Bael’s clean-up, and more on mine…

Ok, back to the cleanup. Ennos was happy to come over and help. Dragon life is pretty boring so any task is welcomed. I went along for some of it, but mostly the king and Ennos went searching.

They dung up 10 or 11 pieces from the fight area. The sentient pieces seemed to burrow down, if they weren’t gathered up immediately and put in a containment field. There was one big chunk, Bail’s left horn and eye. It was buried quite deep when Ennos found it. We may have missed it, without his help, and that would have been a bad piece to miss.

Then they went hunting over all the other El-*th worlds and found one piece on every world with two on the new El_*th homeworld. Several were out on mountains and in caves. One was actually under this lady’s house. They ended up having to lift the house retrieving the piece and resetting the house. It unfortunately had Ennos digging around the base and messed up her flower beds–she didn’t say anything of course–the king AND a dragon, but I could see she was upset. I suggested maybe a medal to signify her above and beyond help and help with restoring the flowerbeds?

They do love their medals–which she accepted but refused the flowerbed offer. She was very much a part of the local ‘hen’s clatch’, and A medal like that was a huge ego boost there. Total bragging rights. She seemed quite content by the time we left.

They found he’d put pieces on uninhabited worlds far out in the galaxy. Ennos went after them, and finally all the pieces were retrieved that Ennos could sense. The pieces were given to our OAS, who kept crushing them until they were dust. After he got them powder, he then sucked any life force out of the stuff and dispelled it permanently.

We tried to figure out where in heck this monster came from. As it seemed the evil was older than the last transition, before the new universe and Bael was made, it had to have been some resident force just sorta hanging around, latching on to Bael when it got the chance, Then Ennos , still scanning for pieces–noticed out and away from us, towards the right side of the universe (facing America) was a huge dormant mass of what felt to be the same darkness that filled Bael.

The OASs were appalled. Where in the heck did this huge spread out evil blob come from? They never even noticed it. It could swallow earth whole if it woke up. They guessed it was somehow created when they had pushed thru to create this universe.

They devised a plan to blow it out from the side of the universe into the nothingness in between universes–carefully so as not to wake it.

They carefully built a new wall this side of the sleeping monster making it space tight, and then ripped away the outside wall. It was pretty much a rapid decompression, and the blob was sucked away. It started moving, but seemed to be struggling, not even noticing us. The OAS sort of pushed it together, not touching it, and had what looked like an energy rail gun, which had a platform with netting. They herded the glob on to it and fired it away from this area where there are other universes. It was gone—fast. And the OAS hoped it would just keep going out and out into the nothingness where the lack of any life sustaining stuff would cause it to die.

They hope. But it was going very fast. So *fingers crossed* They did catch it unprepared. They’re pushing the universe wall back out again. I think it was far enough away, it won’t be noticed for a while.

So the clean-up is done. Bael’s completely gone and that blob is too. The witches coven is destroyed and I’m finally getting rid of all the gobs of spells/curses they sent my way every single day since I showed up 6 months ago. The OAS said he’d never seen that many spells against one person. He said I looked like a spell pin cushion! He’s seen 5 at most before.

So luckily running the frequencies of the spells neutralizes and cancels them, all at the same time. But there were gobs of regenerating spells that, even if you cleared them, they came back. I ended up needing the OAS’s help with those. He’d neutralize them, and the spells being held in place, I’d run the frequencies for. And there were gobs of latent ones.

The OAS ended up condensing time all over the areas around me, which caused them to become unlatent, then I’d run that frequency until all the piled up spells were destroyed. Man, some of them were piled up for years–if I hadn’t figured out how, I’d have had spells/curses whacking on me for 25 years for some of them.

And then, there were spells attached to the ceiling which would randomly fall off on me, I’d be clear of the water sucking spells, when all of a sudden, another one attached itself to my tongue. I had a feeling of spiders falling on me. Checked, sure enough the ceiling over where I sit and sleep and relax was covered with them. The OAS, with archangel Michael’s help covered the ceiling with a shrink wrap type energy, so the spells are trapped above it.

So finally, my unquenchable thirst’s gone,¬†my bladder’s working right, the swelling in my feet is subsiding, the horrible itching is stopping, and my strength/energy is returning albeit slowly and my nerves are starting to regrow properly (found a talisman that was a little bush thing they’d clamped the left side leg and arm shape which was preventing the growing sap from getting in). They had an automatic frequency puller which kept pulling out those necessary frequencies. I covered the end of my ‘loom’ of frequencies with energy caps. That stopped it and I didn’t have to regrow them, they’d just been pulled out onto a wool thread card. And there was a latent pile of the cards, to keep pulling.

I just pulled the stolen frequencies back in my weave with protection. But recovering the loss of vitality (this is what frequencies the ‘new’ zapper’s designed to kill) is quite slow and tiring. If you don’t know EFT, I pity anyone who gets them killed. It was horrible. I felt like I had 5 pound bricks in my shoes, I was as weak as a new kitten, and I could hardly stay awake. I can’t imagine having to live the rest of my life that way.

So I’m so looking forward to getting back to ‘normal’, although, I’m sure most folks would say—uh, that’s hardly ‘normal’. I’m learning that actual physical strength was lost while I couldn’t use my muscles well. ūüė¶ So have to work on getting them strong again. Luckily sweeties been so kind–putting up with my crankiness and ‘craziness’¬† (although he’s seen my improvement as I’ve been treating them as spells, not physical illness or whatever). I think he’s less skeptical now.