Remembering Past lives helps…

But of course, I can’t prove anything with the ‘elites’ having buried all the real history and planting their own fake version, since almost the dawn of man. They’ve made sure as possible to leave no trace that might blow their con. And by doing pretend ‘research’ to ‘prove’ all spirituality is bogus, but carefully propagandize the sheeple to feel persecuted and being kept from their faith which makes folks dig their heels in, and believe in it more, they effectively canceling out the real spirit realm. Any believing the ‘research’ won’t even look, and those in some religion will believe that it’s real but only what their masters say it is. Just the way they wanted it.

If everyone knew about past lives and the spirit realm, their con wouldn’t work, and they considered it vital to keep the con going, just not for the money (which they stole in spades), but people being even deaf, dumb and blinder to the spirit realm and past lives and the real answers there. And of course to stop anyone from ever making full enlightenment, the most important part.

The trick I’ve found for remembering past lives is to take an experience of some time, person, or place that feels so very familiar, but you’ve never lived it, meet them or been there before. Then, relax and just think, how if you had, what would it have been like. What part might you play it, what you and they might say, or maybe take an imaginary walk around that place, thinking of what you might see.

It may take a couple of efforts, but you often find-yourself actually involved, in your mind’s eye.  So at that point, sorta sit back and watch it unfold, as it will if it is a past life. It’s what’s behind most of our yearnings to visit some place, our fascination with some event, like a war (you were probably killed in it and want to know what happened to you), or that feeling of knowing a newly met person far better than you’d expect.

I, for example, have always in this life, had a huge desire to see the ocean, smell it’s air, maybe splash my fingers in it. It was puzzling since I lived right by Puget sound, could drive to the ocean in an hour or so, but still I craved it. If I couldn’t see it at least every 6 months or so, I was miserable.

Then I remembered my most recent past life.

As a child, I lived on the beach edge in an Victorian style 3 story house where I could run out and watch and play in the waves anytime I wanted. My dad was a doctor, and we were well to do. I however fell in love with this fellow who wanted to go west. My parents thought I was making a huge mistake, since there were far finer gents paying court to me. I think it wasn’t him I fell in love with though. It was his dream of going west. And off we set—it was before the railroads so the journey was difficult. I imagined Oregon as our final destination. I guess we never really discussed it though, and he fell in love with Nebraska, and claimed a farmstead there instead. I’m pretty sure I ranted and raved, but he wouldn’t budge.

So, being the dutiful wife, I stayed with him for the next 35 years, on those prairies of waving grass that so looked like the waves I loved back home, but so were not. I was miserable. We had 3 sons, who grew up well (3 day wagon ride to town helped keep the bad influences at bay) and I talk incessantly of my lost dream. When my sons came of age, they left as fast as they could. 2 went back east where my then aged parents welcomed them and got them jobs. My oldest finished my dream by going out to Oregon, where he started working the summer fishing boats, ending up with a fair sized fleet of his own, doing well.

My husband  finally died, and I had my bags packed ready at the train station for the next train to Oregon after his funeral. I wanted nothing more to do with that land, and I guess it went wherever abandon farm sites go. I never went back to find out. I moved out with my son, who bought me a cottage down near Gold coast Oregon, that over looked the ocean for winter, And summers, I’d stay in Astoria with him. But that 35 years of longing to see the ocean never left me. Not even in this one, until I did some emotional healing around the grief, loss, and rage I felt from my husband’s betrayal of settling for Nebraska.



Religion, the biggest, oldest con of all…

I really don’t think many people are going to like some of this. Anyway, some of the hybrids, after putting their people in human bodies cloned and designed for them by the greys, left Atlantis because the humans around the El-*th knew about aliens, and they wanted humans who would be more naive and maybe easier to enslave. Although the El-*th knew about the contract, they still kept Atlantis as it was, not really going along with the whole ‘everyone was from this world’ thing. Some hybrids stayed to manage the humans there.

Anyway the ones who left tried the whole ‘march around and conquer humans’ stuff but we just kept spreading out and reproducing. They even tried killing whole villages, but they never could keep ahead of us. And they couldn’t use lazers or any other energy based weapon or transport vehicles unless it was animal propelled. They couldn’t use anything but what we’d already invented. The hybrids weren’t even close to being competent to use swords and such since they are physically weak and on the fragile side. The mixing of those two species didn’t make vigorous off spring.

Their people, the mother’s race who’s name was the Jue-sah, were not really a fearsome warrior people either. Even before the father’s race (self entitled the Master race—while they had many names among their captives, Master race wasn’t usually the one used) conquered them, they were far more merchant/trader types.

The hybrids tried to motivate them to get with the program of human enslavement now that they were away from the more sophisticated humans, and since they were very passive, they’d act that way if the hybrids were watching but as soon as they turned their backs, the Jue-sah would start with trading and befriending the local humans. I suspect the hybrids were starting to get a glimmer of how easy this wasn’t going to be when even their own people, who of course had no memory of who they were or why they were there either, being in human bodies now, were almost impossible to keep on track. If they couldn’t even control their own folk—how in heck were they going to enslave the rest??

In desperation, the hybrids starting writing up their history so their folks could remember, so they would stay focused. They worked to make them feel they were superior, above these human cattle, and it was horribly wrong to get involved with them, like sex with an animal or something. I think they felt they needed an ultimate authority though, a being like their fathers but with more power, cuz without the memory and fear left over from their enslavement by the hybrid’s fathers, the folks had stopped being afraid of the hybrids. So they invented Yahweh to make it seem more serious because a supreme scary being (like their fathers) was ordering them around thru the hybrids, who were still able to ‘hear’ him because they were still in their original bodies.

They saw it was easy to make things up like that, cuz their folks had no clue about the spirit realm any more, so they accepted it, and regained a proper amount of fear. The hybrids regaled them with some adapted horror stories from their time of enslavement and they found the folks even more willing to accept it all, even the embellished parts, because there was some small measure of truth they could still feel.

So they added more and more fake information from Yahweh with sprinklings of truth from their past, and pretty soon, they realized their folks considered Yahweh some kind of superior magical being that they’d come to hold in awe. Since the humans no longer could work with raw energy, even the hybrids rather paltry skills seemed to indicate they truly had found favor with Yahweh and he was bestowing magical powers on them, an attitude which of course the hybrids fostered–never letting on it was them doing everything Yahweh was supposedly doing.

The first ‘god’ with them as his spokespersons. I think the concept of gods and demons wasn’t clearly articulated at first, and the criteria for the contract was more along the line of only entities of power from this world. They refined that as they discovered how effective the whole carrot-god/stick-demon was with their own folk.

Word began to spread among the local spiritually bereft humans who wanted the assurances and protections the hybrids purported this supreme being was able to give. Of course with all the anti-human propaganda they’d instilled into their folks, it wasn’t possible, but it gave the hybrids an idea. The humans begging to follow their ‘supreme’ being were clearly open to being controlled. They devised some very difficult tests that if they could pass, they said they’d take it to ‘Yahweh’ and see if he’d permit them to belong. The devotion and determination with which the humans threw themselves in to the test was amazing to the hybrids.

So they ended up inventing a ‘religion’ for each spirit origin which had some of the original species’ truth sprinkled in it, to make it easier to trick/enslave those humans into believing it. They found if they could assuage the human’s fear of what happened when they die, they pretty much could get them to do whatever they wanted.

It was a very powerful AND useful handle which they made sure didn’t usually involve any past life stuff, cuz humans didn’t remember any way (no sense reminding them and possibly stirring that hornet’s nest) and the fear of being sent to some place of punishment for not obeying was nearly 100% effective in getting the terrified humans to do anything the hybrids wanted to avoid it. The between lives spirits waiting to share their pain, made that an easy sell. And other than a few little tricks every now and then, like changing water into wine and stuff, nothing else was required.

The east Indians rulers (by now extremely frustrated with their human and pretty uncontrollable subjects) insisted some remembrance be included in that religion since it had been a very important part of the race’s identity, when the hybrids stopped by to sell them this nifty new control tool for humans. So they whipped up a version, but made sure to include a supposed ‘punishment’ strategy (if you disobey, you’ll reincarnate as a frog, or something equally semi sentient and disgusting) to keep a good sturdy handle on the rulers ability to control them.

Plus they could control what humans knew about the spirit realm and make sure they never learned enough right information to make full enlightenment–the primary criteria of the contract. Something they’ve done with every single one of their invented religions–which is every one of the existing ones plus any of the new age thought or esoteric mysticism. You can tell by the completely wrong focus—nobody’s ever going to make full enlightenment using their invented and totally misleading methodology–quite intentionally. And–boom, there it is.


What we should be doing, to start…

So, now what should be the real focus of our efforts to be more spiritual and on track for making full enlightenment? Part of the reason the wrong focus was so easy to trick us into believing was 1) we humans don’t do any much more than we have to, and this focus is a lot easier; 2) taking the real path is usually a lot more painful.

Plus most folk find it far easier to have an external force like ‘god’ or jesus’ to help them be a better person, like some parent figure, so they only have to obey, versus make any real personal changes or choices. And the added bonus of some external ‘divine’ force interceding for their ‘wickedness’ cuz they were born wicked and were will stay that way unless they became ‘religious’, of course. All in all, it made a pretty tempting package. Plus it was a package—all ready to go, no thinking involved. Just obey us and guaranteed ‘heaven’ instead of most certain ‘hell’.

Of course, I’m sure the other religions found equally comfortable ways to be ‘spiritual’, I’m only as I said, familiar with the version designed to trick and ensnare the ex-elder races, like the El-*th, and their attendant species aka ‘Christianity’.

It isn’t a coincidence that ‘Christianity’ took off when it did. The rescue ships for the El-*th finally arrived (250,000 years later) to retrieve the El-*th who survived Atlantis. Most of them left then. A few—some new ones too—chose to stay on. There weren’t enough of them to pull off ‘god’ status any more though, and the ones staying usually had a significant other now in a human body that they wanted to watch out for. Thinking that when humanity made full enlightenment, their sweetie could change back to El-*th and they could be together again—a lot of the myths of the ‘gods’ falling in love with a human, was actually the El-*th reconnecting with their loved one, even if for just that short time.

So in service of being able to help, without revealing their non-human status, they took the guise of ‘angels’. So we actually know the El-*th non-humans very well, and just as in their guise of the angels, they really do want to help. So please don’t shoot at them if they start showing up more, no matter what those horrid hybrids via their mass media try to convince you of. 🙂 They’ve always been on our side, even after they thought it was our fault Atlantis was destroyed.

Just like the hybrids invented reasons for the Mayan’s calendar ending when it did, what the change from BC to AD really signified was now this was their world, no longer the El-*th’s. And now they could get to the humans previously under the El-*th protection—and since the human ex-El-*th spirits had just lost their gods—they’d pray and nothing happened anymore, whereas before, sometimes the El-*th did help, they were ripe for a new ‘religion’.

They even invented the ‘scientific’ method as a way to distract us from seeking other routes when enough of the ex-El-*th stopped buying that ‘Christianity’ version. They knew we humans (especially the ex-El-*th) wouldn’t stop looking until they found answers. Hence they guided us to the whole ‘research’ concept as a way to find out about stuff in a concrete manner and answer our questions, but making sure that any research into spiritually/death/paranormal type things was never done, or done with false results, or if done anyway without ‘funding’ (permission) it was never allowed to see the light of day.

To this day, many humans are buying the lie that anything of value has been researched, and if anything about the spirit realm was real, we would know. It’s only been since the internet and the ability to circumvent the hybrids controls over what gets published that some research has actually surfaced about those topics. Of course, the hybrids had their lamestream media discrediting those people as tin foil hat wearers, much as they do the same to anyone seeing and discussing their take over agenda or non-humans and UFOs being real.

Anyway, what is the way to real spiritually? What I’ve discovered is you really need to be, for full enlightenment, your best and highest self, on all levels. While the whole love/peace/non-violent thing is a result of that usually, it’s putting the cart before the horse—and you’re the horse.

Fixing up that cart won’t ever heal the horse, just as pretending all that fake love/peace stuff won’t ever heal YOU. The only love and peace important is what you learn to feel for yourself, period. And that is the rub. Humanity has been so abused and mislead by those hybids, they are like children from a severely dysfunctional home. Most feel so wounded, unable to trust, inadequate and scared inside, they hate themselves and there is no inner peace to be had. The ‘religions’ that have that as a focus, as many of the far eastern ones, were the grey’s version of ‘religion’, that they modified quite heavily from the hybrids version. They couldn’t spill the beans about the real path, but they tried to at least make their human’s suffering less.

As any counselor will tell you (I do have a double masters in systems counseling, so I know from my own experience too), those types of folks are the most difficult to help, because they’ve pretty much frozen the version of themselves that survived that traumatic childhood into how they continue to live their lives, fearing any change because they don’t know which part of what they did allowed them to survive.

Usually of course, from an objective view point, nothing they did actually made much difference, because small children are truly victims and it was more the whims of their caregivers responsible. But knowing you’re a truly helpless victim is unbearable to folks —- far better to think something YOU’VE done and subsequently can change are the reason to blame. Like a child who thinks something they did was the reason their parents divorced. It allows them to feel safer, thinking then there must be some way they can influence their parents to get back together if they just change some behavior. Everyone instinctively claws for some sense of control of their world.

The worse the home, the more frozen, and the harder to even see and admit to the frozen-ness, much less change, so the true path is something a lot of folk avoid like the plague. I’ve encountered folks who even invented a whole different childhood so they didn’t have to deal with their real one (but of course their unconscious mind only believed the real one and would keep all the coping methods firmly in place). Unfortunately, it’s not optional–you absolutely have to get in there and heal all that damage to make full enlightenment. You are enLIGHTening—the spirit wounds are dark spots that won’t lighten until resolved.

Health is important too, but if you can get your energy working skills back on line, that level of stuff is dealt with automatically as the body repairs itself based on the ideal human templates of the regeneration program, which returns the body to about the same condition as you were at 25, and keeps it there. If they said Noah made it to 900 years, I’m pretty sure that’s about where humanity was in gaining immortal status which the rest of the non-humans have, when the greys shut all those communication lines down.

So step one—I can see folks wiggling around and saying uh-uh, I don’t need any of that crap—I’m fine just the way I am! Even though they might be on their 6th spouse; have kids in jail or dead; drink like a fish (or attend 6 AA meetings a week); smoke like a chimney; weight 300 lbs; eat and throw up afterwards; run 20 miles a day, and then go work out for 3 more hours at the gym; hit the mall for hours shopping til they drop; taking hits of some drug-—prescription included, all day… every single one being a coping method, although some more socially acceptable than others, the amount depending on the severity of what they’re avoiding. So no—if one or more of those are you–nope, sorry, you aren’t just fine.

So the first step to really focus on is to heal yourself emotionally. No amount of prayer, wishful thinking, manifesting or meditation will do that hard painful work for you. But since I’ve have dug my way thru a lot of mine (even cult abuse) with some lingering issues I’m still working on (it’s just not fair, 5 short years as a child being abused can take 30+ years to heal!) I did find the easiest, quickest, least painful way to do it. Yah!


The wrong and right way to be truly spiritual…

So let me discuss a bit more about the ‘love/peace/non-violence’ focus to spirituality which is, as I said really a bunch of manipulative tripe. Stuff designed to keep us from going after those scum hybrids, and totally sending us down the wrong track for making full enlightenment.

It’s the only way they won’t have 300,000 years of karma snapping back on them—remember? So they’re very motivated to make sure we never even question the idea that love/peace/non-violence aren’t even close to the right approach.

I hear their employees spouting this nonsense all the time, from every angle they can think from ‘new age thought’ to traditional religions like Judaism and Catholicism—‘oooohhh—there just isn’t enough ‘loooove’ in this world—people are tooo ‘violent’—people are just soooo evil these days (those demons are behind it)—–god wants us to ‘looovve’ one another—we just need more ‘peeeace’ in our hearts—don’t resist god’s will for you—kill them with kindness—don’t fight back, be peaceful instead—god knows your struggles, and he’ll give you your reward in heaven if you can stay strong’—and on and on it goes.

Knowing the real reasons behind what they’ve been teaching us can make disentangling yourselves from the centuries-deep morass of shaming and guilt-tripping a lot easier, I think. I believe each of us has a connection to the collective unconscious and we really aren’t the stupid gullible cattle they want to believe we are and are trying to convince us we are.

Sure, they’ve been dumbing down our thinking abilities over the centuries—the printing press really put a dent in that process for a while and the internet is providing learning resources they aren’t in control of today—it really isn’t pedophiles and ‘terrorists’, trying to harm your babies—although they’re providing enough shills to make it seem like those are real threats but they’re all plants, strictly designed to make you so afraid, you’ll allow all sorts of really bad ‘control for your own good’ ideas to be implemented.

They found if they can scare you about your kids being at risk, it’s much easier. It’s really all about gaining control of a resource that might allow you to learn information they want hidden, and keeping you from thinking for yourself.

Just ask Germany—Hitler (one of those unfortunate set-up fellows) based many of his (the ‘elites’ aka hybrid’s) tyrannical policies on ‘it’ll make your kids safer’ which was one of the most effective ways he was able to disarm his people—of course, without their weapons, the government/police just walked right in and did what they wanted, because now, NOBODY was safe—least of all the kids. And we keep falling for it, time and time again. Using the ‘kid’ card works nearly every time.

While they try, with their version of ‘religions’ to hide the truth, it isn’t 100% effective. Somewhere inside, we all can feel the lie. We may do all sorts of behaviors to try and detracts ourselves so we can deny that voice because it is at such odds with what we’re being taught. But I know we all have it. Some in reactivity to the dichotomy of feeling that awareness in the face of the lies of the hybrid, even go to the level of not believing anything about a higher entity or that there is more than this time around. Again, the hybrids sending them down the wrong path—anything to keep us from making enlightenment, eh? They’d rather you believe in nothing than actually start searching for the real path.

Take off the ‘religious dogma’ blinders for a minute and just think about it objectively. Is humanity really a better bunch of folks after centuries of thinking and believing like this?? Can anyone say we’re improved, even since the 50’s?? If that horse crap really was the way—we all should be in heaven by now—right? I mean even 3,000 years of it should have shown a significant amount of improvement in us. So if you look past all the excuses the hybrids are putting out there for why it isn’t working yet for even a second, it’s pretty clear to see it’s never ever worked, except to make us weaker and fight more violently among ourselves.

Maybe some planted ‘prisoner’ is pretending to have an life changing and behavior altering experience because he found ‘god’, but those are mostly made up stories. There might be some gullible, easily manipulated folks who are caught up in the placebo effect, and may not even realize the ‘good’ things happening to them are because the hybrid employees are arranging it now—and may have been the cause of many of the problems to begin with—nothing like a ‘true’ believer to sell the lie.

So what should we be doing instead?? you may ask (maybe)–cuz oh boy, talk about unconscious resistance—because in your heart, ‘god’ is real, and you’re a much better person, and you’ve felt jesus in your heart and he made miracles happen and you were possessed by the holy ghost and… and… any ‘proof’ to feel safe in the face of the blindness of what happens when we die. I’m not familiar with the ‘proofs’ from other religions, as much as I am from ‘Christianity’. Sorry.

Most of the time, who you’re actually talking to isn’t some ‘divine entity’, it’s your higher self—the part of you always out in the spirit realm. If you’ll talk and listen to it, whoever you think it might be, it’s delighted. It’ll go with the deception if it thinks it can use it to guide you to your higher good—which if you see an improvement in your life after ‘converting’, that’s because you’re finally listening to the part of you with all your past life accumulated wisdom.

Sorry—no jesus making you a better person—only you. The ‘miracles’? Some of course, are hybrid doing stuff to keep you believing and not questioning, some are the El-*th who are still around running under the guise of ‘angels’ in keeping with the contract’s stipulation of no aliens, who genuinely want to help but really are constrained from doing so, other than the occasional ‘miracle’, or it is you, yourself.

Like I said, really intense emotional stuff, like rage and terror, are most likely to be what your body can hear. Sorta like you yelling at the top of your lungs. But anyway, in those circumstances involving critical things, like your young one getting caught under a bus or something, you’re yelling loud enough that your energy working part can actually hear you. If we had access to those skills of ours as we should, you’d think nothing of being able to lift the bus, because that’s what working with raw energy is like. It allows you to use the energy around you to enhance your own abilities. Not even remotely ‘of the devil’ as the hybrids want you to believe.

Imagine how dangerous that would make us—especially if they were trying to abuse us?? Not only would their attempts to use that same raw energy to control us fail (pesky anger shield), but we could use it to go after them. If we had access, we’d smear them. We are a lot stronger. As the species we were to begin with even, but also, remember most of the aliens allowed the greys to use their DNA to make us more like them physically, which actually included the ability to work with raw energy, which means those with the El-*th DNA are actually nearly as powerful as the El-*th themselves.

The El-*th did worry about that originally, but their cautious testing to see if it did increase our power, showed no effect at all. They of course didn’t know for the longest time the communication lines were the reason we seemingly had no power, not the actual abilities themselves, which is why it made no difference. It didn’t affect the ability to communicate with our skills at all.

Well, seems she’d like me to talk to those anti-human humans that the anti-human hybrids have mislead and corrupted with the lure of easy money and power. Those hybrids are totally on their way out. Which means the prevailing anti-human propaganda of how ‘fame, fortune and doing anti-human things is acceptable’ will come to a screeching halt and will be seen as the anti-human behaviors they are and the real use for shaming will begin.

Unfortunately we had to believe  the hybrids could win too, in order for it to work. Out there in preparation for this life in particular, we all pretty much agreed, it was the only way, and so we’d hunker down, and get thru this life knowing after this, things would get better for humanity, finally.

Unfortunately, like cops undercover, too many spirits got caught up in the life style they’re infiltrating and pretending to live. And have forgottentheir real ‘mission’. You were only supposed to pretend to believe the anti-human rhetoric of the hybrids, not actually buy into those lies.

Your spirit self thought you would be able to keep your spirit sense of what was actually right aka pro-human beliefs, and you’d stop short of actually being truly anti-human. Apparently they miscalculated, eh? Well, the lessons will abound.

So anyone with ill-gotten gains are not going to be tolerated any more. The hybrid owned government will probably collapse, but the El-*th have been working with a group of pro-humans to have a good government ready to go. Which the hybrids have absolutely no power to stop.

I think they even have a new currency ready for an even swap of your debt based money, for their gold and silver based money, which the exiting arrested hybrids have been hoarding but now will no longer need. The transition can be smooth and relative easy, if you avoid believing that whole ‘end of times’ schlock the hybrids have been lying about since nearly the beginning.

The whole political ‘correctness’ will end. The justice system will be restored to favor those who are being victimized by those who foolishly are still thinking anti-human is better. It never ever was, especially for the spirit level of things. Every time you do anti-human behavior, the injury you do another, you also do to your own spirit.

You think those who’ve gotten to that fraudulent ‘rich and famous’ place by abusing others don’t feel that already? Why do you think soo many of them are so deeply into drugs and sex and fancy clothes and stuff? They are trying to drown the pain and emptiness in their spirit.

The more anti-human the choices, the more spirit you wound and eventually kill. A completely dead spirit means YOU’RE dead, too, so might want to rethink that whole ‘gangsta’ behavior.

Not only are the spirits of those you hurt waiting, but I’ve just learned, your own higher self spirit will be waiting, too. To share the feelings of shame, grief, horror, and guilt etc you should have felt as you did those horrid anti-human things. Ouch.

You no doubt deadened those feelings in life on purpose, cuz you really couldn’t bear to feel them now, but they’re all still waiting to be felt by you and you won’t even have a shot of liquor to help.

I’d suggest refocusing your beliefs to the pro-human ones and let those suppressed feelings come now, where you can at least stop for a bit and recover. In the spirit realm, the luxury of that is gone.

Start helping little old ladies across the street, stop kissing the boss’s hinny and let the best person get the job, stop playing mean, hurtful pranks, tip well if they deserve it, help a handicapped person up some ramp, stop anti-human behavior if you see it (obviously don’t get yourself killed in the process) or a million other little kindly things.

But no, you absolutely don’t need to do all that faky ‘love’ stuff. ‘Like’ stuff is plenty. Really, just ‘like’ your fellow human. Treat them like you’d treat your bestie. Since you know how you like them most times, but every now and then…

That’s all. It’s in all of us. I’ve always been treated kindly since I had my stroke—any time something like even I drop my cane, people will always rush to pick it up for me. That’s another reason I don’t give up on us humans—most folks are very pro-human, if given the chance.

I think the media ignores that to make us all feel like we are the only decent folk left. We aren’t. But if you’ve foolishly bought into acting anti-human because you think everyone else has, stop. Come back to the pro-humans—we’ve got grandma’s cookies and cinnamon rolls! 🙂

Make the decision to avoid acting rudely or harshly if not necessary (because sometimes it’s quite appropriate). Just use it wisely and not just to get your way via intimidation. Same with anger.

It’s just fine to be angry if your life’s in danger, or some other persons. If someone is trying to manipulate or control you but not being honest about what they’re trying to get you to do—sure, that’s what anger (appropriate level, obviously aka not throwing punches or dishes or stuff) is for—to protect yourself.

Just be human. It’s quite nice, actually. Many of my spirit lives I hated being human, cuz they murdered my dragon rider self. But they felt me a total threat and were just using their self-protecting anger. Can’t says I blame them—a 7+ velociraptor with claws and T. Rex teeth is pretty scary.

But the ability to connect is much better as a human and being something as simple as ‘kind to others’ is all you need to do. It’s nice to be pro-human.

The rewards are obviously not the hybrid’s false fame and fortune ones, but a soul satisfaction money truly can’t buy. And you get the added bonus of not having any spirits waiting to share their pain, and you can just go right up to the higher plane.