How I beat ‘cancer’–it wasn’t that hard, really…

It first showed up as a feeling of my stomach getting full too soon. I thought it as just a’old age stomach’ thing. Then it started causing discomfort when I lay down on my left side. Then I started getting a really itchy rash on my hand, that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. Then all those symptoms progressed until the pain upon lying persisted all nite long.

I was diagnosed with a stage 3 liver tumor. It was pushing into my stomach area, squishing the liver around it when I lay down, and the rash was an allergic reaction to some part of the cancer’s waste as it grew.

I didn’t realize how alkaline I already was (was buying that overemphasized ‘problem’ but ran out of test strips) and so stepped up supplements to make me more alkaline, thinking that would help.. The ‘cancer’ started when I was probably around 7.6ish and by the time I got more strips to measure it was up around 7.9, and causing edema/burning in my feet, and having no effect on the ‘cancer’ whatsoever.

So hang that ‘treatment’ up. I’m sure the pharmaceutical cartel fixed ‘cancer’ so it was no longer vulnerable to that (what they actually use research money for). Took ’em thirty years, but finally. Which is why now they’re letting folks know about it, so it’ll be another ‘proof’ you should stick with drugs because natural methods don’t work. *ack*

So, having read somewhere in several places along the way that ‘cancer’ was just a fungus, I took some olive leaf extract as soon as possible. By bedtime, it was not hurting to lay on anymore so it confirmed to me it was on the run, and cancer was indeed a fungus.

So I started zapping again (I’d stopped for a couple years, thinking that it’d be ok cuz I was still taking the deparasiting herbs–WRONG) every day since ‘cancer’ is carried in primarily by beef liver flukes who’s presence assured I would keep getting reinfected with the fungus.

I got myself on a schedule of taking the olive leaf extract 4 caps at first, then down to 3 caps every four hours or so, even at night. (if you’re not a pitta, Ayurveda medicine, take a cayenne cap too, to ensure proper metabolizing of the herb) I decided I’d buy and add a fungus frequency specific zapper, and by the end of it, I was able to stop with the olive leaf and just do the zapper.

I didn’t know if olive leaf, like goldenseal root, would quit helping if used for too long without a break, so I wanted the zapper so I could give the olive leaf a break, if necessary. I never did find out, because it wasn’t all that long after I got the fungus zapper I found it worked a bit better than olive leaf. I like local far better than systemic anyway.

I did the deparasiting herbs every 4th or so day because the flukes were in my liver where herbs don’t reach, but I was working to keep any more from moving in.

All in all, it took about 4 months to be completely free of the fungus aka ‘cancer’. It would have been about two months if, as the tumor collapsed, a bit of the fungus got down in my hip joint. So, since I’d eased up a bit, thinking the tumor gone (and it was) the hip fungus got a pretty good grip, so I refocused the energy flow of the zapper off my liver area and thru the hip joint instead, which being deeper was more stubborn. But I did go back to both the zapper and olive leaf for a week or so, to help give that added punch. But now that I know to zap AND do the herbs Dr. Clark recommends, I don’t have to worry about it any more.

Although she didn’t reveal that cancer was just a fungus in her book, although she cured it often at her clinic, leads me to believe she made a deal with the cartel, to leave her and her clinic alone if she didn’t exposed their biggest money maker. Unfortunately, they reneged, and ended up killing her with cadmium poisoning which mimics ‘cancer’ at the end and agonizing and debilitating joint pain upto that point.

If there was a hell, they surely deserve to rot in it, but I’m sure they’ll regret their murderous ways when their spirits leave their dying bodies. Cuz they’ll get replays of every abusive hurtful thing they’ve done. Every agonizing detail will be shared until all their victims know the asshat know how it felt, and I’m sure the line to share that kind of pain’s going to be quite long for them.