Our Creators…

Anyway, next, our creator’s identity, I am a bit reluctant to share because they have gotten such a bad rap from these abusive hybrids. Since their visibility and ‘dangerousness’ (and misinformation) started coming to mass media attention back in the late 60′—early 70’s as I recall, I’ll bet that was when the hybrids finally figured out that these aliens actually were, in ones responsible for the destruction of their father’s race and started their hate/fear/smear campaign.

Rumors of abduction and abuse were started (they even had some of their bots (left from the father’s technology) abduct and abuse and ‘experiment’ on folks to reinforce it—although the abductees died of shock, not physical damage usually) and other lies designed to make us very leery and fearful of them—either they were cold and unemotional, or they were up to no good. Actually, they still must have some fans though, because in spite of all that fear mongering, there are many folks who want to connect with them (of course, there are folks who want to hang out with well known serial killers too, so I’m not sure how much of it is a left over spirit memory or just humanity’s fascination with the weird and macabre!)

The movie “E.T.” is about the closest portrayal of them thus far. They’re small and gentle, even as E.T. was (but not like a penguin, like E.T.–the pictures from Roswell is pretty much what they do look like) and very likely to help, using energy working skills like E.T.’s ‘magic’ finger touch. I can imagine one of them who happened to get lost from the rest of the group, acting in very similar ways. They, though, with their hive mind, wouldn’t ever fail to notice a member missing and it could have called the group back immediately (since they’re pretty much right here anyway) via the telepathy of the hive mind. It wouldn’t be able to build a signaling device either—that species’ forte is working with raw energy at the organic molecular level—an ability that wouldn’t translate into hard technology.

Most aliens actually have very little hard tech, because they can do most of the basic stuff, like transportation and self protection, using their energy working skills and so never needed to learn to make stuff like we had to, which started us down that path. The only race I’ve learned of that was more advanced than us were the hybrid’s father race, and pretty much all the UFOs and other tech around was scavenged from the ruins of their worlds. Part of the ‘back-engineering’ being done was really the hybrid’s way of trying to learn how to fix those things, because they really have no idea how they work, nor any idea how to fix them. They’re hoping we humans can figure it out and fix it for them. Plus much of the useage requires some degree of mind comtrol (energy work) so the hybrids have been trying to figure out how to retrofit them so they can have us humans use them.

Anyway, these aliens also have a pretty specialized diet and probably couldn’t eat any of our food—maybe a protein smoothie might work but I’m not sure. Haven’t really learned about them at this level. What I do know is they are quite timid and shy if they’re seen out and about, which is very unlikely. You’ve probably figured out that this species is in fact the Greys, who we do know on the spirit level, and who have been here all along which is why it’s their image most often presented when aliens are discussed.. They did originally help the hybrids, since they brought them here to help, but when the hybrids released the ‘black plague’, a bacterial version of what killed off their father species, in hopes of getting rid of as much of humanity as possible, the Greys withdrew, appalled by the viciousness and violence these hybrids were willing to commit.

Since they were kinda our ‘parents’ though, they felt responsible so they didn’t leave earth, and did what they could to help us. But with the advent of more modern technology, the hybrids often tried to shoot them down on sight, so they pretty much stopped going out and hid out in the mountains like the Andes and the Himalayas. Roswell was one such incident of them being shot down. But since one of the terms of the contract was not admitting to aliens, even from the hybrid’s side, they quickly confiscated it and tried to downplay the possibility of aliens.

Actually what my source is telling me now is they didn’t want to leave all of their people incarnated in human bodies either. The Asian genotype was their way of trying to feel more comfortable around their now human-encased little spirits and they genetically manipulated them to look as Grey-like as possible. So, no it isn’t a coincidence–it’s very much on purpose. Yellowish skin was the closest they could get to their own color though.