Time off for my brain…

I was sitting here thinking just a bit ago–I was thinking of doing something along the lines of reorganizing my music and I notice I felt that was too hard, it required too much thought. I was ready to be a bit hard on myself—I mean how hard is that? When it struck me—of course I was tired mentally.

I’ve been fighting for my life the last 4 or 5 months. I’d say I have every right to be mentally exhausted. I’m finally at a place where thing are calming down. Luckily my body spirit can stop the piglet spells, then it wakes me up, to make sure it was only a piglet spell and not one of the ones I need to deal with. My sleep is getting much better.

I’ve been puzzling out what they were trying to kill me with before it did—that took some serious thought, and day after day, too. Mentally, I feel like I’ve just climbed Mt. Everest and can finally stop. As far as I can tell, all the hard core danger is past. Frankly even typing this feel hard. So I’m going to take a day off or two and just play easy solitaire. ūüôā

Rest my brain. The only real thing left is getting all the water out of my legs–those thirst spell really overloaded me and I’m hauling (and feeling) 30 or more extra pounds of water swelling and hurting my legs. Haven’t really talked about it because it wasn’t life threatening, just really painful.

But who knows what’s next–I’m sure after the OAS sees I’m rested he has more in store. Waking up humanity is still looming, but least no more witches, I hope!