Still more spells and poisoning…

It’s certainly more peaceful with the daily headache of curezone stupidity gone. I’m getting that the OAS sent a few lighting bolts webmaster’s way as indication of his disapproval –a couple to the fence he hit previously and several to the house, above the window in the bathroom. Waited until the web guy wasn’t holding on to the sink faucets—I don’t know for sure of course, but if what I’m seeings true, there’s definitely some costly repairs. Oh well—he’s lucky he didn’t blast his car–while he was driving.

So I think things are pretty much on track, but I’m out of the loop trying to still clear all these spells. I jut found a bunch of atrophy spells which uses bane–I don’t know if it’s an earth herb, but it’s nasty. It was accumulating in my legs and feet—part of why my legs have had problems with swelling. My body doesn’t know where else to store it, part of the reason for the thirst, so I’d drink the water with it in it, even though it tasted awful, part of what was so irritating in the itchiness areas and so on–I think this was their primo spell they thought I’d never discover that would put me in a wheel chair for the rest of my life, ending too soon, because my chest muscles would get too weak to breath, and every one would just say I died of something like MS. They’re also called wasting spells as well as  they’d put in an overarching one to keep me from ever regaining my strength. Along with a lot of latent nuisance spells for thirst, and bladder urgency, dizziness, no stamina, etc.

I just started doing a zone by zone clearing of any spell; the OAS expands the time out in 5 years intervals and I run frequencies for any spell I find (sometimes there were 20 or more latent ones)  and then he takes it out 5 more years and I do the clearing again, until he takes it out and no more spells. It was 30 years deep for some of them. If I didn’t have EFT, muscle testing, dogged determination and the OAS helping me, I’d have suffered for the rest of my greatly shortened life as they intended.

So I have to say, this was sooooo not fun, but I have the tools to clear the spells and other crappy stuff they threw at me, the time and support (although sweetie’s a bit cranky) and the body awareness to recognize there’s a problem that is spell, not health created. Any other human, in my shoes would have suffered the rest of their lives, because they wouldn’t know how to stop them. I just found that bunch of atrophy spells, so that  needs to detox the bane, which I’ve tapped for a tolerance to to remove it without starting the itching all over again, so it’s going to take a couple days. I should still see improvement though. *fingers crossed* And if there’s still something impairing stuff, I’ll keep looking. If there’s something there, be it spell, curse. actual damage to physical function by a spell, I’ll find it. I’m soo not going to suffer any longer than absolutely necessary.

Luckily, the boss, the OAS, understands and is giving me the time and help I need. 🙂