I want my life back!

I guess all these layers of spells tells me just how long these witches have been at it.I have no idea how they could have even believed that *I* was going to take them down. I didn’t even know spells and real energy work was even possible until 6 months ago. I think my grandma’s spell did actually keep me safe. It was a good one, chicken blood sacrifice and everything, plus she was the ‘queen’ of the bloodline that walked away. So I’m guessing she was well trained. But about 5 years ago, I got it removed, and at that point I’m guessing they really started going to town.

But last nite, my legs were slowly shrinking–there was a lot of water previously. My knees looked like pumpkins! Now you can see some knee shape, I’m guessing it’ll take a bit. At least my legs have stopped panicking every time they feel some mummification spell. We’ve had to work on that. I have to convince them storing all the water in the world won’t put any of it into the drying tissue, and dang, I had a doozy of a version show up last nite. My mouth was sorta dry but tolerable which is how I know some mummification spell is running. But this time it was like all these tiny little spells (all regenerative) scattered all over, like baby squash on a vine.

At that point, the OAS and I realized those vines had spread all over inside me, more like blackberry vines with the attendant weakening of my whole body. They were almost every where, and we located their nexus. It looked a lot like a hybrid regeneration program and a nanobot. At first, I was worried. How to break this new technology they’d obviously developed. Then I remembered how easily nanobots could be short circuited, so we broke it into two approaches, and were able to destroy it first, as a nanobot, then as a regeneration program. The OAS then started slowly carefully rolling the vines onto a winch thingy, versus have to dig them all out. It did break off some of the ends, but he was able to dig those out. I thought maybe I could ‘soak’ in a ‘bath’ of all the frequencies but mine, and kill them that way.

I soaked for a while and it did help kill the ones in my limbs and close to the surface. But at the end, there still was a faint dryness in my mouth—what now??? I could see a couple little sprouts–Where in heck did these just come from. I was completely clear just minutes ago. I zooped back to the nanobot, thinking it had made some sort of recovery, but no–it was gone. Then I started noticing all these speck things and I realize they were seeds—Blah. Man, I’m getting sooooo sick of this. So with the OAS’s help, we scooped up the seeds and killed the few that hatched out. The seeds were tossed into the spirit chipper and thus far, my mouth isn’t dry. Those witches put a lot of work into that mummification spell. I’d love to say It’s all gone, but who knows what other form of the spell might be hanging around still dormant. *sigh*