Maybe the end of those evil animals…

Well, I guess two days was better.

The guys were much better at hiding than the women–we finally brought Ennos back over  because he could find them, no matter how deep they hid. He loved it–gave him something worth while to do. So he carefully combed all the El-*th worlds and dug out about 5o more, dropped them on the town square and left the king and high lords to deal with the list of crimes and memories–he even brought in the kids being trained because a lot of them were coven  in their past lives and had a huge list of crimes already accumulated.

And some really bad humans. The OAS took those; he just threw them in the chipper and took their life essence and destroyed it, saying ‘we got plenty of humans. Don’t need to decide what to do with a lot this bad’

Whenever we found a black witch male though, it was always in like a cavern like place with decks over water. And out in the water, almost like familiars, were these black swimmy globs. They got quite agitated as their masters were apprehended, but didn’t act against Ennos or the OAS. I just watched from a safe distance, because I could tell they would attack me.

Ennos decided they were worth gathering up since they looked pretty evil, and so started scooping them up and putting them in a big vat for further study. The OAS followed one back to it’s lair/home and the subterranean lake was filled with them and there was like this big entrance, pillars and everything, to the black El-*th men’s hall where they had their stuff for meetings and holding spells and stuff. The OAS cleaned it out, just like the women’s lair. I noticed there were these chained men on the edge of the decks and it appeared the globs were feeding on them somehow. Ennos gather all the globs he could find, but after seeing that ‘eating’ behavior on those poor men some human, some el-*th, it was decided they weren’t worth keeping and into the chipper they went–made quite a gooey mess. Yuck.

And then, this morning, I opened up my cooler to get some water, and my mouth went dry immediately. It was so quick, I knew it was a new spell–I asked, and indeed it was. I was like, how?? Ennos was very thorough. Apparently this apprentice got sent into the bowels of the caverns to find and harvest black bane–the worst of the worst. So Ennos popped back, and dug into those kinds of places and found four more on similar harvesting missions. That stuff was horrid. In my unprotected state, the regular stuff was like a 5 on a scale of 10–black bane like an 8. One good dose of that would have killed me, which they intended. I did find a couple bottles of water they’d dosed, but cleared them.

And that itchy stuff–after all I could think of, after racking both my and sweeties brain last nite was maybe I was have some sort of allergic reactions to something my skin cells had been corrupted into making, since I’m getting that all that’s left is what I’m doing myself. I never actually tapped for allergic reactions to my own body’s output–only to aliens out put–It stayed non-itchy for most the nite, but it did still itch a bit by this A.M., but that might have been secretions my body made before I intervened *so crossing my fingers* If you guys can think of anything, I’d very much appreciate the help. 🙂

And I am surely not this much of a story-teller. I’m just writing down what I see. That’s difficult enough. I’ve sorta skimmed some of the more detailed parts. And believe me, I wish I was making up this incessant itching and debilitating weakness.

Back 4 months or so ago, I was climbing the stairs on my own, no problem, going out for coffee and lunch, but now sweetie has to help me up the stairs, and I don’t have the strength to get to the car. I’m back in my wheel chair which I left years ago. So, hopefully  now that I’ve got these mummifying and atrophying spells stopped, I will start regaining it again.