What they did about it…

Anyway the hybrids pretty well decided to lead from the shadows after that—they’d set up some human, tell him ‘god’ chose him, get him being treated like them—luxury out the ears with all it’s perks, tell the folks (as the ‘priests’) that ‘god’ had spoken, and introduced their new leader. Then make him enforce their greed driven agenda. And when, predictably the people got fed up, they went after that unfortunate fellow instead of the real criminals.

They didn’t have the obvious power of before (which they did love) but they survived most any revolution. So they settled for the shadows. And if the ‘ruler’ stop obeying, they’d actually start the revolution. They’ve expanded on that till now they infiltrate any ‘revolution’ type activity/group and rip it apart from the inside, rather than try to face off with an obvious opposing agenda, against a bunch of angry humans.

And women—they had to ruin their credibility as reliable sources, because they knew, given time, if anyone figured out their scam, it would be a woman. So, via religion, of course, first they poisoned the beliefs about the spirit realm, that anyone accessing it was risking eternal damnation because that’s where the ‘demons’ lived and would steal your soul.

And any who did access it via any ‘paranormal’ methods like the tarot or channeling were therefore possessed by evil forces, since again women were far more likely the ones accessing it. So that meant women were weak-minded and easily mislead—not credible at all. Any who persisted in accessing it usually got treated as evil and burned/drowned or later, mentally ill and put into institutions.

They even hired some of the aliens from the other universe (remember that rift?), the equivalent of bully boys, to come over and basically patrol the spirit realm to scare the heck out of any human they found intentionally accessing it. Dreamers were ok though, because they usually forgot what they saw and well, it was just a dream, right? Of course another of their lies to invalidate any who even accidentally might see some of what they were up to.

They realized that they could even utilize these bully boy aliens (demons) to reinforce the ‘validity’ of their ‘religion’, so that if theses aliens chanced upon any humans out and about (at night was best), they would have them attack the humans—rarely to kill (although they hired them for that occasionally to get to folks who were a problem, but usually too well protected from the hybrids) but to scare the heck out of—and if one of those folks were to call on the name of whatever made up local deity, the demons got a bonus to pretend to be terrified and run away, thereby ‘proving that deity was real and had the power to protect them.

They even sent Dante over to the other very different universe with a ‘demon’ who took him to an area that looked like ‘hell’ (Or maybe that’s what they used as their basis for ‘hell’), had other demons busy ‘torturing employee humans pretending to be damned souls, so he could write about how real a place hell was. I don’t think they ever sent someone to ‘heaven’ like that, cuz they don’t have any convenient place that would pass as that, as glorious as they’ve made it sound. It worked like a charm since humans no longer knew about aliens and could realize that these might just be aliens versus evil demons.

Then they set about trying to ensure the men would not take the women seriously and reduced everyone’s (even the women themselves) opinion of them, via holy texts, to little more than fluff headed, babbling breeders who needed a man to ‘take care’ i.e. control them. Which of course, made anything they might say about the hybrid’s scams and agenda rambling from a probably mentally unstable, can’t think for herself, gullible misguided by demons idiot.

Probably enough for today. Some serious points to consider here, folks—especially you women, eh? But anyway, hence the focus of non-violence, (the need for suppressed anger)and love and peace, as the proper spiritual behavior, and women being expendable air-head idiots. None of which is anything but the hybrid’s lies created by them to just to control us humans and protect themselves.