My health challenges…

I’m an ex-dragon rider. And one of our biggest learning edges is we were very impulsive, which was one of the remaining reasons my dragon hadn’t switch me over to a dragon body yet.

Often times he’d blow flames into a cave to kill whatever (big mean predator usually), and as I was jumping off, he’s say, ‘Go grab whats ever is in there…’ I’d bound quickly into the cave to do so.

The first couple times it happened he wasn’t finished ‘…but watch out, it might not be dead yet.’ The hummers that traveled with us (white furry six armed spider/monkey things who groomed the dragons) if I’d taken time to notice, were all shaking their heads no vigorously, even saying, in their own language of course ‘no,no,no…’

And I never heard any of that though, cuz I was already in the cave by then and yeah, big, burnt, really angry, not dead bear or bear-like creature. It never ended well for me, needless to say.

And I just couldn’t seem to get it. I did that quite a few times over my lives with my dragon, and he quit even trying to warn me. He’d just say, ‘Go get whatever’s in the cave.’ And of course—blam. And then have a huge laugh.

It was like a extremely funny joke to him. Keystone cops-alligator style.Every time though the hummers would be ‘no, no, no-ing’, but I never paid them any mind.

I fell for it every time. Ok, dragon riders were not the sharpest tool in the shed. Blah. Maybe why I have no interest in spelunking!

That ‘bounding into the cave’ behavior came with me into my human lives too, sometimes with good results, sometime not so much. Luckily, the brain part’s much better in human bodies though.

Although far smarter now, I still ‘bound’. Habit maybe? My latest encounter with that ‘bounding unheedingly in to the dark cave’ behavior ended up a big, mean, not dead bear and bit me in the behind.

The current ‘bounding’ still up in the air—my sweetie, the ex hummer, is no, no, no-ing away. The overarching sentience appreciates my bounding (time’s running out) and I’m hopefully listening better to both finally. But I’m still more likely to bound than not.

This bounding behavior has manifested in my search for health as ‘If some is good, then more is better’. Sometimes it actually helped, but sometimes definitely not.

So I found all that info on how being more alkaline was better. Yah, you guessed it. But I ended up very alkaline (how I know for a fact alkalinity doesn’t stop cancer, because part of the reason it ended up so high was because I was trying to fight by being more alkaline) while that has had some very annoying consequences, it wasn’t the whole big ‘bite’ though..

I also love EFT and tap for what ever I think of, if it’s a problem. Usually It’s great! But this time, not so much.

I’m not sure how I could have know how this part would go though, ‘bounding’ or not, because I didn’t realize that tapping out heavy metals would actually end up pulling out these nanobot things, (which the overarching sentience didn’t even know about) which apparently have a mild magnetic field and stick together,

Ordinarily, they’re so tiny, that wouldn’t have been a problem, but add it to the alkalinity mixed up with the fats and high fructose corn syrup residue, and those nanobots rolled around in that gloup and grew just like a snowball, bigger and bigger, until they were big enough to roll up and get sucked right up into a brain blood vessel. Blah.

Yeah, gave myself a stroke. Here again, in retrospect, I can see the ‘angel’s’ help. It paralyzed my left side pretty completely, but only a smidgen on my face, and a little slur in my speech.

The doctors told me that they couldn’t see any reason for why I had a stroke at all (nanobots fell apart and the ‘snowball’ dissolved), and were also surprised at the minimal involvement in my face, speech, and that there was none in my cognitive functions at all. all of my therapists have said that too.

I’m told, my ‘angels’ actually kept that part of my brain oxygenated through it all. They didn’t stop it though (although I tapped and nearly did, but not long enough or concentrated enough and gave up after 4 days and it finished running it’s course)

And I have to agree, it was meant to happen, because it’s what’s driven me into all of this latest level of spiritual growth as I’ve been working doggedly to ‘fix’ that damage.

Oh, learning opportunities overflowing! I’ve made so many discoveries because of this, both health-wise and spiritually. So it was actually a ‘good’ thing in the long run.

It had nothing to do with my health at all, just my ‘bounding into the cave’ behavior. So, that did need to be said now apparently. It’s pretty well over, still got some hand/foot stuff, but I will not stop until it’s back to normal. I found so many blocks which I’ve had to work thru for healing that, even using EFT. But I’ll get there, ūüôā