DMSO, actually very bad for your eyes…

Be extremely careful with DMSO. It really does accumulate in the eye and make the tissue very fragile, and probably could lead to blindness.

I used it for a while, noticing my eyes getting easily irritated and the whites started getting saggy. Then I had a bad eye bleed (which has never happened before or since). Luckily EFT to the rescue to remove the toxic build up in my eyes, and I never used it again, so my eyes are back to firm and healthy again. So unless you are planning on learning EFT, steer clear of using it much.

My guess–the pharmaceutical cartel’s behind all the false information about it not being dangerous because it will cause all sorts of problems for them to treat profitably, plus support their medical doctor minions *cha-ching* by multiple visits and prescribing all their ‘medicine’/supplements. Plus add a whole new layer of fear to a person’s thoughts–fear they’ll go blind.

Since the ‘elite’ own most of the big any type industries, they coordinate strategies, and fear keeps people unable to think very well. They stay reactive and overemotional and VERY easy to manipulate.



Fiddle fuss stuff…

And more drivel about all the twisty turny ways that might get you better. Even the answerers don’t sound very convinced. I know the employee regular ‘posters’ were pushing the fiddle fuss methods for the pharmaceutical cartel’s natural healing industry, but really–trying for months and months the same old thing with minimal results—how long will the regular folk settle for never getting well??

Or all these back and forths about Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and dichotomous earth and other slightly helpful things are just the employees talking to each other, still trying to set the norm that fiddle-fussing is the only answer?

If you use a zapper, in addition to the deparasiting herbs, you actually get well. Why do folks appear to settle for the fiddle fuss in the face of actually getting better? I’m quite ready to throw in the towel—obviously these idiots WANT to suffer. Or cruelly make other folks suffer because of the misleading norm they’re setting.