Onward with recovery…

So, since I have gotten my pancreas to working 100% again, and my weight regulating ‘program’/mechanism working again,  actually finally since it’s been barely functional  most of my life so now the weight is finally dropping off. None of my clothes fit anymore. Luckily I had some smaller sizes left from days gone by so I still have clothes to wear, but I’m going to have to go shopping pretty soon. Ick. I hate shopping. But all that gives me hope that I’ll regaining full function from my stroke.

The ‘insulin’ of course prevented it from recovering, so that was basically 2 and a half years wasted there. Now, all the ‘insulin’ coating all the nerves and muscles that was capping the growth is gone and the nerves are regrowing again, but now it’s been so long since they were functional, I’m having to tap for them remembering how to work, and reminding my brain that they are there to use.

If I hadn’t got stalled out by the insulin, I’d be fully recovered now, I’m sure, because my recovery the first 6 months was very fast according to a friend who works with stroke victims. Then it pretty much stopped. I guess it took 6 months of ‘insulin’ usage to get it to the level of interfering.

Now, who knows what else I’ll have to figure out because they’ve not been used for so long? *sigh* Without EFT, there’d be no way for me to ever fully recover, I’m sure. But since I have successfully healed those other two areas, I’m confident I’ll get everything back to full function. It’s just a matter of not giving up.

Growing nerves and strengthening muscles takes a while, even for EFT. You of course can tap them to grow as fast as possible and be too weak and tired to even want to get out of bed (found that out near the beginning of this), so I’m having to find the balance between growth and functionality. I just feel so impatient some times. I want my singing voice and my guitar playing/typing hand back. Blah.


Glucometer readings from one blood drop…

I did a chart of my readings for 20 days after I stopped the insulin, once my pancreas tested 100% healed. If you try this at home, please ensure you make sure that you’ve cleared any problem, also. Like for example, I had to tap to remove the ‘insulin’ residue that was sticking to the neurotransmitters sites, that made my body unable to tell what my blood Sugar really was; stuff like that.


If I’d been any where near those kinds of readings, I’d have felt it. You can see how the readings really don’t even reflect how my blood Sugar via muscle testing, was actually changing. Blah. All three readings were done from the same blood drop and done within a minute of each other.

So just a bit more on dealing with that hacker guy–When I see his name on a post now, it’s like there’s a deadly pit viper coiled up in the post, ready to strike, just as on facebook, when I look at a email request to log back on I see an alligator, with it’s mouth open, ready to chomp. So definitely going to avoid any of his posts in the future, just as I’m avoiding facebook like the plague..

Insulin detox update…

1/12/16 I’m updating what’s going on with my ‘insulin’ detox. Wow, It’s finally gone but it took a good month of aching and severe cotton mouth that had me so very thirsty I ended up having to get up several times a night to hit the bathroom. It was pretty miserable, but at least it’d done.

And the glucometer kept saying over 300 the whole time, with a couple days over 400 even although I hadn’t eaten any differently the day before. But if I’d averaged my previous months I bet it would have been high. In fact I did three reading from the same blood drop with a half minute between readings for 20 days, and got readings that varied by as many as 79 points. How can you trust a ‘meter’ that does that, really??

It’s a bit nerve wracking, even though I had absolutely NO symptoms of high blood sugar, and at that high a reading if it was real, my feet would have been miserable. The thirst wasn’t the same kind as I’d felt before I was re-diagnosed with high blood Sugar (I suspected but didn’t really want to know). That kind is a thirst in the back in the throat, no dry mouth, just a general feeling of needing more water.

Muscle testing I’ve been doing with everyone around me, testing their blood sugar, and getting the same right and regulart and similar readings as mine. I did find a nerve had been severed recently and tapped for that and it brought my blood sugar down from the 106 range to the more perfect range. They and I usually are between 90 and 98 or so.

I think that finally help my sweetie believe that the meter was lying, versus me in denial. 🙂

It did basically take my stroke recovery back to about seven months after too, since that was when my body stared using the insulin residue to build with. It’s like it coated anywhere it was put with plastic, capping the site preventing further growth. Blah. So I’ve lost what little growth I had attained. But at least now my nerves and muscles can actually regrow all the way. It’s worth the weakness.

And the spasming/cramping I was noticing was that I wasn’t rebuilding the areas (legs epecially) where the residue was being removed, so the tendons and muscles were getting stressed. I had been eating a beef sandwich for lunch for a week or so, when I noticed the cramps had subsided. I didn’t think about it then, and stopped eating the beef and in a couple days, the cramps resumed. Hum… So I had a nice prime rib (not as much fun when your sweetie has to cut it up for you) and a couple days later, the cramps went away again.

So, the building blocks my body needed were from beef, and muscle testing indicates this whatever is only available in beef or deer and antelopes type animals, but not buffalo or other food animals like chicken or pork, or from any plant source of protein. I knew there was a real reason we need some beef in our diet. Weird I know, but when I forget and don’t eat any beef, like on the weekend, by Monday nite, the cramps are back.

My diabetes struggle…

11/21/15  So this morning, getting up (as usual) where I do most of my deeper contemplation, I started asking why yesterday I got a reading I considered high, but my body said would be in the healthy range. I’ve tried that before but usually found there was something more that was needed for addressing functional issues with my pancreas and so thought it meant, healthy for what my pancreas was capable of, or something.

But this morning I pushed further into it, because by all accounts, my pancreas is healed, the physical aspect and nerve and nerve ability to function are all testing fixed. So why then this dichotomy??

And a picture of my glucose tester popped into my head. Was it the tester was wrong? Got a strong yes on that. So the 171 I got yesterday should have been 150–still a bit high, but definitely better than 171. Anyway, I figured out that those meters are all programmed to give false too high readings if it gets above 115. And proportional to how much higher, so a reading of a 290 would be more likely to add 40 whereas a reading of 150 would add 15 or 20. So of course, you’ll take more insulin.

But I couldn’t figure out how you’d keep from overdosing on insulin then, when I had a hunch that something in the insulin itself was impairing the body from using it’s own insulin properly. Asked–yup. It ended up that something interfered with the pancreases ability to accurately assess what insulin was actually needed, making it think less was needed than actually was. And also it interfered with the body’s ability to deal with glucose. Not fructose, just glucose. So you would in fact probably need more insulin and be far less likely to go too low.

I knew something was wrong about the pharmaceutical’s version of ‘insulin’ from the start. It felt bad to even look at. Not like spooky2 bad, but still a sense of danger. Once I discovered the nanobots in it, I thought maybe that was it. But it still felt bad, like there was more. And there is. Always good to get confirmation that my gut is right.

And more over, it has an addictive quality that makes you have neuropathy type feelings if you don’t get your daily fix. I always thought is was neuropathy when I missed a dose, but sometimes I’d get it when I knew my blood Sugar surely wasn’t high enough, because I hadn’t eaten enough to warrant using much insulin.

So I’d do a tap for neuropathy which normally works perfectly but those kinds of ‘neuropathy’ episodes often only sorta went away–meaning I wasn’t tapping for all the involved reasons. I never investigated further because it went away enough to be bearable.

So, the pharmaceutical cartel strikes again. I’m at a loss for words for a name suitable to call these monsters. Most folks would never know, and be insulin dependant for life, because it’d be impossible to know about or deal with this stuff without muscle testing and EFT.

I wonder now, how many people didn’t in fact have high blood sugar/diabetes to begin with but showed as having it because of the lying test formats and basically ‘insulined’ themselves right into having it when they never really did. Plus the added pain from the addictive toxin that creates a whole higher level of neuropathy pain to convince them.

I of course am weaning myself off insulin starting today since if I stop cold turkey I get a yes that the pain, while tappable, will get pretty bad, plus you can run the risk of your blood Sugar getting way too high as the interference with your pancreas doesn’t wear off immediately. But it appears to be a short amount of time, like caffeine so I can lower my usage by 5 units every 3rd day or so. I can’t wait.

Also whatever toxin(s) involved also appears to have been interfering with my nerve growth and ability to use the new nerves and makes my tendinitis worse. Plus messing with the body’s weight regulating mechanisms–I’ve gain a few pounds in the last couple years, when before using insulin my weight had been the same for years.

11/19/15  More about my ‘diabetes’. I’m discovering how deep this monumental lie is. I completely trust muscle testing and it is putting that trust to the test. I muscle test and it says my blood Sugar is 106 or so in the morning. I can get a general prediction from muscle testing as to what that corrupted meter will say. I can get within 15 20 points usually, and it’s usually a hundred or more above the reading from muscle testing.

And I’ve discovered it not only over reports the blood Sugar level, but if you’ve used ‘insulin’, it also measures the ‘insulin’ present in your blood and calculates what amount of insulin you ‘should’ have, based on it’s readings over the last month (I think, since that seems the length of time the readings are stored for) and then make your blood sugar reading as high as it would be if in fact you actually needed insulin but didn’t use it. *ack*

I’ve seen my morning readings steadily rise as I’ve been weaning myself off (it hurts a lot from not only the fake neuropathy, but from muscle spasms if you go too fast, I’m finding) And the less in my system, the higher it goes, just like if you were actually needing it but not using it. It’s so tricksy! I sometimes even get worried a bit–what if muscle testing is wrong? Me, the biggest advocate of truth via muscle testing. It needless to say is worrying my sweetie too. He won’t do muscle testing though. My suspicion is he’s afraid of finding out all of this might actually be true.

But I’ve come to know my body very well, and now that I’m past the withdrawal stage, the ‘neuropathy’ has mostly stopped other than a faint tingling, and yesterday when I didn’t use any, so when the meter said my blood sugar was 348, (muscle testing, 106) I should have had to tap to stop the real neuropathy at that level, but not a whiff of it or any thirst, other than the constant faint feeling I need to wet/rinse my mouth since I’ve started the detoxing/withdrawal.

And it’s been mimicking the real amino acid and my body has used it as it would real insulin proteins to help rebuild the lost nerves and rebuild the weakened muscles. Since starting this detox, I seemed to be going backwards in strength and function and dizziness. The detoxing is pulling the fake stuff out, which was just sitting there, unusable by my body to build further which was a big part of why my recovery slowed to a crawl after the first 6 months. By then, the fake insulin was plentiful enough that my body started using that instead of what it should have been using and basically I’m not really much improved since then. The fake stuff just gave that illusion. But I do have my meta-regeneration skills on line so the detoxing/rebuilding should be much quicker, and this time actually work. 🙂

12/21/15  So it’s been a month now and I been off insulin 3 weeks. The detoxing aka pulling it out of wherever it was used to rebuild any nerve, muscle, organ etc. that’s needed fixing in the last 2 and a half years has been a lot more extensive than I imagined, and it hurts! One night, pain in right shoulder (It’s gotten strained and pulled a couple of times from overuse) was just aching, I inquired and indeed it was my body pulling the residue out of the injury site because it used it to rebuild the injuries.

Apparently the residue was so plentiful, it was easier to use than the real stuff, so in every stinking place my ‘recovery’ rebuilt or healed anything, (as far as it could go, since this crap can’t be built on), it’s having to pull it all out, and without any kind of numbing. So while I can tap to stop the pain, it has to stop the removal process to do so. kind of a catch 22., but it really needs to be gotten out, so some suffering is apparently inevitable. Blah.

I’ve asked for the removal process to go as gently as possible, and do as much of it while asleep as possible, but that pulling out also causes those (can be quite bad) muscle cramps i noticed earlier on, but have gotten worse, so it can really hurts. The least comfortable is what appears to be referred pain, on my left temple area that’s from dealing with clearing the rebuilt nerves in my brain from the stroke. I’ve had to stop that one a lot. That kind of pain really interferes with my thinking about stuff. 😦

My sweetie’s was working long hours (didn’t get to bed until 7:30am-ish), the first week or so of the start of the detox. I’d been waking up with a sore throat and feeling like a herd of muddy footed elephants have run through my mouth. He was acting quite withdrawn after that first week. I bugged him about it till he confessed he’d had a headache waking up for the last week that eventually cleared a number of hours later, so he was crabby.

He attributed it to the long hours (he’s pretty freaked out by me stopping that ‘insulin’ crap) and so wouldn’t believe it was the toxic fumes, but the next morning I asked about him having a headache, as I was getting up.  After he’d admitted to it,  we tapped for the headache being from those fumes, and voila’, the head ache went away.  And again the next day and for a couple more. I hate to think if he’d been sleeping there for 8+ hours instead the 3 or 4 he was because of the long hours. This crap is nasty! My body isn’t rebuilding anything until all of it is removed, which I’m being told is still at least a week out.  So while I have an underlying sense of relief in my body, it’s going to have to rebuild all that.

And I’m realizing the glucometer doesn’t even test your current blood sugar, except the first month. It makes it’s reading from the averages of readings made from previous 30 day increments. That’s why it stores 500 days worth of those readings, even though you can only access 30. And then falsely reports a level of blood sugar that would be comparable to the average of your previous falsified readings.

If any of those readings have the insulin residue in them, it switches over to the higher insulin needful version. It’s soooo rigged! I still am working out the details—but the level of computers these day not only are programmable for a variety of trickery, but also size. A LOT of trickery can be fit into a very small space. If you wonder what some research money really goes for, look no further.

It’s definitely stopped the regeneration’s younging me up progress as a bit of turkey neck has returned.  And that dar brown hair spot has lightened a bit. All and all though, I’d rather be rid of this vile residue no matter what. 😦