Onward with recovery…

So, since I have gotten my pancreas to working 100% again, and my weight regulating ‘program’/mechanism working again,  actually finally since it’s been barely functional  most of my life so now the weight is finally dropping off. None of my clothes fit anymore. Luckily I had some smaller sizes left from days gone by so I still have clothes to wear, but I’m going to have to go shopping pretty soon. Ick. I hate shopping. But all that gives me hope that I’ll regaining full function from my stroke.

The ‘insulin’ of course prevented it from recovering, so that was basically 2 and a half years wasted there. Now, all the ‘insulin’ coating all the nerves and muscles that was capping the growth is gone and the nerves are regrowing again, but now it’s been so long since they were functional, I’m having to tap for them remembering how to work, and reminding my brain that they are there to use.

If I hadn’t got stalled out by the insulin, I’d be fully recovered now, I’m sure, because my recovery the first 6 months was very fast according to a friend who works with stroke victims. Then it pretty much stopped. I guess it took 6 months of ‘insulin’ usage to get it to the level of interfering.

Now, who knows what else I’ll have to figure out because they’ve not been used for so long? *sigh* Without EFT, there’d be no way for me to ever fully recover, I’m sure. But since I have successfully healed those other two areas, I’m confident I’ll get everything back to full function. It’s just a matter of not giving up.

Growing nerves and strengthening muscles takes a while, even for EFT. You of course can tap them to grow as fast as possible and be too weak and tired to even want to get out of bed (found that out near the beginning of this), so I’m having to find the balance between growth and functionality. I just feel so impatient some times. I want my singing voice and my guitar playing/typing hand back. Blah.


Do diets work? Some thoughts…

So why all the excess weight people of all ages carry? It’s a health issue I’ve been struggling with most of my life. I had to stay under a certain weight for the military but after 16 years of fighting and losing the battle against getting rid of it, I left the military before I ruined my health. It had become so impossible to keep it off, I’d have had to resort to bulimia like many of the other gals had. It absolutely wasn’t worth it to me.

Since I don’t abuse myself anymore with the fake unhealthy ‘insurance from the ’50s’ standards, or anxiously weigh myself every day to see how close or far I am to the ‘socially approved’ weight zone, I have no idea how much weight is actually gone. My only indicator is how my clothes fit.

I think a lot of extra weight is carried by the body (of course not all) in an effort to protect the body from running out of sustenance in illness, mostly. But if you ‘diet’ or ‘fast often, you convince it to store more energy for the famines too.

I think it’s been 300,000 years since our brain and it’s controls for the various systems, got updated or even rebooted, so the coping strategies/work arounds your ancestor’s body developed to get around damaged nerves, corrupted DNA and such, get passed down from generation to generation for that excess weight, plus then you may add your own from dieting/fasting.

So it’s not really a surprise you weigh more than a un-survival adapted body would. That the information is as intact as it is, is really the amazing thing. That all folks don’t have some sort of compensating mechanisms which cause them to gain weight.

I’m guessing that protective fat buffer the body thinks it needs may well be the basis for that set point thing, and the older you get, the more likely to get sick, hence a bigger fat buffer even still.

I worked for years clearing and healing the emotional reasons for the excess weight, and there were lots of them. But still the weight persisted.

I finally started asking (via muscle testing) why I still couldn’t get rid of what was obviously excess weight for this frame. That’s when I started discovering all the ways it is being kept for survival’s sake, because of damaged or corrupted brain nerves that were protecting the body the best way they could.

I’m in the process of clearing and fixing all that (and my genetic line had a loads of that kind of problem) with EFT, and finally some of the excess weight is starting to leave, but the over alkaline state of my body was interfering. With that mostly behind me, it’s starting to drop again.

It’s weight my body never would have let go of, if I hadn’t fixed the deeper neurological problems.