Glucometer readings from one blood drop…

I did a chart of my readings for 20 days after I stopped the insulin, once my pancreas tested 100% healed. If you try this at home, please ensure you make sure that you’ve cleared any problem, also. Like for example, I had to tap to remove the ‘insulin’ residue that was sticking to the neurotransmitters sites, that made my body unable to tell what my blood Sugar really was; stuff like that.

If I’d been any where near those kinds of readings, I’d have felt it. You can see how the readings really don’t even reflect how my blood Sugar via muscle testing, was actually changing. Blah. All three readings were done from the same blood drop and done within a minute of each other.

So just a bit more on dealing with that hacker guy–When I see his name on a post now, it’s like there’s a deadly pit viper coiled up in the post, ready to strike, just as on facebook, when I look at a email request to log back on I see an alligator, with it’s mouth open, ready to chomp. So definitely going to avoid any of his posts in the future, just as I’m avoiding facebook like the plague..