Mixed El-*th/human children and excellent health…

I’ve had some more thoughts on ‘good health’ and why some people seem to have it in spades.

I’m learning those folks actually have an actual El-*th ancestor somewhere in the family tree. After getting to know the regular El-*th better, I’m learning it’s far more common that they reconnect with their now human ex-spouse in various lives along the way, and have children than I realized.

While the high El-*th refrain from it, settling for nearby spiritual proximity, the regular El-*th are more prone to living with theirs, pretending to be human for a life occasionally to be with their beloved.

When the high El-*th do it and have kids, you get people like Hercules, very obviously more powerful than a typical human, meta skills all over the place, from their El-*th parent, who’s comm lines aren’t shut off, so a varitey of meta skills are usable.

But when a regular El-*th has kids with a human, it’s less obvious, the biggest indicator is that it has partly turned on regeneration program, aka the ability self heal and live a very long healthy life. I think that skill is hampered even in the original child though (so no immortals, probably), since it is fairly complex and not all of the needed meta components are active in the child.

Too, they’re telling me that in order to protect the child from ‘elite’ persecution, they teach the child to hide their abilities, and not draw attention to themselves. But the regeneration program runs pretty much autonomously, so invariably they’re quite healthy. Which in turn gets passed to their kids in a diluted form since it’s more human DNA now versus El-*th.

But that health thing seems to persist pretty well. Of course the regular El-*th still are having those relationships so more kids are being born, usually to the same bloodline since many reincarnate into the same family line, although not always.

Obviously there isn’t one in my family tree.:(