Tired today…

Think I’ll take a break—these idiots wear me out–there was a bit more to clearing the black male witches., but I’ll write about it tomorrow—They tried to poison me with bane–a big bunch of it, so I’m very tired today.


The witches weren’t all gone…

I think I’ve figured out the answer. A while back, I was spending a lot of time around the OAS. And my gums started bleeding, my hair falling out, and feeling sorta nauseous. I realized he was actually rather radioactive and I was getting the equivalent of a dentist x-ray every day.

I just flashed to the idea that maybe I could increase my tolerance to radioactivity by tapping for it. And after a couple rounds, I got a yes, I was now more resistant to it and continued on. My gums stopped bleeding, hair stopped falling out and my digestion went back to normal, thankfully. It occurred to me that perhaps I could make myself immune to spells yesterday (duh)—could it have been that easy?? Got a yes, tapped for it and, my cells seem spell-resistant,  and overnite, my strength had started returning.

But then, My strength started feeling sapped again, like something was back drawing on it. I started feeling something big was lurking. Muscle testing kept saying no, but my gut felt worried and heavy, like there was badness around. Then I flashed to an image of a male witch. I realized we’d taken a few when we killed the women witches, but only a few. What I was feeling was the rest of them, who’d slipped thru the cracks. Part of why the spells kept popping up. The male group was pushing them. They’d kept the covert spells running so we wouldn’t think of them.

They felt my cells not allowing the spells anymore and were investigating what they could do about it. But it was intense enough, I could feel them out there trying to get other things to work, and found they could push left over spell fragments, so a lot of things started up again, mildly—like they started pushing on a piece of dryness spell, and I kept pushing back, becoming more aware of something significant still alive with a bad attitude toward me.

I called the OAS again, *ack* a whole other group of them! He immediately gathered the male evil el-*th up,  hung them with their memories and list of crimes; there were 50 or so—he gathered them from all the el-*th world right off the bat this time. Not one of them were fit for a life reset. This bunch got all of the rage the women missed. It was OKed from the king and the high lords, and he took these guys out and killed them repeatedly in painful ways, beat them, electrocuted them, any way he could think of and finally threw them in the spirit chipper, gathered up their soul essence and took them over to the empty space and ran the life essence out time wise so it ceased to exist.

He did ask one of them why they thought I, his Oracle was the threat? The guy really didn’t know–he said the prophesy said Oracle so that’s who they went after. The OAS said, ‘the reason she’s in it, is because you all managed to piss me off enough to end you, by all the crap you’re doing to her—that’s the ONLY reason. Surely  you could have figured this out. It’s ME who’s ended you. Had you left her be, I’d have ignored you, probably.’

I guess it’s better that it went down like it did though. Bael lost a significant resource before the big ending which hurt his chances a lot.