If I weren’t living this, I’d hardly believe it…

All nite, my legs were burning, like they were swelling again. I was very tired but kept trying to think—what could it be?? It felt like the mummification spell again. But that was all cleared, wasn’t it? I tried to think of what my legs were swelling for, but ended up falling asleep before I got it figured out.

I woke a couple times and my legs were still burning and feeling like they were getting worse. Finally when I woke around 9:00, I was awake enough to dive back in, asking my legs why they were retaining water like this—this time they actually seemed to respond with a sense of warning.

About what?? Something still about the mummification spell?? I had gotten an all cleared previous, but I got the distinct feeling there was still some part of it there. My mouth was drier and my leg muscles had started cramping again. So, I started looking around, and realized there was in fact a ‘controller’ part up in my brain. It could still activate my body to run various aspects of the spell, and had kicked back on last nite.

I thanked my legs, and set about despellifying that hold over piece. This spell really terrified my legs, and it scared me quite a bit too. They killed that guy to make this spell against me, and he was very unpleasant to see—thank CSI for a bit of desensitizing! I hadn’t cleared my brain area, so missed it the first time around. This spell was actually attached to a piece of drying (mummifying) fruit, behind something, to keep it in place. So, I threw it into the spirit chipper and started getting rid of it. This spell had a regeneration spell on it which the OAS dealt with, and then I started running the frequency as the OAS pushed out the time frame. Out 5 years, 10, 15, 20, it ended up there was over 50 years of that spell. They really wanted me to have a slow painful death.

So, after clearing it, I dozed back off for a few and then got up, and wander to my shower. I was back to being really weak again, like ‘can’t hardly lift my foot to get into the shower’ weak.. I got reassurance that there was no other spell at work. Nothing else had popped up. It was all from that mummification spell, the short time it had run. It made me realize if they hadn’t been overloading me with all those other spells, interfering with each other, and just sent most any one of these spells against me, just how debilitating it would have been, if just a part of a half broken spell could weaken me so badly now. I’d have been in a  wheel chair months ago. Thank goodness for stupid witches. Whew.

Needless to say, this clearing of spells has taken up most of my thinking time. The El-*th are still running some ops working to get the white hats more solidly in place–I still hear elections or market crash as to when they step in, and the OAS is still waiting to see how getting rid of the witches and Bael has helped humanity to start making better choices. I can see all of our myths about witches were really about the El-*th witches–sure, there were some human ones, but the powerful ones were all El-*th.