What they did about it…

Anyway the hybrids pretty well decided to lead from the shadows after that—they’d set up some human, tell him ‘god’ chose him, get him being treated like them—luxury out the ears with all it’s perks, tell the folks (as the ‘priests’) that ‘god’ had spoken, and introduced their new leader. Then make him enforce their greed driven agenda. And when, predictably the people got fed up, they went after that unfortunate fellow instead of the real criminals.

They didn’t have the obvious power of before (which they did love) but they survived most any revolution. So they settled for the shadows. And if the ‘ruler’ stop obeying, they’d actually start the revolution. They’ve expanded on that till now they infiltrate any ‘revolution’ type activity/group and rip it apart from the inside, rather than try to face off with an obvious opposing agenda, against a bunch of angry humans.

And women—they had to ruin their credibility as reliable sources, because they knew, given time, if anyone figured out their scam, it would be a woman. So, via religion, of course, first they poisoned the beliefs about the spirit realm, that anyone accessing it was risking eternal damnation because that’s where the ‘demons’ lived and would steal your soul.

And any who did access it via any ‘paranormal’ methods like the tarot or channeling were therefore possessed by evil forces, since again women were far more likely the ones accessing it. So that meant women were weak-minded and easily mislead—not credible at all. Any who persisted in accessing it usually got treated as evil and burned/drowned or later, mentally ill and put into institutions.

They even hired some of the aliens from the other universe (remember that rift?), the equivalent of bully boys, to come over and basically patrol the spirit realm to scare the heck out of any human they found intentionally accessing it. Dreamers were ok though, because they usually forgot what they saw and well, it was just a dream, right? Of course another of their lies to invalidate any who even accidentally might see some of what they were up to.

They realized that they could even utilize these bully boy aliens (demons) to reinforce the ‘validity’ of their ‘religion’, so that if theses aliens chanced upon any humans out and about (at night was best), they would have them attack the humans—rarely to kill (although they hired them for that occasionally to get to folks who were a problem, but usually too well protected from the hybrids) but to scare the heck out of—and if one of those folks were to call on the name of whatever made up local deity, the demons got a bonus to pretend to be terrified and run away, thereby ‘proving that deity was real and had the power to protect them.

They even sent Dante over to the other very different universe with a ‘demon’ who took him to an area that looked like ‘hell’ (Or maybe that’s what they used as their basis for ‘hell’), had other demons busy ‘torturing employee humans pretending to be damned souls, so he could write about how real a place hell was. I don’t think they ever sent someone to ‘heaven’ like that, cuz they don’t have any convenient place that would pass as that, as glorious as they’ve made it sound. It worked like a charm since humans no longer knew about aliens and could realize that these might just be aliens versus evil demons.

Then they set about trying to ensure the men would not take the women seriously and reduced everyone’s (even the women themselves) opinion of them, via holy texts, to little more than fluff headed, babbling breeders who needed a man to ‘take care’ i.e. control them. Which of course, made anything they might say about the hybrid’s scams and agenda rambling from a probably mentally unstable, can’t think for herself, gullible misguided by demons idiot.

Probably enough for today. Some serious points to consider here, folks—especially you women, eh? But anyway, hence the focus of non-violence, (the need for suppressed anger)and love and peace, as the proper spiritual behavior, and women being expendable air-head idiots. None of which is anything but the hybrid’s lies created by them to just to control us humans and protect themselves.



The lesson the hybrids learned, early on…

The hybrids ended up building themselves quite the empire eventually—all the known world bowed to the pope-—kings and peasants alike. And they lived the life of royal splendor with humans waiting on them hand and foot. Just the way they liked it. The dark ages are exactly how they think things should be.

One of the bumps to that life of luxury is one particularly important to us. Fairly early on, their humans started getting a feeling (gut intuition) that all was not as it seemed with this system. Their people caught on to something about the way one of the hybrids was using the ‘religion’ to enrich himself at their expense. It might have been a lean crop year, and he still demanded more and more, putting his followers at risk of starvation, even. I don’t see that hunch ruining their basic belief in the religion though, only that hybrid, who they started blaming for all the bad luck happening because Yahweh didn’t approve of him any more and so was punishing them because he was the local ‘priest’.

What they were really feeling was the whole ‘god’ scam was enabling the hybrid to satisfy his greed at their expense but because they really wanted the safety and assurance of the religion, they blamed the ‘priest’ instead. Well, needless to say, it didn’t end well for that particular hybrid. Yes indeed, they are quite hang-able. So the rest of the hybrids learned some quite significant lessons about humanity thru this misadventure.

-1) Humans in a mob were something they weren’t powerful enough to stop (he had several other hybrids’ help from behind the scenes) cuz there were just too many of the humans;

-2) the anger actually created kinda of a natural shield against energy manipulation so their attempts to use energy to control the mob’s behavior basically just bounced off which is when they realized how dangerous angry humans were;

-3) physically they were no match for a bunch of angry humans, which I suspect they already knew but never had to experience, because the humans were brainwashed into believing the hybrids were untouchable and so never even tried;

They started thinking perhaps that it was better to have a front guy who would be there to take the fall if this kind of thing happened again. And since the hybrids are compulsive in their need for control and money—I’d say to the point of being the mental disorder, hoarding (which is why they ended up inventing money because it was easier to accumulate than grain, which spoiled, or animals, that died, or any of the other barter-base goods folks usually used, plus they could actually sell the gold out on the galactic open market), they knew it would probably happen again.

-4) the ones in charge of the whole confrontation were the women, who had a far stronger hunch about the wrongness because testosterone actually severs left/right brain connections which limits men’s ability to access the spirit realm since that’s where that access resides.

So they waited till the humans involved died, covered up the whole incident and did some adjusting to the ‘religious’ dogma which, of course, was put into all the ‘religions’ they were creating or created. First they introduced the idea, as a necessary component of spiritual-ness, that non-violence was superior—it was proof that ‘god’ was with you. If you got violent, it proved you were a weak unlovable human who when he died would go to hell everlasting as punishment for acting so badly.

They gradually wiggled it in so each succeeding generation would get more programming built on the programming of the generation before, cuz instant change usually provoked that ‘gut feeling’ response they discovered as they tried to implement these changes. The reactivity never got so extreme that one of them ended up hanged, by it disturbed their folk enough they began to question, and the hybrids didn’t want them figuring out the full scam, so questioning became ‘bad’, and you just needed more faith, if you didn’t understand and felt something was wrong.

Then there was that whole dangerous anger thing. Humans, angry, weren’t controllable. And the anger usually was followed by violence, and because of that connection, they were able to link up with the whole ‘not spiritual behavior and going to hell’ thing. The antidote—of course, only love and peace are acceptable ‘proofs’ of true spiritually and the only way to get to the equally fake ‘heaven’ where the rewards would be many—which of course they never had to prove, cuz only if you’re dead, can you possibly know. A definite motivator which still works today—how many times to you hear—it’s better to believe in whatever religion says is true (after all the bible, or Torah, or Koran, or what ever says so! but mostly western civilization’s versions) than maybe end up in hell’.

Of course, they had to put in exceptions for ‘holy’ causes, so they could get their folks to go and plunder and enslave, even kill the neighbors so they could steal their stuff too. It was about here, they made sure folks forgot about the spirits waiting after death part, so they could trick the guys into slaughtering/murdering behavior, thinking there would be no repercussions cuz ‘god’ wanted them to.


Some important ‘whys’ and other info…

The hybrids—from the beginning—have wanted us as slaves since they’d been wanting an attendant species for a long time—thinking somehow it would improve the galactic community’s opinion of them; that it would prove they’d ‘arrived’ since most of the really powerful races had attendant species—even the dragons who had us dragon riders at times.

I think they were missing the point entirely though; to gain an attendant species, you earn their respect and they want to attend you—a distinction the hybrids didn’t understand. They thought by hook or by crook or just out right force, if you got an attendant species, it was all the same.

Like I’ve said, although I don’t know if I’ve said it here yet—-these hybrids weren’t and still aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box, and emotionally almost retarded. They, following in their brutal father’s footsteps, never got that kindness and using their ‘superiority’ to be helpful would have worked far better, which is what the El-*th did naturally..

We humans (like most of the rest of the aliens) fell in love with them willy-nilly (we often adore celebrities and royals because we got in the habit of worshiping our leaders because the El-*th were the leaders on this world), and begged to attend them once enough of the tossed out folks wandered north to the Mediterranean valley, and formed their own community (which still grits the hybrid’s teeth cuz we were supposed want to be their attending species!) on the outskirts of which at that time was a busy metropolis known as Atlantis, catering to the visitors coming and going on the link connectors to the travel pathways that the elder races (and their many attendant species) and most of the newer races used to get around.

Those pathways went to places all over the El-*th’s domain. The link connectors attached a point between two universes, because that other universe is significantly smaller than ours. So instead of 250,000 light years distant, Earth was just a couple day’s easy stroll away from their home world and once you got over to the other universe where the pathways actually were (and were actually just pathways), you could pretty much go anywhere the El-*th had discovered and put in an energy link. There was even a pathway over to our nearest neighboring galaxy, which was longer and came out in a spot in the other universe as close to the next galaxy in our universe as possible, which still left a good month’s hike thru that other universe to reach.

Usually it ended up that folks gathered here and waited for a big enough group to accumulate that it was worth the El-*th’s time to send an armed guard with them, kinda like the wagon trains of the old west, cuz it was more exposed and there were hostiles who often attacked as well as the local ‘wild’ animals.

It was not really accessible from the more local paths in the other universe, so most on their way over there, had to come to earth to take that specific energy link. Those trying to travel that far in the other universe to reach that link rarely made it because of topography (a range of mountains far worse than the Rockies) and unhappy locals (far worse than Indians).

There is actually a natural rift that connects with that universe which the El-*th fancied up and made into a gate of sorts. It doesn’t require any power to stay open kinda like a cave tunnel because it was created as part of the way that other universe was created. It was in a civilized enough area of that other universe that both sides had trade agreements and such, and folks from both sides worked on either side, and took vacations and stuff in either universe.

It was a pretty small link though, so the El-*th added several more links (which they had to maintain) to help carry the load. It still is active today, and is on the wall of the Mediterranean over by where the hybrids forced Israel to be put. Much of the fight over that area is really about ownership of that ‘gate’ (stargate anyone?) and access to that other universe.

But anyway, our alliance with the El-*th put us beyond the hybrid’s reach as anything other than our managers, which the El-*th authorized because of our creator’s having brought them here for that. Around this time, our overarching sentience who controls/manages the human’s collective unconscious (every sentient species has one) made a deal/contract with the hybrids. It’s goal being getting us humans to make full enlightenment in time to save ourselves from a looming mass-extinction event which it’s kept clouded from us because of the panic and fear it would generate if we knew too soon.

Unfortunately humanity’s biggest failing is we only tend to do what we have to, and without the hybrid’s constant abuse, we’d have settled back and never been ready to make full enlightenment in time. Since the overarching sentience can see down all the future lines of humanity, it saw that unfortunately, the lines with these buttheads were the only lines that we, as a species, survived. It was a lot like giving the care of it’s children to a group of lying, murdering, abusive, thieving, pedophiles though. If there had been any other way, it would have done that instead.

It was a horrible choice, which it tried to make as easy on us as possible by making a contract with these monsters. The basic tenet was if they could stop us from making full enlightenment (a little reverse psychology there—we humans always want what we think is being denied us), they could have us as slaves and any karma in pursuit of that goal would be held in abeyance, until either they did or didn’t. At that time, if they succeeded, no karma would ever be due—if they failed it would all come due. Some serious motivation to totally mislead us about the whole spirit realm/’psychic’ abilities thing, because that is the level of functioning that is critical for making full enlightenment.

And they weren’t allowed to use any advanced technology on us until we discovered it for ourselves. (part of why they fund so much weapons research and why Tesla’s work was ‘disappeared’—we humans (Tesla) discovered it but the hybrids really didn’t want us to be able to use it; plus that kind of knowledge was critical to create weapons they thought could be used against the El-*th when the time came, when the contract ended and the El-*th came back for their world–which they now have)

One last condition was that if they failed, the hybrids would have to go back to the beginning of their time here and do it again. Time is a lot more flexible than we know, and the El-*th actually were from this world originally and found a way to survive the mass extinction event we’re coming up on. What they found was one trip thru this time’s worth of people wasn’t enough for the project the overarching sentience of the universe had in mind for those of us who make full enlightenment, so they helped that sentience set up what was kinda like a rift in the time space continuum so they could get several groups worth of people.

Every time someone makes full enlightenment, the empty life spot becomes available, with the taking-over new folks being aware, they’ll probably be making full enlightenment by the end of this next cycle, too. It’s really quite the cosmic event–kinda like a collage graduation ceremony–that’s part of why so many aliens seem to be around right now–they want to see for themselves. I am being told this is actually the 3rd time this loop has run–it’s part of the reason for ‘daja vue’–because we have done it before. But each time thru is a little different, so those fragments may not be fully lined up with this current cycle.