind of behavior, and if guilty, depending on their victim’s wishes, they will suffer some recompense torment, and that they would accept any EFT sessions for healing the emotional foundation behind their desire to use it. He’s finding how helpful EFT actually is, also.

He noted the high El-*th would also be required to be scanned/screened. He asked the regular el-*th spirits there in attendance, if they realized this wasn’t about punishment or revenge or just because he said so, but about helping them deal with a bad behavior which was very anti-sentient and wrongly hurtful. They shook their heads and agreed, yes they realized that.

Interesting, and to think I don’t have to even leave my chair, and still get all these huge learning opportunities! Blah. I’m ready for summer vacation.