Not as hard as it could have been…

On we go.

So everybody set out doing the set up. This was last Sunday nite, the 10th of April ’16. There were some demon types hanging around who disappeared, presumably to warn Bael The four high lords got started on that energy net to lift the cavern with the king ready to start the lifting once the net was built, and after the lines were delineated, the OASs all started stomping the ground all around  the square. The weight was breaking a lot of holes in the tunnel filled area and they kept it up the whole time the king and high lords were lifting the section of ground up.The ground was quite broken up by the time the lifting was finished.

They got it up and swung over so it didn’t fall back into the hole. The OAS got ready to start whanging on Bael,when the king noticed that there were zombie-like walkers, not even armed, heading towards the OAS. He and the high lords were loathe to kill unarmed folk (obviously the plan was to just send the people forward and basically just overwhelm with numbers—it didn’t matter to Bael–he didn’t care how many died. Eventually so many bodies would pile up, it would bury the the armed El-*th.

Instead, the king just held them back so a large area around them and the OAS remained. They started teleporting the front line back to their beds and lives. I wonder if any one woke up the next morning, wondering how their feet got cut up and dirty, maybe frost-bite as well?

In the meantime, a very angry Bael started emerging from the now excavated cavern. He was not happy that this wasn’t going according to his carefully laid plans (his was the ‘bible’ version). He realized he was far more vulnerable on the surface. It was mostly nite now as the days are so short up north, and it appeared to be above the arctic circle. Down in the cavern, it was nice and warm. Demons hate cold. It makes them very sluggish. And he had to fight in the cold now.

Our OAS immediately started swinging a huge wreaking ball at Bael’s head again and again. It was hitting so hard it was making quite the deafening crack. He was the only being present that was a bit bigger than the monster. The other OAS started in with as big a wreaking ball as they could handle and over all, hunks of Bael were hitting the ground. All of a sudden, I saw a blue lazer beam slicing quite effectively into Bael’s leg.

A couple of the younger (born after Atlantis) El-*th had managed to find one of those industrial lazers. They had to be careful not to hit the OAS though, so after a few weakening slices, they started going after the demons digging their way out of the collapsed tunnels. Every now and again though, they’d get another good slice in on Bael. Apparently they were buddies enough with some country with jets because they called in air strikes with missiles that drilled into the monsters side and then exploded. Quite effective. I hoped the pilots had plenty of warning to not get too close. Bael would surely rake them out of the sky. Since only one did get swiped into the mountainside, I was relieved–obviously they’d been warned, and well hot shot pilots are gonna hot shot.

Bael was shooting energy beam and bolts, trying to hit the OASs or the king and four high lords, but they were shielding themselves, but not wasting energy sending any back. The OAS got Bael broken enough he couldn’t stand and they switched to giant sledge hammers, one blow after another.

Pretty soon, they had him in pieces, at which point, they started focusing on the areas that were holding the life force, breaking that as small as they could. Those pieces were the dangerous part that if left unattended and not destroyed could actually allow Bael to regrow himself, since demon world entities aren’t limited to keeping their sentience all in the head areas like mammals, so slicing off his head wouldn’t be helpful. Just making the sentient pieces as small as possible. He never stood a chance without his dark cavern or with his demons, trapped.

I discovered that dragons apparently have a strong ability to sense evil. They aren’t evil though–the El-*th/dragon war really was ego based, no evil involved–I can see Bael’s interfering hand even then. So, with my dragon rider spirit, I had some measure of it, so I was able to guide them to a lot of the still active parts of bael lying around. I told the king that it might be better if we could get a real dragon here; their senses were far more powerful than my muted abilities. And we did not want to miss even a tiny piece of this monster!

Well enough for today. Mostly clean up left—but Bael is gone. So the pervasive sense of darkness and despair should start breaking up—it was him holding it in place as his proof he was so powerful. We all had to bow to the darkness.

And that coven of El-*th witches are gone too (they of course served him and I think it very lucky we got rid of them before this confrontation with Bael went down, I’m sure he intended they’d be attacking us at the same time.