Water poisoning…

So more spells–ones that were confusing my body about water–even to the point of what it was and how to use it. I’m clearing away as many ways as to how they could have messed with it and my throat/mouth is getting moister.

Then they messed with my taste buds–as I clear stuff away this other crap surfaces, but I also realized chemicals that are very bad for me have been draining out these plastic bottles especially the hard plastics which I haven’t even been filtering–it’s the bad taste at the end I’ve been noticing. So back to filtering and putting it in glass jars. That definitely makes it less bitter, so it should help. That’s probably true for everyone.

But slowly and surely, I’m clearing stuff as I find it. While it seems absurd that there is this  much crap-, even to me. they’d been preparing thousand if not millions of years–they had the time to think of it.