Free of curezone, and waiting a bit…

So, it nice, being free of curezone. So peaceful–hope they’re happy too, free to scam and thieve again without fear of a whistle blower calling them on it. It is surprising to me though, that the webmaster decided to go with the scammers, not even seeing his little ‘test’ looked exactly like one of the vignettes so of course I’d mention it, and  that thru the 7 months I was there at least 10 ‘regular’ posters now no longer post but a few times. They clearly are gone. The worst ones first, the ones ripping off little old ladies with their hyperinfections  money trolling scams and most vigorous denial of zappers and cramming ‘iodine therapy’ down everyone’s throat.

And everyone else who’s caused someone to die, keeping the truth about parasites and the zapper’s effectiveness against them suppressed. A LOT of the ‘regular- folks, 10 at least are gone—some sorta surprised me—but if they can be implicated in accessory to murder, off they went—to jail. Doesn’t the webmaster see that?? The arresting folk have pretended to log on as them occasionally so the other employees couldn’t pretend I’d driven the criminals off.

And that one gal  whoyouarenormally was one of the arresting folk, but she led the charge to get me ban. Still some issues with el-*th women, apparently. Huh—don’t know what her problem is other than some affiliation to that coven maybe. I’m suspecting she’s being examined for criminal activity now. The king was surprised I was banned.

Things are getting back to normal after that Bael thing, and teams are out clearing anti-human groups again. The  OAS is holding off on blasting things to see how getting rid of that horrible monster and freeing those humans spirits from his evil influence goes. It obviously was having an impact! So, thing’s are on stand-by for now.


4/23/16–Banned from CureZone.

Well, I wonder what pushed the web master over the edge this time—guess I wasn’t shadow of a doubting enough. Well enough. I was only there because the OAS wanted me there. If the webmasters no longer wants the OAS’s help, so be it. I’m hardily sick of those lying cheating stealing pharmacutical cartel employee slime that are infesting the place with corruption and making people suffer.

I guess liars going to lie, scammers going to scam, thieves are gonna thieve. He’s made his bed with the ‘devil’. Wonder how it’s gonna go for him and Curezone. I hope any real poster has the wisdom to see thru the farces, since I’ve tried very hard to point out the goals and intentions of the many vignettes.  I have to trust that enough was done. 🙂