And what did we find—OMG…

So, on we go.

The women the OAS pulled out and hung in a security cell in the town square, with their memories and list of crimes from the last 1000 years posted on each, were put there for the king to decide their fate. There were about 25 there by the end of the nite.

The king was expecting this after the OAS told him what he’d found. So he, plus the four high lords, went down the row, reviewing the memories and observed crimes of the women, deciding their fate. Of that 25, the group in judgment couldn’t find one single woman who wasn’t so thoroughly corrupted that a life reset would help, even Zen’s mother. They rarely ever resort to reading memories, so she’d slipped thru that first time.

They were all sentenced to death, permanent death. Which, their bodies were killed and their heads destroyed and the spirit was sucked out into a soul container. The king asked the OAS to take them out somewhere beyond the galaxy and destroy the spirits so there’d be no way they’d ever make it back to earth. The king really wanted far more punishment for them, but he realized it’d just give them the chance to escape and be more problem. See, somebody learned something from all those TV shows where the good guys go soft and don’t get rid of their enemies, with lasting bad results. *Lol*

So, whew I thought, finally I could get back to normal and get rid of all these attacks spell/curses. But nope, they started up the thirst/dehumidifying spells started as soon as I lay down. I couldn’t believe it—the women doing the attacking knew the consequences for this behavior and so the OAS found 5 women this time and hung them up for judgment; crimes and memories posted with them—again all very corrupt.

Well, that ought to do it! I thought. But the next nite another group attacked me, with the same results. And finally after about 4 nites of this, the OAS was getting quite annoyed so when he noticed one of the women had an energy trail which he traced it to it’s source. It led downwards deeper and north. Hum, both of us were thinking they had another talisman buried down there somewhere, maybe. After a bit, we popped out on this rough stone balcony thing.

And down in the vast cavern below there was this huge black beast thing, complete with black horns red eyes and a gaping hole where the mouth should be. It was extremely powerful and as soon as it saw us, it roared up to attack us. We, being of good sense popped ourselves right back out of there. We turned and looked at each other. What the hell was that???

We went back to the surface and sought out the king. We told him what we’d found. I suggested we keep very quiet about this and be very careful about who was around in any planning sessions because clearly this was a huge threat that needed dealing with. And after the witch thing, we might not know who was working for that monster.

So more tomorrow. Sheesh, that was one really terrifying being.