Just going to have to deal with the spells as they pop up—Blah

As I was telling someone, it looks like I can’t really get all those spells out—I’m just going to have to run them out. But with my body waking me up as the dryness starts, it gives me time to stop them—that‘ll have to do unless I can think of a different approach, since they tied them to things like (just last nite) Micheal Weston from NCIS. *ack* so if I think/dream of him, it started a spell.

Who knows what other ridiculous thing they’ve attached them too?? I’m just going to have to break them as they come. The OAS can run things out in time, but what can he do to activate spells like that? Blah. Any ideas welcome, no matter how weird they may seem. The OAS can do a lot of things, so don’t let ‘impossible’ be a stopping consideration. ūüôā I’d love any ideas on this.