Two significant finds (or 4 depending on how you count them…

Boy, I’m am passed weary of this spell thing. I just can’t believe the layers and trouble the witches went to, to torment me. I hate to take anything personal, but unfortunately I ended up being that end-times Oracle, and I can look back and see they’ve been bombarding me since I got my grandma’s energy spell off me. They were planning for this eventuality for 100’s of years. Once it became clear it was me, boom, it all landed on me.

The itching came back mildly but the deep skin damage/itch  I discovered turned out to be  a rotting spell (Is there nothing they wouldn’t do??), which stopped after being tapped for, last night. But there was a thin coating of itchy patches this A.M. like the mummification spell caused. And, I woke up with a really dry mouth again. Why couldn’t I get that to stop–every morning for months, I’ve had to peel my tongue off the roof of my mouth, sometimes a little less, but always there. What if it were an indication of some bigger spell running? But how???? I’ve cleared all the spells I’ve found and believe I’d gotten them all—were some hidden/latent somehow??

After some figuring, I realized they’d hidden a mummification spell, an atrophy spell, AND a weakening spell all by having them only be active while I was asleep–I noticed my mouth drying out as I was dozing off actually. Arrrrrgh! No wonder I wasn’t getting better when I should have been, like in the morning or after a nap. I was being sucked dry with full strength debilitating spells all nite long. At least, the bladder issues made those broken up and less long between waking up. Waking made them latent again.

I had NO idea they could make spells like that, and apparently it is quite a time consuming process; they have to ‘train’ them—these spells had taken several other women’s lives worth of abusing to get the spells this ‘obedient’. Centuries, probably.  Again showing how determined they were and how long they had planned., and I just walked into it like a  naive tourist in a dark Singapore alley, completely unprepared. Knowing that prophesy would’d helped loads—I would have come into the dark ally prepared to always protect myself. As it was, they got a big head start because I wasn’t protecting myself.

But I did have a full confident working knowledge of EFT and muscle (actually resistance) testing. The EFT uses ‘god’ energy, way more powerful than El-*th energy, (the OAS figured out how they did stuff and made a manual version for us–that’s why it fixes everything, not just health issues and I’ve found new points that access the meta skills too) and the resistance testing gives me answers right away. I’m being told they even dosed some local water with bane so that when this weakening stuff showed up, I’d run to the doctors and ‘find’ out I had MS because so many folks have it around here. That was a fail–I know MS is just parasite infestation symptoms (which I keep killed off), and I’d choose to die before I ever let another medical ‘minion’ near me on purpose.

So I never went to a doctor for this–it wouldn’t have helped. How could I explain the spells/curses to them if I hardly believed it myself other than EFT (which they don’t know about) would only stop something if it were the right thing and the EFT was stopping the problems tapped for as spells/curses?? But luckily, I was able to counter what the witches were doing if I could just figure it out and tap for it. I’m pretty sure it annoyed them no end.

So I was more like a naive tourist who knew Kung fu and a couple other self protective things. When I think about it, I quite unintentionally (with the help of good friends like the OAS and king/high lords/archangels and allies, like Ennos and Pythos, who’s back in a dragon body, but is still pretty small which is nice because I can hug his neck [he hates it] instead of his toe) took on the full black spruce coven of el-*th witches and won. Ennos did a thorough sweep today and couldn’t even find a black coven cat. And, because of my problems with that bunch, we found and took down Bael, ahead of his plans.

But the suffering I’ve endured was NOT worth it, but at least it wasn’t for nothing. And quite sincerely, I don’t think one other single human would have survived this—oh the joy of life’s continuing lessons. Count on them getting harder. This was like grade school to collage level though—coulda used a bit of in between.