My learnings about the real Dr. Hulda Clark…

I started reading her work back 15+ years ago. Her discovery of parasites involved in every money maker of the pharmaceutical cartel felt exactly right, although very different from the cartel’s mish-mass of reasons, or lack of reasons. For the first time ever, all the ‘diseases’ made sense. There was a reason for all the big and little health problems.

I put down my useless cartel hyped products (of course I fell for others along the way–which is why I know from hard experience anything from the cartel I tried NEVER worked, or maybe kinda sorta works but in the long run made things worse). And don’t fall for that over acid crap—sheesh, it’s been the worst thing I ever fell for! It’s caused no end of problems still affecting me today. Blah!

I realize now I never needed it, it just sounded like a ‘good’ idea–pure hype. And NO, it doesn’t stop cancer at all. I’m sure they’ve modified the fungus cancer really is into being ok with alkalinity. (it did get rid of my dandruff though, another fungus). My cancer started after not zapping for a few years, but I already was pretty alkaline and pushed myself into it further, buying the lie that it would help. Nope. It took me months to get back to a healthy PH balance.

But anyway, back to doctor Clark. I didn’t have any doubt her equipment worked–I even tried a sycrometer, to see. It was spot on with what few things I tried, once I got the hang of getting the resonance to happen predictably. But it was much like a violin (which I’ve played)–not a guitar (which I’ve also played) YOU had to play the right note without any frets to guide you. It is very manual, or at least was.

So her awareness of the combination of parasites and toxins threw open the door wide for me. I got a zapper–clark style, since that was all there was back then and the herbs and off I went. I found my car muffler had a leak, checking out the various sources of toxicity she talks about—the toxin stuff seemed pretty over the top, so other than look for obvious stuff, I just decided to do all that clean up stuff as I could.

Funny thing is, I’ve never needed to–I’ve gotten quite healthy with only getting a new muffler. I know now (from the memories in the collective unconscious) those were written by a team of ‘elite’ disinformation agents, under that Dentist’s control. They were in fact trying to scare the heck out of everyone aka fear mongering and make her protocol far too daunting and odious, so that people would give up. Plus make you spend thousands of your hard earned dollars replacing a mouth full of ‘evil’ fillings. It’s like a wet dream for them that so many are falling for it.

Yes, there are toxins, for sure, but some, like thallium comes from personal care items, not fillings. Or that a lot of things aren’t as prevalent or damaging as they hyped them to be. Stuff like that. They went thru her whole book and added the erroneous information very thoroughly. In return she wouldn’t be ‘dissappeared’, and her clinic wouldn’t be mysteriously fire bombed.

They had her fudge on their biggest money maker, cancer, too. She knew how to heal it, which means she knew it was a fungus, but she says only maybe some kind of virus. Her sycrometer wouldn’t say–maybe some kind of virus. It would say exactly what kind of virus if it was one. Compared to her certainty for everything else, that’s clearly something amiss.

She truly wanted to help humanity which ran her right up against the ‘elites’ and their cartel trying to kill humanity but slowly so they could get all our money first, but them being bigger and meaner, you can guess how that’d go, even without the rest of the story.

I read about Dr. Clark’s education along the way, in the early days (wish I’d saved it), and in a bio of hers I read, she had a Ph.D in biophysics, with her thesis being something about the frequencies of life, not some bogus starfish muscle. The ‘elites’ rewrite history all the time to suit their agenda without any qualms, so getting a university (a nice big ‘donation’ no doubt) to change that kind of thing is very easily done. Probably after the folks she studied under and with died or something, so there’s no way to verify.

Her master’s in naturopathy was done strictly for licensing purposes. She hardly needed it, as she’d been helping folks for quite sometime before they forced her to get it so she could keep running her clinic.

But as I’ve said, from her protocol, I never had die off, got rid of diabetes type 1, a haital hernia (omg–talk about hurt) the start of arthritis, which my sister now has full on. And all by the time I finished the initial cleanse. Doing it as she instructed.

Not just running around all willy-nilly, buying a zapper and using it half butted and then whinging it didn’t work. I’m thinking some of them didn’t even try one, but part of the job is to say you did, and it didn’t work. Most of them aren’t even sick, to know if it would have. At least that’s what I see when I look at the memories of the employees—er—I mean ‘regular’ posters here.

Plus Dr. Clark says this:

“Trying the zapper on an illness to see “if it works” is not useful. Your symptoms may be due to a non-parasite. Or you may reinfect within hours of zapping.”

Most of the ‘regular’ posters here have no idea if zappers actually work, or even what to expect if they do. It’s like buying a fancy toy robot with various trick commands outlined in the instruction manual, but then never reading the manual, and whining that their robot won’t do tricks. Even if they’re just pretending, it still makes my head hurt.

Anyway, Dr. Clark was very much a scientist, (She’d have made any CSI happy) following where the evidence led. I’m sure she wouldn’t have liked my spiritual source at all—no documentation, you know. There was nothing wrong with her Science or the outcomes she got–only that it exposed the cartel’s entire ‘medical’ industry lie. Every single modern disease she tested had a parasite and toxin. Every one (except high blood pressure). Can that be a coincidence, really? Every single one?

I can see the memories of them planning this huge almost unbelievably audacious scam since the early 1800’s, laying in block after block. Getting their minions ‘doctors’ into every town, getting rid of the herbalists and midwives who’d recognize the symptoms as parasite infestations, pulling the electrical type instruments that actually could kill parasites in the ’30’s, ‘discovering’ and renaming new diseases that were just old parasite symptoms, developing poisonous pharmaceuticals that at first actually did help (had some anti-parasite stuff in ’em) to trick people into thinking ‘drugs’ worked better, and many more steps, all carefully instituted.

But then—Wham–Dr. Clark exposes it all, not even knowing she what she’s done. I see them realizing the frequencies would give the whole scam away. That’s part of why they destroyed Rife–so he didn’t go there, but an idea will have it’s time, and they weren’t looking for a woman to be trained enough to do it. Plus she was in Canada–they aren’t paying much attention to Canada–not known for it’s innovation. They got to her as soon as they could but she’d already healed some very influential people, so when they jailed her (‘dragged out of bed in the middle of the night’ style) those influential folks didn’t let up until the ‘elites’ brought her out to court.

The judge was appalled by their treatment of her, looked over the ‘case’ they had against her and promptly threw it out. He apologized profusely and immediately let her go. Oh they kept trying though, and her clinic made her very vulnerable. She really wanted to help as many as she could, and needed it to do that. I see her caving to their pressure more than once, when they threatened her clinic–I’m seeing that’s the biggest reason for moving it to Mexico—The Mexican government (I see she helped one of the important men’s wife) was supportive of her and they had no qualms about hurting/killing any invading U.S. mercenary sent to do damage.

In time, the ‘elites’ managed to buy some local Mexican agents, and the threats resumed I’m sure. And then, not trusting her to not put it all together, and expose the whole huge scam (and important people listened to her), they managed to get a gal on her kitchen staff, who put cadmium (obtained from a battery) into her oatmeal frequently.

I do see Dr. Clark trying to treat herself, but not realizing it was cadmium poisoning until it was far too late. 😦 And as the ‘elites’ always do to their enemies, they tried to destroy her credibility and the possibility of her being completely right. And claiming she died of ‘cancer’ which Cadmium poisoning mimics at the end. They really hated her.

That’s why they always find child p 0 r n type stuff on their whistle blowers computers too, or hanging in their closet by their belt, depending how badly they want to besmirch the person, surrounded by kiddy or fetish p 0 r n. And everyone stupidly believes them–just because their biggest scam of all ‘free’ media TV says so.


Is all humanity this stupid, or just those working for the ‘elites’?

More chitter chatter here on Curezone, all  these employee types trying to defend frequency zappers when it’s so clear they absolutely could be trying to weaponize it. You only have to look at the ‘elites’ track record of getting inside and using the movement or product to create something horrible and abusive–if you can’t beat them–join them and destroy or twist it from the inside.

If I thought all humans were this idiotic, I’d say to heck with it and let them all perish in that coming energy strip–except all those non-human spirits would die too—They’re all here to shoot for full enlightenment. I hate that soooo many sentient spirits would be dissolved. But of course if we don’t get those cities dug, everyone will be dead already before we get into the spirit dissolving middle area of the strip.

But they’ll only be able to live without a body for 20 or so years, and they’re human now, so no other species will let them reincarnate in their bodies. Well, maybe, the various species could gather up their now in human bodies spirits, and go to some place shielded, and open the permissions for humans to reincarnate. Most species are pretty xenophobic though, the greys the worst, of course. But just because he was uncle Billy—he’s human now–is he really still uncle Billy? They’ll have the memories and attendant creativity of humanity though, so it would actually be a huge benefit to them.

So unless humanity gets it’s head out of it tush–we’re pretty screwed. I’m not, cuz I will make full enlightenment, so I can just stay up with the overarching sentience or go with the El-*th, but good luck, the rest of you naysayers/skeptics.

Zappers on curezoneworse than I thought…

“The frequencies that should have been running during that sensation are 787, 727, 660, 484, 465, 440, 35, 20, and 6.8, and the 100hz steps surrounding them.

The sensations in the muscles were at first as if every single muscle throughout my frame was tensing or bunching- and then as the frequencies got lower and lower, it was more and more like I was laying on a rock hard surface instead of a comfy bed, pillows and blanket. Imagine foam padding slowly encasing you in.”

This a user describing what she felt when she zapped—I believe it was the first time. I also believe this is one of the frequency based zapping units sold via curezone. I went into the collective unconscious this morning looking for the truth on this matter and it drew me to the time one of the zapper makers was raided by the FDA.

They threatened him and his significant people not with jail—just that they’d be disappeared. He yielded and agreed to their plan. I’m pretty sure I would have at that point as well. He also had to keep selling his units, and successfully lay people’s fears to rest. I’m guessing my probing and questions and corrections surely didn’t help.

So the plan was to take over production of his frequency based zapper and make ‘improvements’ which included adding chips that ran HUMAN frequencies on them covertly, so not only are the parasites being zapped, but also the humans. That’s what that user felt—she was being selectively electrocuted!

Like the spooky2, they designed it to be sort of random so a direct correlation couldn’t be drawn. They’ve been tracking every one of those units purchased since then and used a survey done to determine the zapping habits of the users, so they could correlate deaths and loss of energy type things to the usage of the zappers.

They are seeing if Dr. Clark was right. Could they cause someone a slow lingering death without hope of healing? Part of why he had to insist–‘no, zapped things did recover’–to allay any fears that zapping with frequencies would ever be weaponized against us humans since the effect didn’t ‘last’.

Dr.Clark’s findings and fear:

“What was actually happening to the bacteria or parasites? If I could kill something as large as an Ascaris worm or intestinal fluke, then perhaps I could kill something even larger, like an earthworm or flea, something I could see with my own eyes instead of having to imagine its demise inside my body. Ten minutes at a frequency chosen near the top of their broadcast range seemed to anesthetize them. But they didn’t die. Later I checked the body bandwidth (the range of frequencies they emit) of each. The earthworms had lost a lot of their bandwidth, both at the top and bottom. The fleas seemed hardier; they had only lost a little. However they did not recover, even weeks later, from this loss. Could it harm humans to douse them with RF frequencies in their own bandwidth? Quite probably, if the voltage were high enough…

…It was a worrisome truth. Perhaps the department of defense would use this knowledge and develop super high voltage devices to kill people (“enemies”) somewhere in the world. But I couldn’t let sick people suffer. Besides, it would probably require a voltage much like lightning to kill people from a distance.
Possibly a way could be found to shield yourself from frequencies harmful to humans by wearing a choke (inductor) coil which suppresses these frequencies. Remember, there was no recovery, just a slow death for my experimental animals. It must not happen to humans!”
Cure for all Diseases” page 11.

What kind of voltage would it take if it was right there in your hands or plastered around your body for ‘full coverage’?? And that’s the true and high level danger of using a frequency based zapper.

You should NEVER feel something like that user did from a zapper, ever—a clark style zapper uses the wave–still I suppose they could co-opt one of those too and covertly put in that chip for human frequencies, but now it’s still in the controlled experimental stage.

But once they discover the most deadly combo of frequency and voltage, they’ll start getting them into as many zappers as they can. So unless these criminals are stopped, it could get ugly—like spooky2ugly—free or ridiculously cheap zappers for everyone! And a sudden about face about Dr. Clark and her work. Oh they’d love that using her to kill all these folks. They love irony, just like by killing her with cadmium, they made it look like cancer, which cadmium poisoning at the end mimics. So if you have one of frequency based zapper, probably wanna stop using it, eh? Hopefully it’s not too late.

Oh yeah, the ‘elites’ would back that kind of expense/experiment if it got rid of humans. They hate us. And in the words of Kissinger calling us ‘useless eaters’, it sounds like they already think of us as parasites, eh?

A unsafe or ineffective zapper being sold on curezone??

Huh—the hack A team is back on Curezone. I get on and within 2 or 3 minutes the attack start. So what am I saying now that would provoke this hack response??

My most recent focus has been explaining how Parazapper’s zappers aren’t really Clark style zappers which kill with the positive offset square battery wave, not frequencies, which makes his more a modified Rife machine, not a zapper Therefore, even with all the frequencies he covers with multiple and resonant frequencies, he still is probably missing many of the frequencies that a Clark zapper kills.

Hum… It makes a difference. Dr. Clark said doing the individual pathogens/parasites frequency by frequency would take 26 hours for a normal sick person. Extrapolating that out makes maybe 550 or so. Even if parazapper’s combo of frequencies hits 200 of them, that’s missing quite a few. Could it be that the cartel wants us to use his versus the far more thorough Clark style zapper??

But of course would continue their harassment of him to keep it looking like his zappers were as worrisome to them as the Clark zapper. I never thought of that, but this sudden hack attacking again says I’ve hit a truth they really don’t want revealed, like the human sexuality post. Hum–hard choice–reveal to me they’re trying to stop me posting my observations about parazapper’s units with hack attempts or leave me go, possibly blowing their whole parazapper gig. The cartel’s masters, the ‘elites’ are well known for their ‘If you can’t beat them, join them, and destroy them from the inside’ strategy. Parazapper’s pretty deep inside, eh?

I haven’t been posting much otherwise. Mostly just trying to set the record straight with the notable difference between the two. I’m sure his does an adequate job, but it must be missing one of the frequencies for one of their money makers, would be my guess, if in fact this startling information is true which I’m getting a strong yes for from my source.

Huh… Parazapper has always seemed a stand up kind of guy. I know he never cared for me much, but he seemed seems honest and caring-—I hope they are doing this without his knowledge, consent or assistance.

Zappers don’t work, huh? & IBS STUFF…

So much faked information out there about zappers. It totally does kill all the parasites outside the digestive track, especially if you do it every day as the eggs hatch out. The worms NOT killed are the ones deep in the intestines where the current has a hard time reaching. That’s not a failure on the zappers part, that’s a limitation of the access, eh? That’s why you need to take at least wormwood, to get those.

I’m sure the hybrids via their owned pharmaceutical cartel would never bribe or ignore the government or murder folks who get in their way, or because they hate the ‘useless eaters’ so much, right? I’m so sure they’d only be kindness and light when it comes to making profits. They’re noted for their benevolence and largess, right?

I luckily have protection of the divine sort, otherwise I’d have been murdered years ago. They can’t get to me.

Anyway, zappers work just like a light bulb works. If you don’t screw it in tightly, have all the fuses working, don’t turn on the light switch, or there’s no power to the house, and so on,  a light bulb does work either, although it works fine if used properly.

But it’s that level of stuff the cartel uses to ‘prove’ zappers don’t work. They never consider it’s something wrong with the house (user) or the user not using it properly, or doing something that’s preventing or interfering with it working properly. Or that you may have a faulty light bulb which may not work cuz it damaged or poorly made. Nope, that’s just ‘proof’ zappers in general, don’t work.

And  like screwing in a light bulb to a socket in the depths of a closet that was too far away from the rest of the wiring plus had a lot of interference with jello insulation, a zapper won’t get all of them. It’s like they ran the line in the hopes that at least a little of the electricity could get thru, but never expected it to be able to light up more than a little most of the time if at all, which is why you need to bring a flash light aka deparasite herbs. Any of the deparasiting stuff that’s orally ingested can really only clean out the closet though (does it well), so you need the zapper for the rest of the house.

The ‘proof’ (he insisted you had to SEE dead carcasses before you knew they were dead, and that you’d better have pictures to ‘prove’ it, which is ridiculous, especially if the parasite is outside the digestive tract) that one fellow was so fixated on may well be because he knew, just as well as we do that until the pharmaceutical cartel is removed from power, there WILL NEVER BE THAT KIND OF PROOF. PERIOD. If you dared try, they sent the FDA after you.

And heaven forbid the ill person should even try adding a zapper to the mix and dare getting well. The cartel is desperate to stop that, cuz then they might get well enough, they’ll need less of any ‘health’ product pharmaceutical or by now pretty well pharmaceutical-owned natural healing stuff. So, while OF COURSE they’d prefer you use the horrid murderous excessively expensive stuff, they will take the profit from any place they can.

And healthy people buy far fewer of even natural healing ‘remedies’ since they no longer need said remedies, so I think they have their employees in places like Curezone to stop people from even trying a zapper.

I’m helping someone who has several intestinal problems (IBS) and am realizing those folks with those kinds of issues would be hard-pressed to do the cloves or cayenne pepper stuff. I figured out something that could be helpful for them, I think.

So what I figured out is that maybe for those folks, they could do the wormwood and herb for the first 4 days or so, maybe add silver, a good but fairly passive anti virus, bacteria, fungus. To help the lining heal enough to start tolerating the cloves and cayenne.

Yes it would cause the parasites to scatter, but if you zapped right on the heels of this start, it wouldn’t be a problem. Just a thought on making it easier on those poor IBS or leaky gut syndrome folks. I’m sure there is a infection with those that conveniently they ‘can’t’ diagnose, so at least the silver should be used.