The lesson the hybrids learned, early on…

The hybrids ended up building themselves quite the empire eventually—all the known world bowed to the pope-—kings and peasants alike. And they lived the life of royal splendor with humans waiting on them hand and foot. Just the way they liked it. The dark ages are exactly how they think things should be.

One of the bumps to that life of luxury is one particularly important to us. Fairly early on, their humans started getting a feeling (gut intuition) that all was not as it seemed with this system. Their people caught on to something about the way one of the hybrids was using the ‘religion’ to enrich himself at their expense. It might have been a lean crop year, and he still demanded more and more, putting his followers at risk of starvation, even. I don’t see that hunch ruining their basic belief in the religion though, only that hybrid, who they started blaming for all the bad luck happening because Yahweh didn’t approve of him any more and so was punishing them because he was the local ‘priest’.

What they were really feeling was the whole ‘god’ scam was enabling the hybrid to satisfy his greed at their expense but because they really wanted the safety and assurance of the religion, they blamed the ‘priest’ instead. Well, needless to say, it didn’t end well for that particular hybrid. Yes indeed, they are quite hang-able. So the rest of the hybrids learned some quite significant lessons about humanity thru this misadventure.

-1) Humans in a mob were something they weren’t powerful enough to stop (he had several other hybrids’ help from behind the scenes) cuz there were just too many of the humans;

-2) the anger actually created kinda of a natural shield against energy manipulation so their attempts to use energy to control the mob’s behavior basically just bounced off which is when they realized how dangerous angry humans were;

-3) physically they were no match for a bunch of angry humans, which I suspect they already knew but never had to experience, because the humans were brainwashed into believing the hybrids were untouchable and so never even tried;

They started thinking perhaps that it was better to have a front guy who would be there to take the fall if this kind of thing happened again. And since the hybrids are compulsive in their need for control and money—I’d say to the point of being the mental disorder, hoarding (which is why they ended up inventing money because it was easier to accumulate than grain, which spoiled, or animals, that died, or any of the other barter-base goods folks usually used, plus they could actually sell the gold out on the galactic open market), they knew it would probably happen again.

-4) the ones in charge of the whole confrontation were the women, who had a far stronger hunch about the wrongness because testosterone actually severs left/right brain connections which limits men’s ability to access the spirit realm since that’s where that access resides.

So they waited till the humans involved died, covered up the whole incident and did some adjusting to the ‘religious’ dogma which, of course, was put into all the ‘religions’ they were creating or created. First they introduced the idea, as a necessary component of spiritual-ness, that non-violence was superior—it was proof that ‘god’ was with you. If you got violent, it proved you were a weak unlovable human who when he died would go to hell everlasting as punishment for acting so badly.

They gradually wiggled it in so each succeeding generation would get more programming built on the programming of the generation before, cuz instant change usually provoked that ‘gut feeling’ response they discovered as they tried to implement these changes. The reactivity never got so extreme that one of them ended up hanged, by it disturbed their folk enough they began to question, and the hybrids didn’t want them figuring out the full scam, so questioning became ‘bad’, and you just needed more faith, if you didn’t understand and felt something was wrong.

Then there was that whole dangerous anger thing. Humans, angry, weren’t controllable. And the anger usually was followed by violence, and because of that connection, they were able to link up with the whole ‘not spiritual behavior and going to hell’ thing. The antidote—of course, only love and peace are acceptable ‘proofs’ of true spiritually and the only way to get to the equally fake ‘heaven’ where the rewards would be many—which of course they never had to prove, cuz only if you’re dead, can you possibly know. A definite motivator which still works today—how many times to you hear—it’s better to believe in whatever religion says is true (after all the bible, or Torah, or Koran, or what ever says so! but mostly western civilization’s versions) than maybe end up in hell’.

Of course, they had to put in exceptions for ‘holy’ causes, so they could get their folks to go and plunder and enslave, even kill the neighbors so they could steal their stuff too. It was about here, they made sure folks forgot about the spirits waiting after death part, so they could trick the guys into slaughtering/murdering behavior, thinking there would be no repercussions cuz ‘god’ wanted them to.