Some parasite info…

This covers cover my ideas about dealing with parasites and zappers:

I’d start with a good parasite cleanse WITH a zapper. Many parasites are outside the digestive tract and completely unaffected by herbs. Get Dr. Clark’s book, and look up what pain you actually have–ignore any medical explanation–it’s mostly always wrong. Find out what infections you probably have and treat them. 

Her protocol requires both the herbs AND zapper. There are worms NOT killed by zapping which are the ones deep in the intestines where the current has a hard time reaching. That’s not a failure on the zappers part, that’s a limitation of the access, eh? Hence the herbs.  She addresses this information as well as a lot of other things. If you’re suffering, you will most likely find healing in her version of why you’re sick, compared to the pharmaceutical cartel’s version.

Surely the cartel would never bribe or ignore the government or murder folks who get in their way, or because they hate the ‘useless eaters’ so much, right? I’m so sure they’d only be kindness and light when it comes to making profits. They’re noted for their benevolence and largesse, right? They would have to pay well if people are willing to go on CureZone and make absurd claims about how a zapper failed them, and keep insisting that you have to actually see a worm in your stool to prove you’ve killed them, or that the twitching squirmy feelings are parasites when in fact it’s toxicity.

Anyway, like screwing in a light bulb (electrial current from zapper) to a socket in the depths of a closet that was too far away from the rest of the wiring plus had a lot of interference with jello insulation, it’s hoped that at least a little of the electricity could get thru, but never expected it to be able to light up that bulb (kill parasites) more than a little most of the time if at all, which is why you need to bring a flash light aka deparasite herbs and Black-Walnut hull. Any of the deparasiting stuff that’s orally ingested can really only clean out the closet (digestive system) though, so you need the light (zapper) for the rest of the house.

The ‘proof’ some get so fixated on may well be because they know, just as well as we do that until the pharmaceutical cartel is removed from power, there you’ll never have pictures of ‘killed’ parasites because the FDA goes after any seller like fiends if they dare post such things and because many of the parasites aren’t in the digestive tract. So the cartel paid flunkies can gleefully keep harping on it, over and over and over, knowing the real reasons will safely prevent such inane idiotic ‘proof’ from ever being done.

And heaven forbid the ill person should even try adding a zapper to the mix and dare getting well. The cartel is desperate to stop that, cuz then they might get well enough, they’ll need less of any ‘health’ product pharmaceutical or by now pretty well pharmaceutical-owned natural healing stuff. So, while OF COURSE they’d prefer you use the horrid murderous excessively expensive ‘drugs’, they will take the profit from any place they can.

And healthy people buy far fewer of even natural healing ‘remedies’ since they no longer need said remedies, so I think they have their employees on Curezone pushing the herbs approach as well and doing everything they can to stop people from even trying a zapper.

If I still had parasites that made me sick, I’d still be sick. Period.  I think people using their common sense can figure that out. Any kind of proof besides that is bogus and really proves nothing.



Parasites are toxic too…

Another health realization this morning. The toxic environmental issue thing has a parasite connection to it as well. Parasites are actually absorbing some of the toxins in your body, so they’re kinda protecting you from the full amount your body would otherwise have to store and be damaged by some where else.

So when you kill them with a zapper, it not only makes their infections look for a new home, but as your body dissolves and deals with the carcasses, the toxins are dumped back in your system, too.

So that toxin dump would make the toxicity even worse after you zap as well, even if you’ve kill the infection. While it seems obvious in retrospect, as many ideas do, it’s not something I recall reading about any where along the way, and might account for folks doing all the right things (in the midst of probably a lot of useless things) but not getting better, only worse. Dr. Clark was probably not aware of all of the ramifications yet, since her research was still in it’s early stages.

I have successfully used EFT to be rid of cadmium toxicity which I acquired in the month I was in the hospital (yes, it only took a month to get that toxic) It often manifests as that restless leg syndrome, which I didn’t have a trace of prior to that month.

But afterwards, oh yes. After tapping for everything I could think of to stop of the constant uncomfortable twitching at night, for 3 or 4 months (means I wasn’t tapping for the right thing) I finally with great misgivings resorted to a ‘drug’ to get some much needed rest and yes tramadol is addictive. Blah.

I was finally browsing Dr. Clark’s book again for information about a question here, and stumbled on the whole restless leg thing again. I’d read it years ago, but had no issue with it and so forgot. What I read was that it was spasming blood vessels, which I even never realized they could do and so had never tapped for that, triggered by cadmium build up.

That night I didn’t take the tramadol, and tapped for the blood vessels spasming and voila’ the usual EFT miracle. It stopped in seconds and I fell asleep easily. As does anything, if you tap for the right thing. The trick then become figuring out what the right thing is, which is why I know very little of the cartel’s version is the right thing. It rarely stops anything. It’s a place to start sometimes, as usually the organ or gland or muscle is right but rarely any other part.

But anyway, the removal required tapping for more than a month to get it to stop completely. Probably because I only tapped for the build up around my blood vessels, instead of saying ‘my whole body, but especially my leg’s blood vessels’. Wording makes all the difference, and is part of the learning curve.

It would have gone quicker, I’m sure, but as it was, it only removed the cadmium around the blood vessels and everyday, more would settle back in until it finally got so diluted, it stopped triggering the spasms. They have stopped, so I’m quite sure my cadmium level is back down to at least pre hospital levels. I do muscle testing and it verifies this.

That’s all part of learning to trust yourself. The restless leg thing has stopped. I don’t need any of the pharmaceutical cartel’s money sucking doctor visits and blood tests or any other costly procedure to tell me what the problem was, especially since they can’t do anything about it anyway.

So for you ‘you gotta have a DOCTOR’S official diagnosis’ to PROVE it’, nah, you just gotta know your body which you can do better than any ‘health professional’ ever will. Once you learn to communicate with it (muscle [actually resistance] testing) and fix it (EFT) you have no need of their ‘help’ at 150 dollars an hour. They hate that.

If it worked for cadmium, I’m sure it will work for anything. You just have to figure out what it is, and tap for it like I did. So unless you’re an alien, who have their own different points, I’m sure this will work for anyone. So learn both those things to deal with toxins, zap and deparasite with herbs, kill infections and get back to being well again. 5 steps, and two of them completely free.

My environment is pretty clean and I don’t drive much, so I’m not likely to get that toxic again. But if something happens like that, I’m totally ready.



Parasites and living with them—Really??

So I forgot to mention that there are a lot of the other pathogens carried in by the parasites themselves besides that ‘cancer’ fungus, which cause an infection in the site where they have been chewing.

So I take it as proof you’re killing the parasites because killing the parasites causes the infections they have, like bacteria and virus and fungus to look for a new host–and there you are, conveniently located. So indeed your ‘symptoms’ will get worse as they all pile into your system from their now dead host.

Dr. Clark talks about this in depth and felt the zapper would kill that too, and included the Black-Walnut hull for that as well, but I never found either to work as well as the three herbs I figured out.

Although, looking back, it was a month or so after I started zapping that the hepatitis showed up. So the ‘disease’ aka parasite infestation hadn’t gotten bad enough to manifest yet, but once the parasites got killed and the virus had to move out, it started infecting me, since my immune system wasn’t up to speed yet, and got worse quicker than if I had left the parasites.

So, if you have a ‘disease’ that hurts, get Dr. Clark’s book and read the section ‘pain from head to toe’ and find yours and see what she said was the virus or bacteria (it usually isn’t fungus) for that ‘disease’.

All you really need to know from my experience is that it is a bacteria (goldenseal root), virus (echinacea purpurea, not augustfolia) or fungus (Olive leaf extract). The herbs worked on each individual type of the pathogen so you don’t have to get a specific herb for a specific virus and then another for a different virus, etc. since mother nature isn’t trying to make a profit, just get you well.

And I’d almost recommend taking a cayenne pepper capsule versus a hot beverage to ensure thorough metabolization of the herbs, if you’re planning on zapping and know you’re going to be hit with the extra infectious agents.

Unless you’re like me, and find hot, spicy foods send you over the top, and can’t stand to sit in a hot tub for very long, and get really sweaty easily. In which case you’re probably a pitta body type and don’t need a catalyst at all.

If I were planning to limit the amount of infection that way, I’d try to take 4 or so of which ever herb a half hour ahead of zapping so it had time to really get to work, and then take 2 or 3 every 4 or 5 hours after that, until the symptoms of infection when away.

If they get taken before that, they’d still help, but the parasite will keep reinfecting you if you don’t zap. Luckily for jaguar57, the parasite behind his illness didn’t reinfect him before he got the beck blood purifier, which then killed those virus. Mostly though, if you got it the first time (unless you travel a lot), it’s in your environment, and if you don’t keep zapping regularly, you just getting sick over and over.

If all these people who use the zapper willy- nilly would just take a sec to read the inventor of the zapper’s instructions, it would save a LOT of frustration and unrecognized results! Zappers work. Just take a minute to learn how to use them.”

Apparently there’s a total myth/lie being spread by the cartel and it’s dear employees about ‘peacefully co-existing” with parasites!! *ack* Can you really ‘peacefully co-exist’ with drug addicts, rapists, murders, and thieves. Really?? NOT. So, here’s my answer to a fellow who blithely seems to think you can, because he heard it somewhere and seems to really believes parasites aren’t a problem.

“In the old days, they knew you don’t live with parasites or they wouldn’t have done the whole castor/cod liver oil and now days, as toxic as our bodies get living in the polluted world, no body can even be as healthy as they were back then. The pharmaceutical cartel want you to leave the parasites alone to prosper cuz you get sick and sicker and need their drugs more and more.

So “co-existing’ peacefully with parasites is like trying to live next door to a group of drug addicts who keep having children that they can’t feed with you thinking you don’t need to lock your doors. No, the parasites ALWAYS rob you, no matter how healthy you are. Plus parasites carry in the diseases, so not only are they robbing you and stealing all your food for their kids, but they’re leaving termites, bed bugs, rats, mice and cockroaches everywhere.

As I just posted, the zapper only kills the parasites unfortunately, so your symptoms could take quite a while to disappear on their own as your body tries to recover from the parasite damage, if you don’t address the pathogens like virus, bacteria, and fungus at the time as well.

That, your body might be able to do–rid itself of the vermin maybe as it can’t rid itself of the drug addicts. I’d hate to suffer that long in hopes it would. So you need to do the herbs I found (with a hot beverage or cayenne pepper capsules) that kill those pathogens or get one of the beck blood purifiers–it sounds like those help with that kind of thing. I always used the herbs personally.

Dr. Clark addresses this very issue, but she felt the zapper and Black-Walnut hull would suffice to kills those vermin as well–it never did for me though. Plus if you don’t get rid of the drug addicts (parasites), they’ll just keep stealing and leaving the vermin, no matter how many mouse traps and bug bombs you use. They’re called parasites for a reason. They live by feeding OFF YOU.

And if you don’t keep zapping and getting rid of the addicts, more just move right on in, even if you actually got rid of the first bunch. The parasite eggs are everywhere and will reinfest you in a heartbeat. Parasites are NEVER your friends–despite what all the drug cartel’s employees here and elsewhere say.

And it seems nobody here has cured this problem yet either,(he had major mucus problems after eating with all the usual hebal/supplement ‘solutions’ offered), using their approaches, and you know how useless the ‘remedies’ you’ve already tried have been. Why think more of the same will fix anything? It’s AA’s definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results every time. Be bold–try something different. It sounded like you never even tried the zapper before dismissing it, eh? And even if you did, did you know you have to kill the attending infections they bring in?”

So there was a topic lurking after all. Hope it helped put that total lie of the drug cartel’s ’employees’ to bed. It is absolutely pure propaganda designed to make you sicker and needing MORE drugs, of course.