Getting ready…

So we got our heads huddled, the OAS, (actually the El-*th and the grey’s OAS too), me, the king, the four high lords, and started trying to figure this out. First what/who was this beast?? I could see from his skin being all flat black looking and very rough, he was a demon universe entity who was incredibly old; they, like dragons get bigger with age.

I’ve been thinking about how in heck you kill the entities from that universe for a while now. They’re silica based, not carbon, so essentially, they’re stone. So first off, energy bolts or bullets or swords had little effect. It chipped them or melted little spots on their surface—no big deal and a waste of time and precious energy.

So I explained that to the group. I told them, in my thinking, it was like figuring out how you’d destroy a stone statue or building—something like a wreaking ball, sledge hammers, air dropped explosive bombs, big rocks dropped on them, jack hammers, anything that would crack or shatter them. And maybe one of those industrial lazers that could cut stone. And just keep pounding.

This monster was, we figured out trying to be an OAS without becoming one. Just by controlling forces of el-*th, humans and demon world entities. Most of which didn’t even realize they were serving him. His name was Bael.

Must be a common name over there, because that was the name of that demon spirit I had helping me. He knew I was destined to deal with the El-*th, who wouldn’t really deal with those types of entities because they were very aggressive about people on their land and attacked the traveling caravans of El-*th regularly. So he said he’d helped watch out for me so that I could ask the El-*th to stop the hybrids from shooting highly damaging powerful nuclear weapons thru the portal and destroying the access to this world and making a large section of the demon side unusable. It was near where his people lived and he believed that destruction would annihilate them. I did ask, of course, and the El-*th were able to stop that. The hybrids were trying to get rid of witnesses.

Anyway, this Bael was actually behind the hybrids too, although I’m not sure they ever realized it. He literally was Satan. The most evil force in existence. I’ve been wrong—there was a satan being pushing all these dark evil agendas. The hybrids were his pawns. Wow—I never even saw a glimpse of him and of course the coven was devoted to his service (luckily it was already disbanded). The breath of his power and influence was staggering. The OAS has 7 billion but this character had close to 6 billion with all the different species. This battle was going to be basically Armageddon—he’d been preparing for a very long time.

But we wanted to make sure it didn’t go like he wanted. I could tell he had all of his demon world help in the tunnel and warrens behind him. His plan was to lure us into the tunnels where he and his minions had lots of traps set up. I just knew we couldn’t face him in there. Somebody, think it was one of the high lords, suggested we get energy netting down below and around his location, underneath him, and pull his whole cavern out of the ground (yeah, they can do things like that). The OAS saw that would just open up those tunnels and all those angry demons would come boiling out. He decided before we lifted that cavern, maybe he should go stomp around on top of the tunnels really hard, collapsing them. Demons wouldn’t be killed, just trapped for a while. We didn’t see any humans or el-*th down there, so it seemed a good start to keeping the demons from being a problem.

The plan then was drawing that monster out into the open and start bombarding him.