Water poisoning…

So more spells–ones that were confusing my body about water–even to the point of what it was and how to use it. I’m clearing away as many ways as to how they could have messed with it and my throat/mouth is getting moister.

Then they messed with my taste buds–as I clear stuff away this other crap surfaces, but I also realized chemicals that are very bad for me have been draining out these plastic bottles especially the hard plastics which I haven’t even been filtering–it’s the bad taste at the end I’ve been noticing. So back to filtering and putting it in glass jars. That definitely makes it less bitter, so it should help. That’s probably true for everyone.

But slowly and surely, I’m clearing stuff as I find it. While it seems absurd that there is this  much crap-, even to me. they’d been preparing thousand if not millions of years–they had the time to think of it.


No rest yet…

*sigh* Now I’ve found they corrupted the cells–guess I should have expected that, they’ve done it else where. So the regrowth was with faulty cells that at least weren’t destroying good cells but were only building damaged unusable ones and still screwing with re-energzing and sucking water outta me.

The spell level stuff seems pretty cleared–found just a few more weak echo type spells which I can make myself immune to and clear out as thy show up. But as of this a.m. I still had a super dry mouth waking up. There’s something there,  just feel it and until that’s gone I’m not letting my guard down.

I’m going to keep digging until I can break it and hope whatever it is isn’t injuring me and that this isn’t a race to keep me out of a wheelchair!:(

Wanting fruit and geez, not something else…

Not a lot of time off—–I discovered the spells had been rerouting my electrolytes into the itchy mess as more irritants and my body was getting desperately low. I read thru the list of symptoms and nearly every single one except the headache. It was changing my desire to eat fruit too—I’ve never asked for strawberries and oranges or bananas or peaches or watermelon before—blick. But now I can’t get enough of them.

Of course, I’m not sure how much of the fruit thing will survive the return of the electrolytes. My body may have been trying different sources since the original sources weren’t working any more, plus those damn drying spells are making all moist foods more attractive.

Then, I’d been feeling like the black mean stuff was intensifying—like there was still something there, pushing back. Luckily I’d been keeping the energy shield with the  OAS up, because there was something left. I finally figured out there was an OAS left for the black forces, that somewhere along the way, they’d actually acquired one–it was multi-species and now, not much more than a big gas-filled balloon, but in it’s heyday, it was pretty powerful.

But even in this weakened state, it was still more powerful than me–so I called the human OAS over and showed him what I found. Even he said ‘Goood grief—not something else!’ So he immediately  began to throw it on the spirit chipper, It couldn’t save it self of course, but it was kinda funny to watch, sorta like someone throwing one of those red gumby-shaped air guys with a blower and it kept flapping around and the OAS had to keep grabbing these flailing arms and stuffing them back in.

So, it’s gone but the increased pressure (nudging) it put on the spells and stuff, the OAS had to remove before I could get the original spell or what ever to move, so no brain rest for me—sheeesh, I so hope there’s nothing else left, and my brain can finally get some R&R and my body get to recovering–the black OAS was giving me some pretend strength increase which of course went away, so I’d think I was actually getting better and not notice him screwing with everything else–so back to the beginning there, but at least with my electrolytes going again! Not back to the brick in my shoes level, but the running out of strength going to the bathroom level. Blah.

Time off for my brain…

I was sitting here thinking just a bit ago–I was thinking of doing something along the lines of reorganizing my music and I notice I felt that was too hard, it required too much thought. I was ready to be a bit hard on myself—I mean how hard is that? When it struck me—of course I was tired mentally.

I’ve been fighting for my life the last 4 or 5 months. I’d say I have every right to be mentally exhausted. I’m finally at a place where thing are calming down. Luckily my body spirit can stop the piglet spells, then it wakes me up, to make sure it was only a piglet spell and not one of the ones I need to deal with. My sleep is getting much better.

I’ve been puzzling out what they were trying to kill me with before it did—that took some serious thought, and day after day, too. Mentally, I feel like I’ve just climbed Mt. Everest and can finally stop. As far as I can tell, all the hard core danger is past. Frankly even typing this feel hard. So I’m going to take a day off or two and just play easy solitaire. 🙂

Rest my brain. The only real thing left is getting all the water out of my legs–those thirst spell really overloaded me and I’m hauling (and feeling) 30 or more extra pounds of water swelling and hurting my legs. Haven’t really talked about it because it wasn’t life threatening, just really painful.

But who knows what’s next–I’m sure after the OAS sees I’m rested he has more in store. Waking up humanity is still looming, but least no more witches, I hope!

Just going to have to deal with the spells as they pop up—Blah

As I was telling someone, it looks like I can’t really get all those spells out—I’m just going to have to run them out. But with my body waking me up as the dryness starts, it gives me time to stop them—that‘ll have to do unless I can think of a different approach, since they tied them to things like (just last nite) Micheal Weston from NCIS. *ack* so if I think/dream of him, it started a spell.

Who knows what other ridiculous thing they’ve attached them too?? I’m just going to have to break them as they come. The OAS can run things out in time, but what can he do to activate spells like that? Blah. Any ideas welcome, no matter how weird they may seem. The OAS can do a lot of things, so don’t let ‘impossible’ be a stopping consideration. 🙂 I’d love any ideas on this.

Piglets. Blah!

So, I kept having those spells pop up again and again–I realized those spells were more like a series of spells that popped up together and attacked me and drained my energy–I kept getting the image of a me being suckled dry by bunch of piglets. So now, I’m thinking of them as piglet spells.

And there are gobs and gobs of them. I’ve learned they are actually one of the easier spells and the apprentices were casting them every day for who knows how long, but it means they are not very involved (easier to remove) and are not spread across a long period of time, cuz that’s a more difficult thing to do. There’s thousands of them or were—ready to pop up after I fell asleep. So rather than deal with each spell/cell separately, the OAS and I decided to just get rid of the cells by scooping them out, and let my body regrow the cells.

So with a mini version of how they got Bael out, we’ve been scooping them out by my pretending to sleep, (they can’t tell the difference), until the spells start popping out, then he lifts it thru my body and snags the now active spells. It’s taken 15-20 times thru already, because the spells activate as randomly as a bunch of trying to be clever apprentices could make them not only across time, but days.

But the OAS has been slowly extending the specific time and date field (versus just a year at a time) around me out to about a year and a half, and we seem to be catching the random ones. Tomorrow, no dry mouth (the first indicator of these spells) pleeeaaase!

I honestly hope this is the last stuff—we’ve been thru all the more  advanced spells I hope and have just the last low-level spells left (although since it activated the mummification, atrophying/wasting, AND weakening/energy sucking spells, each not that strong but with the 12 or thirteen spells that popped up together, it was quite effective and damaging), they definitely needed to be stopped. I hope I have! Sheesh—then I’ve got to get this mess they’ve left behind healed.

Two significant finds (or 4 depending on how you count them…

Boy, I’m am passed weary of this spell thing. I just can’t believe the layers and trouble the witches went to, to torment me. I hate to take anything personal, but unfortunately I ended up being that end-times Oracle, and I can look back and see they’ve been bombarding me since I got my grandma’s energy spell off me. They were planning for this eventuality for 100’s of years. Once it became clear it was me, boom, it all landed on me.

The itching came back mildly but the deep skin damage/itch  I discovered turned out to be  a rotting spell (Is there nothing they wouldn’t do??), which stopped after being tapped for, last night. But there was a thin coating of itchy patches this A.M. like the mummification spell caused. And, I woke up with a really dry mouth again. Why couldn’t I get that to stop–every morning for months, I’ve had to peel my tongue off the roof of my mouth, sometimes a little less, but always there. What if it were an indication of some bigger spell running? But how???? I’ve cleared all the spells I’ve found and believe I’d gotten them all—were some hidden/latent somehow??

After some figuring, I realized they’d hidden a mummification spell, an atrophy spell, AND a weakening spell all by having them only be active while I was asleep–I noticed my mouth drying out as I was dozing off actually. Arrrrrgh! No wonder I wasn’t getting better when I should have been, like in the morning or after a nap. I was being sucked dry with full strength debilitating spells all nite long. At least, the bladder issues made those broken up and less long between waking up. Waking made them latent again.

I had NO idea they could make spells like that, and apparently it is quite a time consuming process; they have to ‘train’ them—these spells had taken several other women’s lives worth of abusing to get the spells this ‘obedient’. Centuries, probably.  Again showing how determined they were and how long they had planned., and I just walked into it like a  naive tourist in a dark Singapore alley, completely unprepared. Knowing that prophesy would’d helped loads—I would have come into the dark ally prepared to always protect myself. As it was, they got a big head start because I wasn’t protecting myself.

But I did have a full confident working knowledge of EFT and muscle (actually resistance) testing. The EFT uses ‘god’ energy, way more powerful than El-*th energy, (the OAS figured out how they did stuff and made a manual version for us–that’s why it fixes everything, not just health issues and I’ve found new points that access the meta skills too) and the resistance testing gives me answers right away. I’m being told they even dosed some local water with bane so that when this weakening stuff showed up, I’d run to the doctors and ‘find’ out I had MS because so many folks have it around here. That was a fail–I know MS is just parasite infestation symptoms (which I keep killed off), and I’d choose to die before I ever let another medical ‘minion’ near me on purpose.

So I never went to a doctor for this–it wouldn’t have helped. How could I explain the spells/curses to them if I hardly believed it myself other than EFT (which they don’t know about) would only stop something if it were the right thing and the EFT was stopping the problems tapped for as spells/curses?? But luckily, I was able to counter what the witches were doing if I could just figure it out and tap for it. I’m pretty sure it annoyed them no end.

So I was more like a naive tourist who knew Kung fu and a couple other self protective things. When I think about it, I quite unintentionally (with the help of good friends like the OAS and king/high lords/archangels and allies, like Ennos and Pythos, who’s back in a dragon body, but is still pretty small which is nice because I can hug his neck [he hates it] instead of his toe) took on the full black spruce coven of el-*th witches and won. Ennos did a thorough sweep today and couldn’t even find a black coven cat. And, because of my problems with that bunch, we found and took down Bael, ahead of his plans.

But the suffering I’ve endured was NOT worth it, but at least it wasn’t for nothing. And quite sincerely, I don’t think one other single human would have survived this—oh the joy of life’s continuing lessons. Count on them getting harder. This was like grade school to collage level though—coulda used a bit of in between.

Maybe the end of those evil animals…

Well, I guess two days was better.

The guys were much better at hiding than the women–we finally brought Ennos back over  because he could find them, no matter how deep they hid. He loved it–gave him something worth while to do. So he carefully combed all the El-*th worlds and dug out about 5o more, dropped them on the town square and left the king and high lords to deal with the list of crimes and memories–he even brought in the kids being trained because a lot of them were coven  in their past lives and had a huge list of crimes already accumulated.

And some really bad humans. The OAS took those; he just threw them in the chipper and took their life essence and destroyed it, saying ‘we got plenty of humans. Don’t need to decide what to do with a lot this bad’

Whenever we found a black witch male though, it was always in like a cavern like place with decks over water. And out in the water, almost like familiars, were these black swimmy globs. They got quite agitated as their masters were apprehended, but didn’t act against Ennos or the OAS. I just watched from a safe distance, because I could tell they would attack me.

Ennos decided they were worth gathering up since they looked pretty evil, and so started scooping them up and putting them in a big vat for further study. The OAS followed one back to it’s lair/home and the subterranean lake was filled with them and there was like this big entrance, pillars and everything, to the black El-*th men’s hall where they had their stuff for meetings and holding spells and stuff. The OAS cleaned it out, just like the women’s lair. I noticed there were these chained men on the edge of the decks and it appeared the globs were feeding on them somehow. Ennos gather all the globs he could find, but after seeing that ‘eating’ behavior on those poor men some human, some el-*th, it was decided they weren’t worth keeping and into the chipper they went–made quite a gooey mess. Yuck.

And then, this morning, I opened up my cooler to get some water, and my mouth went dry immediately. It was so quick, I knew it was a new spell–I asked, and indeed it was. I was like, how?? Ennos was very thorough. Apparently this apprentice got sent into the bowels of the caverns to find and harvest black bane–the worst of the worst. So Ennos popped back, and dug into those kinds of places and found four more on similar harvesting missions. That stuff was horrid. In my unprotected state, the regular stuff was like a 5 on a scale of 10–black bane like an 8. One good dose of that would have killed me, which they intended. I did find a couple bottles of water they’d dosed, but cleared them.

And that itchy stuff–after all I could think of, after racking both my and sweeties brain last nite was maybe I was have some sort of allergic reactions to something my skin cells had been corrupted into making, since I’m getting that all that’s left is what I’m doing myself. I never actually tapped for allergic reactions to my own body’s output–only to aliens out put–It stayed non-itchy for most the nite, but it did still itch a bit by this A.M., but that might have been secretions my body made before I intervened *so crossing my fingers* If you guys can think of anything, I’d very much appreciate the help. 🙂

And I am surely not this much of a story-teller. I’m just writing down what I see. That’s difficult enough. I’ve sorta skimmed some of the more detailed parts. And believe me, I wish I was making up this incessant itching and debilitating weakness.

Back 4 months or so ago, I was climbing the stairs on my own, no problem, going out for coffee and lunch, but now sweetie has to help me up the stairs, and I don’t have the strength to get to the car. I’m back in my wheel chair which I left years ago. So, hopefully  now that I’ve got these mummifying and atrophying spells stopped, I will start regaining it again.

Tired today…

Think I’ll take a break—these idiots wear me out–there was a bit more to clearing the black male witches., but I’ll write about it tomorrow—They tried to poison me with bane–a big bunch of it, so I’m very tired today.

The witches weren’t all gone…

I think I’ve figured out the answer. A while back, I was spending a lot of time around the OAS. And my gums started bleeding, my hair falling out, and feeling sorta nauseous. I realized he was actually rather radioactive and I was getting the equivalent of a dentist x-ray every day.

I just flashed to the idea that maybe I could increase my tolerance to radioactivity by tapping for it. And after a couple rounds, I got a yes, I was now more resistant to it and continued on. My gums stopped bleeding, hair stopped falling out and my digestion went back to normal, thankfully. It occurred to me that perhaps I could make myself immune to spells yesterday (duh)—could it have been that easy?? Got a yes, tapped for it and, my cells seem spell-resistant,  and overnite, my strength had started returning.

But then, My strength started feeling sapped again, like something was back drawing on it. I started feeling something big was lurking. Muscle testing kept saying no, but my gut felt worried and heavy, like there was badness around. Then I flashed to an image of a male witch. I realized we’d taken a few when we killed the women witches, but only a few. What I was feeling was the rest of them, who’d slipped thru the cracks. Part of why the spells kept popping up. The male group was pushing them. They’d kept the covert spells running so we wouldn’t think of them.

They felt my cells not allowing the spells anymore and were investigating what they could do about it. But it was intense enough, I could feel them out there trying to get other things to work, and found they could push left over spell fragments, so a lot of things started up again, mildly—like they started pushing on a piece of dryness spell, and I kept pushing back, becoming more aware of something significant still alive with a bad attitude toward me.

I called the OAS again, *ack* a whole other group of them! He immediately gathered the male evil el-*th up,  hung them with their memories and list of crimes; there were 50 or so—he gathered them from all the el-*th world right off the bat this time. Not one of them were fit for a life reset. This bunch got all of the rage the women missed. It was OKed from the king and the high lords, and he took these guys out and killed them repeatedly in painful ways, beat them, electrocuted them, any way he could think of and finally threw them in the spirit chipper, gathered up their soul essence and took them over to the empty space and ran the life essence out time wise so it ceased to exist.

He did ask one of them why they thought I, his Oracle was the threat? The guy really didn’t know–he said the prophesy said Oracle so that’s who they went after. The OAS said, ‘the reason she’s in it, is because you all managed to piss me off enough to end you, by all the crap you’re doing to her—that’s the ONLY reason. Surely  you could have figured this out. It’s ME who’s ended you. Had you left her be, I’d have ignored you, probably.’

I guess it’s better that it went down like it did though. Bael lost a significant resource before the big ending which hurt his chances a lot.