Just going to have to deal with the spells as they pop up—Blah

As I was telling someone, it looks like I can’t really get all those spells out—I’m just going to have to run them out. But with my body waking me up as the dryness starts, it gives me time to stop them—that‘ll have to do unless I can think of a different approach, since they tied them to things like (just last nite) Micheal Weston from NCIS. *ack* so if I think/dream of him, it started a spell.

Who knows what other ridiculous thing they’ve attached them too?? I’m just going to have to break them as they come. The OAS can run things out in time, but what can he do to activate spells like that? Blah. Any ideas welcome, no matter how weird they may seem. The OAS can do a lot of things, so don’t let ‘impossible’ be a stopping consideration. ūüôā I’d love any ideas on this.


Piglets. Blah!

So, I kept having those spells pop up again and again–I realized those spells were more like a series of spells that popped up together and attacked me and drained my energy–I kept getting the image of a me being suckled dry by bunch of piglets. So now, I’m thinking of them as piglet spells.

And there are gobs and gobs of them. I’ve learned they are actually one of the easier spells and the apprentices were casting them every day for who knows how long, but it means they are not very involved (easier to remove) and are not spread across a long period of time, cuz that’s a more difficult thing to do. There’s thousands of them or were—ready to pop up after I fell asleep. So rather than deal with each spell/cell separately, the OAS and I decided to just get rid of the cells by scooping them out, and let my body regrow the cells.

So with a mini version of how they got Bael out, we’ve been scooping them out by my pretending to sleep, (they can’t tell the difference), until the spells start popping out, then he lifts it thru my body and snags the now active spells. It’s taken 15-20 times thru already, because the spells activate as randomly as a bunch of trying to be clever apprentices could make them not only across time, but days.

But the OAS has been slowly extending the specific time and date field (versus just a year at a time) around me out to about a year and a half, and we seem to be catching the random ones. Tomorrow, no dry mouth (the first indicator of these spells) pleeeaaase!

I honestly hope this is the last stuff—we’ve been thru all the more¬† advanced spells I hope and have just the last low-level spells left (although since it activated the mummification, atrophying/wasting, AND weakening/energy sucking spells, each not that strong but with the 12 or thirteen spells that popped up together, it was quite effective and damaging), they definitely needed to be stopped. I hope I have! Sheesh—then I’ve got to get this mess they’ve left behind healed.