Just discovered there is a male version of an oracle…

Actually there is a male version of an oracle; the only thing is that a man won’t be able to have that direct connection with the overarching sentience, so not her voice here. It’d be like giving a stereo to someone with severely compromised hearing. Pretty much a waste.

But I’m getting that a guy could actually regrow those connections from left to right brain with EFT. It really is an overarching sentience skill they figured out how to make a manual form of for us. It’s the actual power of ‘god’ at your fingertips. *lol*.

But I digress, the male version is what they used to call sages in western civilization.  They usually walk in the spirit realm, and communicate there as a child, but stop when they accept the lies that it was all just their imagination.

But sages, like oracles, can access the collective unconscious in a conscious way, too.  which the same ability to see all the memories of humanity. And of course the same awareness of future lines and significant up coming events, aka prophecies.

Not as reliably, they usually are born on an xxx0 year, like my ex. He is actually a candidate, but I suspect he’ll never take the job offer. 😦