Wanting fruit and geez, not something else…

Not a lot of time off—–I discovered the spells had been rerouting my electrolytes into the itchy mess as more irritants and my body was getting desperately low. I read thru the list of symptoms and nearly every single one except the headache. It was changing my desire to eat fruit too—I’ve never asked for strawberries and oranges or bananas or peaches or watermelon before—blick. But now I can’t get enough of them.

Of course, I’m not sure how much of the fruit thing will survive the return of the electrolytes. My body may have been trying different sources since the original sources weren’t working any more, plus those damn drying spells are making all moist foods more attractive.

Then, I’d been feeling like the black mean stuff was intensifying—like there was still something there, pushing back. Luckily I’d been keeping the energy shield with the  OAS up, because there was something left. I finally figured out there was an OAS left for the black forces, that somewhere along the way, they’d actually acquired one–it was multi-species and now, not much more than a big gas-filled balloon, but in it’s heyday, it was pretty powerful.

But even in this weakened state, it was still more powerful than me–so I called the human OAS over and showed him what I found. Even he said ‘Goood grief—not something else!’ So he immediately  began to throw it on the spirit chipper, It couldn’t save it self of course, but it was kinda funny to watch, sorta like someone throwing one of those red gumby-shaped air guys with a blower and it kept flapping around and the OAS had to keep grabbing these flailing arms and stuffing them back in.

So, it’s gone but the increased pressure (nudging) it put on the spells and stuff, the OAS had to remove before I could get the original spell or what ever to move, so no brain rest for me—sheeesh, I so hope there’s nothing else left, and my brain can finally get some R&R and my body get to recovering–the black OAS was giving me some pretend strength increase which of course went away, so I’d think I was actually getting better and not notice him screwing with everything else–so back to the beginning there, but at least with my electrolytes going again! Not back to the brick in my shoes level, but the running out of strength going to the bathroom level. Blah.


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