The South American Star People…

The next  group I’m going to discuss are the Star People .

The Star People (their humans’ name for them, but I don’t know what they call themselves) were on the other side of what was a big lake where the uni-continent tore apart from the Atlantis cataclysm to become the Atlantic Ocean. The uni-continent had big rivers at both ends, so it became like a big perforated ‘tear here’ line.

The back lash that pushed the now Americas away from Europe, didn’t hurt them though, since they have always lived on floating cities anchored in the high mountains of central and south America. So most of their humans lived in the cities below, like Manchu Picchu.

Mostly their humans survived too, being up so high other than falling off things and getting squished by dislodged rocks and things. Although I don’t see the huge tsunami Europe, Egypt and the middle east suffered from that cataclysm.

I can’t find any of their memories in the collective unconscious, so apparently none of them ever died and got sucked into a human body, which would have brought their active memory storage over into ours, instead of theirs.

I think they never really interacted with the humans much at all, because I can’t even find any memories of what they looked like. I only see sort of vague human shaped beings that I can’t see the details of.

Like it obscured with energy somehow. I have no idea why they would have done that, but I’m sure they had some good reason. The little I can glean from the few memories I can find is they were a cohesive communal type folk. I sense them being a lot like my experience chatting with folks from the Holland/Brussels area—they seem very interdependent. The whole work together to keep from getting flooded thing.

They would occasionally heal a human that they favored. But even then, they lightly touched the human in the 3rd eye area, and it goes black until the human wakes up with no memory of what happened while they were away. The relatives would watch them levitate their loved one up into the cities but the Star People always wore sorta of floaty robes with face covers that really didn’t show any shape. Maybe why the vagueness when I try to see them.

The floating cities being see around are the cities of the Star People still, but the greys were storing them in China for the Star People until they came back. And now since at least one link is restored (but anchored much more securely!) they have returned. And are here to watch the whole end-time show, right up to the energy strip reaching full intensity so are moving their cities to the best locations.

I think they also came back for their cities, and are going to modify them to be able to go around the energy strip and come back to earth after it transitions back out of the strip again. And maybe they’re considering shooting for full enlightenment, and want to observe our process.

They usually have homes on all the El-*th worlds, too. The El-*th appreciate good neighbors, and it’s sort of like a rental thing. Since the El-*th ‘currency’ is beautiful things, the Star Folk must be able to create such things or have access to some who do.

And it gives them access to vacationing on the El-*th worlds—usually quite lovely and unusual but entirely comfortably inhabitable.

As I said, I really don’t know much more about the Star Folk though, other than they hated the hybrids and wouldn’t allow them to bring any one from in Europe over here to live. As evidenced by the brutality of the hybrid influenced white folks toward the Native Americans, they were right to do so.

But when their rescue ships got here in the mid 1400s, they packed up their cities, buzzed them over to the Tibetan mountains and left. Leaving no further protection for the humans who served them. Since I don’t have any reference with them, I actually don’t know why they basically just abandoned them to their fate.

By all indications like the native American spiritually and their willingness to heal human sick sometimes, and the fact I see only adoration and love from their humans, I’m not sure how they could have been so seemingly heartless.

Huh, I just had a conversation with one of them, guess they didn’t want me to think them heartless monsters, or something. Since they’re back now, their voices are much stronger. I don’t think I can ‘hear’ far enough to hear them talk on their home world.

Anyway, he said it was pure survival for them. They needed to go back to their home world because most of them were very weak and sick and only their home world has the right frequencies for them to heal properly.

They were actually so weak, that had the hybrids attacked them near the end of their time here, even the hybrids could have won. It was only the hybrid’s fear of what the Star Folk’s original abilities were, that kept them away, and they kept them selves shielded so word of their increasing disabilities wouldn’t get back to the hybrids.

So really all they could do was try to warn their humans and get home as quickly as possible. Going home was much quicker though, because the rescue ships had to come from a world that could build them, but going back, they just had to get to a world with a link, only few hundred years away. They went into some kind of stasis for that though, so everyone survived.

Cool, to finally be able to talk with the Star Folk though—I hope they’ll chat some more and I can get to know them. 🙂