Another serious spell—if only I was making this up!

Another stupid main type spell–I was following this faint thirst feeling and found this chain spell on my thumb. Huh, what’s this?? I kinda pulled on it and it pulled me thru to this old west saloon type place and I was sitting across from this dead guy, mummifying.  Yeah, a mummifying spell–and the chain was attached to another guy, hanging in the rafters, who looked more mummified. I called the OAS to see.

He just looked very angry, and disconnected me from the chain. He roared, then grabbed as much of the whole place up that he could and threw it in the chipper he had created for removing and clearing talisman. Armload after armload, he ripped the place down. The saloon proved a front for a warren bigger than the black spruce warren. We guessed this was the coven’s original place before Atlantis ripped the continents apart. He used energy to support the weight of the tunnels underneath and back in the mountains and proceeded to rip everything out of the caves too, tossing it in the chipper as well. There might have been stuff buried, but he decided that for now, they’d be buried enough that people would be unlikely to find them.

After he cleared every thing to the chipper, he let the tunnels collapse on themselves, which they all pretty much did. He had a couple he collapsed himself, but the area was cleared of the buildings and shafts. so other than the disturbed dirt, you’d never known what a evil ugly place had been there before. These women needed a life!

So now I know that spell was there, I can feel the tendons (mostly) that were being affected. Without EFT to rejuvenate them, I’d be having leg cramps and a sore tight muscle on my hip (like not able to walk 10 feet sore) for the rest of my life and I’m sure I’ll find other areas affected by it as well. It was impairing my ability to regain strength too.  I hope this is the last set of spells–man, I’m getting soo tired of this!